Chapter 10

Neo Gatteun Saram ddeo eopseo, there's no other like you, you Super Junior. Why can't I own you? Nan Johahae Super Junior. (Emoting?)

"Oh My Lady!" LeeTeuk said in English (Hehe, have you watched the interview in Showbiz Extra that if I remember correctly about Super Show 2, LeeTeuk said "Oh My Lady" to inform the people that Si Won is the leading man for the show, I was laughing at his intonation. No Offense.)

"Shi, ni de KangIn he wo de HeeChul (Yes, your KangIn and my HeeChul)" HanKyung said

"What are they doing?" LeeTeuk asked panicking

"I don't know" HanKyung asked

"Are they?" LeeTeuk asked looking at HanKyung. HanKyung shoved his shoulder for an answer

Room 323

"Ahh~" HeeChul screamed

"Mmmmm" KangIn moaned finally lying down

Room 325

"9:00" ShinDong said "This will start". DongWoon sit straight up and walked. "Sleepwalking…again, when will this stop?" ShinDong asked himself

"Dong Woon, go back to sleep" Shin Dong said

"I don't want to, I want to eat!" he whined not really knowing he's saying this

"Sigh. Good thing no one insisted on sleeping with us" ShinDong said to himself

"I'll give you food if you go back here!" ShinDong said

No Reply. ShinDong got up and looked, the kid is nowhere to be found and the door is open, he knocked on every room, good thing he's knocking is only weak and it can't be heard inside. But then he started trying to open doors. A door clicked open, the door to room 323.

"Don't go in there!" ShinDong shouted as DongWoon entered.

When they entered the room, ShinDong said "I'm so sorr-" he got cut off "I'm sorry for disturbing you, please continue on" he said pulling DongWoon.

"Now, get out!" HeeChul shouted

"Yes, sir" ShinDong said

Room 323

"Ahh~" HeeChul said

"What's the matter again?" KangIn asked

"I can't do it right!" HeeChul said "I just can't argh!"

"Who cares! Who will look anyway!"

"Who cares? What's the matter with you? I am Kim HeeChul"

"So what, no one cares, no one will know!"

"I'm so going to-" HeeChul said then leaned to KangIn, leaning his face forward to the guy

"Aaaaaaaaaaargh!" LeeTeuk screamed and he banged his hand to the table

"As if it's my fault!" HanKyung asked, both his and LeeTeuk's temper snapped

"Heard that?" HeeChul asked

"Yeah, I think so" KangIn said being dramatic

"What are they talking about?" HanKyung asked

"It looks like…" LeeTeuk answered

"I think it came from your luggage" HeeChul said

"That thing, where did it came from?" KangIn asked pointing at some sort of a black/gray material in his green bag

HanKyung looked at what LeeTeuk's hand is still pressing "Hyung, your hand!" he said

Leeteuk quickly jerked his hand away

"It stopped" KangIn said

"Let me see that" HeeChul asking for the thing. KangIn handed it to him. "It's a surveillance camera" he added

"Who could've put it-" Kang In asked but then HeeChul cut him

"Henry…" he said "Ni hao ma? wo de ai, wo hen xiang yao ni, Han Geng(How are you? My love, I miss you very much, HanGeng)" he said talking to the camera "I really tried hard to learn Chinese for you"

HanKyung's tears fell as he looked at HeeChul's smiling yet sad face

"KangIn-ah! We have to go to Henry's room now" HeeChul demanded

"Yeah" KangIn said (Hehe, you're dead Henry)

Room 327

"Zhou Mi, what do you think of-" Henry said wiping his violin

"Henry! Open the door!"The angry KangIn and annoyed HeeChul said

"I'll open it" Zhou Mi said. He opened the door and what he saw was stars. (Actually it was KangIn's fist)

"ZhouMi!"Henry shouted as he quickly went to him and caught him

"Sorry ZhouMi, why did you open the door when we asked Henry to open it, sometimes, you're just too nice" KangIn said

"That's why you got hit by KangIn's super right foot kick" HeeChul said (Oops, I thought that was KangIn's fist)

Now, Zhou Mi is resting in his bed with an ice pack and Henry, HeeChul and KangIn are talking

"Explain this!" HeeChul said

"It's a surveillance camera" Henry said looking at with an Oscar-winning innocent- child –that- his- Hyung- make-curious act

"Don't act innocent, you're not as innocent as you are, I know" KangIn said and grinned at the last word

"What!" Henry asked still trying to deny what is happening

"Tell him…" a voice said

"Like HeeChul said, tell us" KangIn said

"I didn't say anything" HeeChul said

"Then, who did?" ZhouMi sat up straight, still covering his eye with the ice pack

"I did…" the voice said again

"It sounds like…HanKyung" HeeChul said

"I knew it! Haha! There IS something wrong with this!" ZhouMi shouted going crazy punching the wind

"Darn, ZhouMi's awake" another voice said

"What do you mean darn? I just, I'll-" ZhouMi walking to them

"You can't do anything to me since I am not the camera or even inside it" the voice said playfully

"Teukie?" KangIn identified the voice coming out from the camera

"You're making yourself feel bad" Henry said opening his cell, calling LeeTeuk's phone using video call(Ok, I'm not sure about this as well, as you can see, I'm not really into cell phones, so, I don't know the proper terms )

"Teukie!" KangIn shouted as LeeTeuk answered the call, kissing the phone

"Hey stop that!" Henry said before KangIn's lips touched the phone "I don't want my phone with your lip print!"

"Fine" KangIn said

HeeChul snatched the phone from KangIn "What's really happening?" he asked being a serious him.

So, they told HeeChul, ZhouMi and KangIn, well, ZhouMi just got a confirmation of what is happening, too bad HeeChul is one of the people who knew, he's noisy and talkative

Author's note: Ok, now I ask this, is there OOCness problem regarding their attitude and the attitude in the previous chapter?

I'm loosing my humor, you know, if you want some of your jokes in the story, please PM me, I'll give you credit for the chapter it'll be in.

The story behind HeeChul and KangIn….

In the story, they are in the awkward position of KangIn on top HeeChul, this is because HeeChul wants to make his masterpiece, and he is mastering his drawing skills of drawing front view of someone in like a crawling position. He goes "Argh!" since he can't draw KangIn's shoulders right. LeeTeuk, HanGeng and ShinDong didn't notice that HeeChul a sketch pad.

The KangIn finally lying down part is when he just did some exercising, you know, eat balanced diet, exercise… HeeChul is drawing another thing then.

Oh, also, SiWon and KiBum are my original people to discover first actually, the thing that fell off the bag was supposed to be the camera but why ruin the mood? So I placed them to KangIn and HeeChul because if DongHae and EunHyuk knew it, I think they will be more talkative about it but if KangIn and HeeChul are in that place, they should control their mouths for their love's sake.

I'm also not saying they are in love with each other in real life, this is my head's doing ok?(What's wrong with me and long notes these days…)

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