The Scion of the Hunter: Tribulations of the Mad

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Mortis stared at the rather...curvy pokegirl that he had called out, tilting his head to the side as he studied it. Two inches or so over five feet with breasts that he could somehow immediately calculate as a rather generous double D, she would have looked completely human without the mottled leaf-green skin and the bulb on her back a bit larger than a soccer ball. Nonetheless, she was quite a pretty specimen to look at.

Likewise, the pokegirl looked demurely at her new tamer: an inch or two below six feet, with a lithe sleek gymnast's build, corpse-pale skin, and brown hair that slightly covered his eyes.

His eyes. They both alarmed and fascinated her, for she had never even heard of natural cracked red eyes like he had. He wore black pants, brown boots, and a dark gray shirt, a metallic string around his neck connected to the small gray disk with an inky black center that lied on his chest. A sheathed sword was fastened to his belt on his left, a shining silver gun holstered to his left thigh.

After a minute or so of staring at each other, Mortis abruptly drew out his pokedex and scanned the female.

BOOBISAUR, the Busty Plant Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Plant/Poison
Frequency: Common
Diet: sunlight, water, nutrients through soil
Role: Farming, Gardening, Soil Regeneration, Libido boosters.
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Plant, Water, Rock, Fighting
Weak Vs: Psychic, Fire, Flying, Ice
Attacks: Tackle, Vine Whip, Razor Leaf, Leech Seed, Lust Dust, Vine Bondage
Enhancements: Solar Rejuvenation, Seasonal Camouflage, Nature's Senses, Enhanced Durability (x3), Enhanced Strength (x4, Vines Only)
Evolves: Ivywhore (normal)
Evolves From: None

"Boobisaur?..." He muttered experimentally, not a trace of emotion in his voice, and decided then and there that he was going to give her a proper name the moment he could think of one. He felt...dirty, calling her as such. Which was weird really. Now that you mention it, he could call any human the worst names you could ever imagine, but he couldn't help but call Stroak's pokegirls by their actual names everytime they talked.

"Y-Yes?" She asked demurely.

"Do you have a name?" She probably didn't, but it never hurt to ask.

She shook her no, and all was silent for several minutes.


The pokegirl blinked in surprise. "Master?"

"Flora." Mortis repeated impassively. "That shall be your name, now come." He went back to walking on the dirt road of Route One, the newly-christened Flora following after him.


Mortis didn't really know what to expect when he encountered his first feral.

He certainly didn't expect to suddenly find a Titmouse crossing the road as he turned a corner.

For several moments, there was silence, as he wondered what to do with the feral, moving not at all the entire time, while the Titmouse didn't run by the virtue of the fact that the sudden intruder seemed to have suddenly turned into a statue.

Finally, he settled on an idea, after remembering what the 'dex said about his starter. "Flora, Lust Dust then Vine Bondage."

The Titmouse bolted, but Flora was too fast, throwing a large amount of the shining dust at the Titmouse, who immediately tripped at the sudden spike in her libido. By that time, Flora was upon her, vines sprouting from her bulb for the next attack.

Mortis tilted his head to the side at the sight of the lurid scene, somehow feeling as if he should be running away right now and never return, but squashed the feeling. Whatever part of his psyche it must have been, he didn't want it, since that was what it suggested with EVERY shockingly sexual moment he had seen.

A minute or so later, the Titmouse was a twitching pile of flesh, and at his command, Flora drew out the phallic bulbs she had used on the feral, stepping away as a pokeball hit the Titmouse, capturing it with nary a bleep.

He looked at Flora. "Quite effective. I think we're going to use that on every one of those we find." He muttered in the monotone he always talked in.


"Flora, entangle the bitch. She's getting on my nerves." Mortis said this not without a large amount of irritation, having been annoyed at how much the damn thing kept getting away.

Vines sprouted from Flora, going at the pokegirl from all sides, for once successfully immobilizing it. Mortis didn't spare a moment to peg it with a pokeball. The feral resisted for several seconds, but eventually, the red light turned blue, indicating capture.

He let out a breath. "Alright, what the damn hell was that? It kept on dodging everything!"

"A Bunnygirl master."

There silence for a few moments, before Mortis proceeded to look it up on his pokedex.

"DUMB LUCK? THAT was what made it so damn hard to catch? Gods, the universe truly favors the fools don't they?" He muttered several more curses before pocketing the pokedex. Flora had caught three Titmice and now, a Bunnygirl. Not bad, for a few hours of work.

Something cawed loudly, and he looked up, barely managing to drop to the ground as some kind of bird pokegirl nearly took his head off. He swiped out his pokedex.

PIDGY (aka BIRDY, aka CANARY), the Tweety Bird Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (bird)
Element: Flying
Frequency: Common
Diet: insectivore, grains, some plants
Role: often used as a pet, sometimes as a courier or scout
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Plant, Fighting
Weak Vs: Cat-type Pokégirls, Rock, Electric
Attacks: Gust, Swift, Taunt, Move By, Quick Attack, Feather Shuriken
Enhancements: Minor levitation ability, lightweight frame, altered digestive system, hips and knees are free-jointed, feet are prehensile, arms and hands are wings, lack of hair (down & feathers), improved respiration, small size (4' or 1.35m), Enhanced Eyesight x3
Evolves: Pidgette (normal), Pidgeota (evolved Pidgette; normal), Swanmaid (Angel Stone), Divette (Water Stone), Falcongentle (battle stress), Hooter (Dark Stone), Murkunt (Moon Shard)
Evolves From: None

It was a flying type? Damn. Flora wasn't good against these things.

He blinked. Wait a minute, why wasn't HE doing anything. Sure, he might be toast against a Mantis or something like that, but from what he knew, the low-level ones were quite fragile, easily killable by normal humans. On another note, he also had weapons.

He grinned.

Flora was quite surprised when her tamer proceeded to draw the gun from his thigh, squint at the flying pokegirl, then shoot twice.

The flying female yelped in pain, blood flying out somewhere from both her wings, and she fell to the ground with a rather muted thump. She was bruised, but alive.

Mortis holstered the gun whilst throwing a pokeball at the downed opponent, the sphere entrapping her with no resistance whatsoever. Walking over to the pokeball, he spotted something glinting in the weak sun. He picked them up: two blood-soaked bullets. He had never really fired the gun before, so he had never had the chance to see their effectiveness. Now that he could, he was quite impressed.

Made out of the same uniform gray metal as the gun itself, they weren't the snub-nosed bullets of policemen, they were thin and long and oh so very pointed and sharp. He knew that if he brought the point to bear against his skin, it would pierce it with the barest of effort. No wonder it had gone through the pokegirl so cleanly.

Another loud screech, and he turned so fast any other human would have gotten a whiplash, shooting at the source of the sound.

The bird pokegirl turned sideways, and he missed her wings. His arm covered his face, and claws raked across his forearm, drawing blood with a delighted screech. He turned once again, eyes narrowing slightly, and fired once. The bullet shot into her back, and with a gurgling groan, she crashed to the ground.

He walked over to her, casually flipping her over to see that the bullet had passed through once again, before capturing her. He looked around him, and found it lodged deep inside a tree, irrecoverable. He muttered a low curse for the bullet, before shrugging and striding back on the road, Flora hastening to keep up with him as he bandaged his forearm on the way.


Day neared it end, sunset but an hour or so away, and this was when Mortis set up camp, choosing a clearing he had found a-ways off the road.

He glanced at his starter. "Rest." He considered his next words, before mentally shrugging and going with it. "You did good today." He rolled a water bottle at her.

Flora blushed, before smiling at the chosen land, walking around it before settling on a particularly sunny area, sighing in pleasure as she immersed herself in the sunlight, every now and then drinking from the bottle.

Mortis sat down beside the tent, silently nibbling on his food, not bothering to make a fire for two reasons: one; he believed it would just draw the ferals to them, and two; he didn't need it. He wasn't at all uncomfortable by the temperature (food, or otherwise), and he could see quite clearly in the night.

The sky turned orange, then slowly started to fade to black, and Mortis tapped the apparently drowsy Boobisaur on the shoulder, telling her to get inside the tent. She blinked, slowly, as if having a hard time understanding him, and he proceeded to pick her up, eliciting an 'eep!' from the surprised pokegirl.

He gently laid her down on the fuuton, before settling down on the other one, preparing to sleep.

He blinked, sitting up and looking at Flora, who simply sat on her bed, blushing as she gave a needing look at him.

Mortis tilted his head to the side, frowning, before he remembered something from her file, groaning at his stupidity. He looked at her, noting her frantic breathing and the way she kept on rubbing her thighs together. "Of course. I forgot, you're horny after you bask in the sun aren't you?"

She nodded, and there was silence for a while, as Mortis proceeded to digest this piece of information.

If he had been any other tamer, he would probably be fucking her by now, but he wasn't. It seemed as if there was something missing, or maybe that this was going too fast. But no, she needed this. He needed this. She needed taming to keep herself from going feral, and he needed to tame her to make a bond with her, something that was vital for a tamer and his starter, and that stupid voice in his head wasn't going to stop him. Mainly because he shot it down already and it wasn't getting back up again. Ever. Don't ask how he did it.

With that logic, Mortis mentally shrugged and put a warmer-than-normal hand to her cheek, caressing the skin oh so lightly, and Flora shivered, as the sensation resembled how she thought silk sliding over her skin would feel like, only with an extra kick due to the blissfully warm skin.

The pale man leaned in, taking her lips, and she eagerly granted him entrance, moaning as his feverishly hot lips touched her own, the warmth delightfully sensual, the tongue that eagerly explored her own even more so.

His other hand went downwards to her rump, squeezing it to her delight, before lifting her and placing her on his lap. He squeezed once more, and she snuggled against him, vibrating with desire as she rubbed herself against his hot body. "Very...supple...I like it." He muttered between kisses, and Flora blushed, before moaning in pleasure as he finished the kiss, sliding to her cheek and to her ear, leaving a trail of kisses, before settling on her lobe and proceeding to nibble, eliciting another pleasurable moan.

He grinned, although it seemed...fake somehow. Flora decided then and there that she liked her master with that neutral mask more. "You liked that didn't you?" He asked, and she nodded unabashedly.

He responded with a mirthless chuckle, and his left hand cupped her sex, feeling the wet glistening vagina, the other limb grasping one of her breasts, fingering the nipple. "Horny. And wanton about it too. You're not shy in showing me how wet you are." Her nipple hardened under his ministrations, and he pinched it, making her cry out. "Nor how hard those tits of yours have gotten."

He plunged his fingers into her cunt, four all at once, stifling her cry when he started moving them with the skill of a master, making her squirm. "Tight. I just know it'll feel heavenly when I spear you little flower." He muttered nonchalantly, and he grabbed her hand, putting it to his unzipped crotch, putting her hand around his rather large dick.

Her eyes widened when she felt the member come alive at her touch, hardening and pulsing, and she marveled at the girth and length, wondering if it'll even fit her in the first place.

He gave a soft moan as she squeezed. "There it goes lass. Pump it, make me feel good." He muttered. She obeyed, and he leaned down, suckling and kneading her bountiful breasts as he simultaneously fingered her.

After a few minutes, he put his thumb and forefinger to a nub in her cunt, and he squeezed.

She yelped, shuddering in orgasm, and he raised an eyebrow as he felt her walls clench tightly around his fingers, loosening after several moments of post-orgasmic shivering and moaning.

Flora panted, before blinking as he removed his hand from her vagina. She watched, wide-eyed, as he brought his soaked fingers to his mouth and sucked her juices from them. He licked his lips. "Tangy. I want more." He muttered, making her blush, before looking down at his groin. "You haven't gotten me off yet either." He took off his shirt, revealing a deliciously muscled body, and Flora 'eep'ed when he removed her from his lap then dove down to her moist opening, turning over so that he was on his back, with her all but laying on top of him, her vagina before his mouth, and his twitching cock right in front of her face.

He kicked off his pants, and gestured to his still-hard cock. "Make me come little flower, just as I did you." He said in that cold voice of his, and she felt her body heat up, before she rubbed her face against the meaty tool, smelling its scent, and her body shuddered in lust in reaction.

Mortis twitched when she licked the slit at its tip, lapping up the precum oozing out, finding the taste salty, but delectable. She kissed the head, before licking downward from crown to base, going even lower and sucking on his balls, basking in the heady smell. He gave a pleased gasp, rubbing her thigh approvingly. "Good. Good girl." He started licking at her cunt, savoring the juices of her moist opening, and he gave a rumbling purr when she pressed her cunt down at him.

She blushed, wondering if her tamer had feline pokegirl ancestry when he did the sinful sound, before shuddering as he started nibbling the sensitive nub. Oh god, he was going to make her cum again, and she hadn't even gotten him off once!

She opened her mouth, taking in as much as she could in it. Her tongue swirled all over it, relishing its delicious flavor, and she started to deepthroat him, fighting off her gag reflex until she had about three quarters of it in. She pulled out nearly all of it until she had but the head in, her hands stroking its length, before taking in as much of it as she could once again, massaging his balls and whatever part of it she didn't have in her mouth.

He groaned. "Damn good. Do it again little flower." He muttered, and she obliged, making the large tool twitch in response, more precum oozing out. "Yes. That' you do it...lass." He said between licks, and she continued doing it, drawing out pleased sighs from the pale man.

Several minutes more of this, and Flora was a touch short of orgasming again. Panting heavily, she grabbed her breasts, putting the large cock between them, and squeezed, rubbing the throbbing member with her breasts as she sucked and licked the head.

He froze, before speaking in a tense voice. "Take it in lass, I'm going to come, and I want you to swallow it all."

Her eyes widened, and she took in the head, before his body rippled, a groan bursting out of his throat as his dick released its seed into her mouth. He came, a lot, the action making HER cum, and she was unable to swallow it all, his seed oozing out of her mouth even as her tamer happily lapped up her juices, the lurid sounds making her body heat up.

She moved her tongue, and was surprised to feel that he was till hard. If anything, it seemed to have gotten harder!

He pulled himself out of her, slipping out from under her and sitting up. She looked behind her to his face, noting the wetness on it and the way he licked his lips as if having eaten the food of the gods. Or was looking at it.

She shivered under his gaze.

He chuckled, and he cupped her vagina, stroking it. "Damn fine taste you have. But as of now, what we did was just the appetizer." His other hand snaked down to her breasts, stroking them. He grabbed one, "Hefty..." and squeezed. She moaned. "...but firm. It felt heavenly when you used them." A strange glint shone in his eyes as he raked them over her form, the sheer intensity of the action making her shiver.

He put the hand on her breasts to her cheek, bading her to look into his eyes. It was a captivating experience. "A beautiful lass if I ever saw one. I want you. Do you want me? Let me tell you now that I may be someone the entire world should hate."

Her mouth was dry, though she was sure her cheeks were beet red from blushing. Not want him? He had been kind to her. He had complimented her, and as far as she new, he was a good man. Who cared abut the world? Here was a tamer she knew she could learn to love.

She nodded.

For a moment, he seemed to smile, despite the fact that his mouth didn't move, but that disappeared instantly. He kissed her, before whispering in her ear; "I'm going to fuck you until you're a twitching pile of flesh little flower. And you're going to love every second of it."

She had been on all fours during the conversation, and it was a complete surprise to suddenly have him thrust his cock into her from behind.

Mortis moaned in bliss. She was tight, oh so very tight, and he had a dick larger than most people's. It was a close fit, made possible only because of her previous orgasms; which had slicked her pussy to satisfaction, though she still couldn't take his entire length. Nonetheless, it was a divine experience, possibly his first, and when her already-tight walls clenched around his cock, he hissed, the sound primal and sensual as he came at her heavenly tightness.

Flora moaned hotly, feeling the large tool hit her cervix. Any pain she might have felt was overwhelmed by the pleasure, as the great cock stretched her walls to near bursting, its throbbing length sending lightning bolts of pleasure cavorting throughout her body. She heard him hiss, the sound intense unlike any before it, before he came.

His member pulsed, throbbing heatedly and dazing her, before spurting out his hot seed into her womb. Her body responded, and she came, making her faint and lightheaded, barely able to think much of anything but the magnificent dick in her pussy and how full her cunt felt.

Slowly, as he recovered from his first orgasm in memory, he moved outward, feeling her walls clench at him, trying to keep him in. He prevailed, leaving only the crown of his dick inside, before thrusting in with enough force make her entire body rock with the strength of his thrust. He groaned, the magnificent feeling of her tight pussy seemingly intensifying. "So tight." He muttered.

Flora simply sighed when she felt his cock slam back in, reveling in the fullness. "Master..."

He grabbed her breasts, kneading them and tweaking the nipples, his mouth busy kissing and sucking her back and neck as he pulled out then thrust in. Faster and faster he did this, and she moaned and groaned and sighed in bliss as he did so, all the while muttering; "Master, oh yes, master, oh master..."

He didn't tire easily, and she lost track of time.

An hour, two hours, three? Or was it more? She didn't know how long he had been fucking her, nor how many times he had changed positions or reached their peak. All she knew was that they had been fucking for a long time, and now, she was laying limply sideways, one of her legs over his shoulder as he thrusted in and out of her pleasantly sore pussy. All she could do now was moan at the pleasure, sometimes finding the strength to rasp out "Master...".

She had orgasmed many, many times now, him only a few compared to her, yet he never let up. Now however, he seemed to be slowing down, but if he noticed this, he seemed to take offense at the sudden failing, and he went faster. She moaned weakly at the unexpected increase, her body once more reaching its limit, squeezing him tightly as the strongest orgasm she had ever had yet coursed through her body.

Mortis groaned at the tightness, and then, with a rumbling cry of release that she had a feeling the entire forest heard, he came, harder than he had ever done before, and she felt his seed; as it had done several times before, spurt into her, making her feel pleasantly full and warm and oh so loved.

He panted heavily, and she felt him run his fingers through her hair, before he leaned in, his breath on her ear. "Well, how was THAT little flower?"

She groaned. "Boobisaur." She muttered weakly, but in obviously-heard satisfaction.

He chuckled, before pulling out and moving off her and to his bed, lifting her up so she lied on his muscled chest. He stroked her breasts, feeling the stiff nipples that twitched and vied for his touch. He pinched them, eliciting a yelp from the pokegirl. He kissed the tips lightly, and she blushed. He raised an eyebrow. "Blushing? You know you like it. I thought this-" He plunged his cock into her tender cunt, and she gave a long, loud, moan. "-was more embarrassing than what I just did? You weren't embarrassed when I was fucking you senseless." He said all this in a monotone, as if he was a scientist asking a simple question.

My god, it was such a turn-on.

"Boobi...saur." She said, and he frowned.

"Taming shock eh?" He kissed her forehead. "Sleep. We'll talk about it when we can communicate." He closed his eyes, and Flora wondered if she should tell him to pull his dick out of her pussy.

She looked at it, noting the thick member inside her cunt, feeling a sudden shiver of pleasure, and decided she rather liked it inside her when sleeping.


Mortis opened his eyes, and slowly, they moved downwards, sighting the busty green-skinned woman on top of him. He raised an eyebrow as he recalled the night.

He blinked, licking his lips, and he was reminded of her taste. The recollection sparked the sudden urge to make her cum and lap up her juices, but he rose above it, bringing up his hand to look at the time; two hours since after their taming session.

He grasped her pokeball, intending to recall her so that she could continue sleeping while he gathered everything up. She didn't have the ability of quick recovery, but he only needed two hours instead of eight to feel refreshed.

He pressed the ball to her, activating it, and she was sucked into the red light, sinking into the pokeball.

The pale man blinked, looking down to his dick and remembering it had been inside her. He already missed the feeling, but he ignored it, gathering his clothes: shirt, pants, shoes, and putting them on. No underwear, they tended to constrict his rather...ahem, large tool. That and mobility. It was MUCH easier to move with just his pants...he wasn't a pervert dammit!

He went out, and although it was still dark, he didn't have a hard time seeing and break camp, and several minutes later, he was back on the road, a shade of black against the midnight darkness of the ground.


Mortis stared at the sign as he arrived in Viridick City, just now noticing a pattern: 'Boobisaur, Titmouse, Phallus Town, ViriDICK City? The hell, do they call everything around them with a pervert's label?' Considering the kind of world he was in; one where a crazy genius who thought more with the brain between his legs than the one on his shoulders waged war on the entirety of humanity, they probably did.

He grunted, and entered the city, flashing his tamer's license to the guards.

He headed straight for the pokecenter, silently weaving in and out of the crowd, more an impression of a presence than anything else, and the NurseJoy nearly jumped into the air when he asked her to put the pokegirls in a healing cycle. "Oh! Sorry. It's just that, I didn't notice you coming."

He tilted his head to the side. "I'm a rather silent man." Silence reigned supreme for a few moments, before the NurseJoy nervously put the several severely wounded pokegirls (generally Pidgies) and Flora through the healing cycles, returning them to him a few minutes later.

Nodding in thanks, he walked over to a computer, logging in and contacting professor Stroak.

After a minute or so, the screen changed from the loading wallpaper into Stroak's aged gray-haired face. The professor grinned. "So, how did you like your starter?"

Mortis' lips twitched upwards ever so slightly. "She is...satisfactory. Good head on her shoulders. Follows instructions to the best of her ability." He shrugged. "Thirty-four."

Stroak blinked. "What?"

"Thirty four ferals. Do I send them to you, or what?"

The professor raised an eyebrow. "That's quite a lot."

Mortis shrugged.

Stroak nodded. "Very well, just send them to me through the computer. I'll give them all a rough scan before I pay you for them." The amnesiac did he was told, and after three minutes of reading through the list, he was given thirty-four thousand SLC, a bit more than a third of what he owed to Stroak. "You can keep the money for now and earn more. No need to rush. You can pay me when you're sure that the debt won't leave you lacking funds."

Nodding in thanks to the professor, he hung up, logging off the computer. He frowned, before turning to the NurseJoy. "Nurse? May I take the Storage License Test?"


It was harder than the Tamer's License Test, but considering that professor Stroak helped with his education, he passed it easily, and he gratefully took the License from the NurseJoy, muttering a clipped word of thanks.

After that, he proceeded to stock up on the pokeballs, putting a hundred in his pokepack (another thing he had bought through a loan from Stroak), along with numerous potions, salves, food, and other basic necessities.

Once done, he had gone to a bench and sat down, wondering what to do, absently hearing two boys, tamers probably, talking about a Dark Lady having gotten loose in the woods. He ignored them.

For several minutes, he sat there, before abruptly drawing out his pokedex and reading up on the city, raising an eyebrow at the suggestion of going to the reception hall in the gym. He shrugged, standing up and moving to it, looking it up on the map to make sure he didn't get lost.

A guard stopped him, and he raised an eyebrow. "Problems officer?"

His eyes narrowed. "Yeah. Where do you think you're going bub?"

Mortis pointed to the gym. "The lobby. I'm rather bored and didn't know what to do. Why, is it closed?"

He snorted. "No. Just on alert. You can never be too careful these days." He stepped aside. "Don't cause trouble and you'll be fine."

Mortis nodded, and he continued inside. A male secretary looked up at him from his desk. "No gym battles today. What do you want?"

He was ignored, as the pale man stepped up to the displays, eyes scanning the positions the numerous pokegirls were left in, emphasizing their unnatural features and hiding or blurring whatever trace of humanity they had.

He glanced to the side, where the secretary had walked to, smiling maliciously. "Gone here to take a look at the displays didn't you? Well, take a good look boy. Pokegirls. Hmph. They're nothing but bioweapons created by a pervert to destroy us all, and it shames me to think that some people in the Indigo League actually think they're people."

Mortis raised an eyebrow. "They're living. They breathe, they learn, they have emotions. What makes them so different?" He asked this in an impassive voice, like a man asking for the time.

The man scowled, and gestured to a display of a Tigress, which was on all fours in a crouch, as if ready to pounce, snarling at them. "Does THAT look like a human? How about that?" He pointed to a Lamia, which was coiled and hissing at them. "What about those?" He pointed to a trio of birds: Fireburst, Thundercunt, Frosttits.

Something was building in Mortis, but he didn't know what, and he looked at the other displays: the very near human ones.

The man sniffed. "If you're thinking that those bitches are one of us, don't even try." An elf was shown with her nocking an arrow, the way her limbs were arranged exaggerating the unnatural grace of her kind. Next to her, a Barriermaiden just stood there and stared unblinkingly at him, reminding him of the fact that they didn't need to sleep.

"So they're not...human. None of them are. Not even those who look like one?"

He laughed. "Took you long enough."

Something snapped, and somehow, he knew something fundamental about him had changed, and slowly, a sick smile formed on his face. "They're not human..." He whispered. He chuckled, and walked out. "Thank you. That REALLY clears everything up." He whispered, and the man blinked, feeling as if he had missed something very important.


Mortis' hand twitched, and he struggled to overcome to overwhelming urge to strangle the idiot that kept on screaming at his pokegirl, the one that had just lost him the battle.

He scanned it.

DROW ZEE, the Elf Variant Pokégirl

Type: Near Human

Element: Psychic/Magic

Frequency: Uncommon to Rare

Diet: Near Human Diet (Omnivore)

Role: originally strike squads, but excellent at surveillance, strategic strikes

Libido: varies (usually Low to Average)

Strong Vs: Psychic, Poison, Fighting

Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost

Attacks: Water gun, Ember, Spark, Hypnotic Gaze, Shadow Teleport, Backstab, Shadow Possession, Low to Moderate Magical Spells

Enhancements: Infravision, Enhanced Agility (x4), Enhanced Hearing (x3), immunity to poison, Longevity

Disadvantage: Highly susceptible to Attraction effect

Evolves: Elf (Sun Stone), Dark Elf (Dark Stone), Golden Elf (Angel Stone)

Evolves From: None

He looked at her.

Five feet five inches tall, glossy pitch black skin, shining silver hair, b-cup breasts, long pointed ears that extended half a foot past her head, and red eyes.

Completely nude too.

His eyes narrowed, and his hands twitched once more. He breathed deeply, pushing back the urges, and approached the tamer. "Don't like her? Let me take her."

The guy glanced at him. An ordinary face, build slightly muscular, probably from trekking. Nothing special. "You think I'll just give her to you like that? Ha! I'm not that stupid."

"One hundred thousand."

He blinked. "What?"

"One. Hundred. Thousand. SLC. For her." Mortis repeated, and his eyebrows shot up.

"You're joking right?"

"You don't want to trade?" Mortis turned around, and the guy put a hand on his shoulder to stop him. He barely stopped himself from grabbing his arms and breaking in into a dozen pieces.

"Okay! Okay! Let's trade!"

Slowly, the pale man turned back, and he drew out his pokedex, commencing the trade. The boy's eyes widened when he found it genuine, and he passed the pokeball to Mortis, the elf's eyes wide as she stared at her new master. "Does she have a name?"

"Neh, never bothered to name her. Just called her drow."

Mortis looked at her, and her body heated up at his gaze, her eyes locked at her new master's eyes, his cracked eyes. He gestured to her, and she rose, her movements containing a strange inhuman grace, elfin grace, and was it her, or did he seem to smile at the sign of inhumanity?

She stopped in front of him, her breathing pitched as she stared at Mortis. Awaiting...something.

"Eileen." He muttered, his voice a purring rumble that made the space between her thighs ache. "Tell me, would you like to have Eileen as your name?"

She gulped, and slowly she nodded.

His eyes twinkled in approval. "Then Eileen it shall be." He caressed her forehead, and she shuddered in pleasure. "Don't resist." He muttered, and she didn't as the pokeball's light swallowed her.

Mortis looked into the tamer's unnerved face, a smile forming on his face, one terrifying in how...wrong it looked. A man who doesn't know how to smile should never smile, for it is a horrible, horrible thing. "It is official then. She is mine."

Nervously, he nodded, and Mortis eyes narrowed, a murderous glint shining within them. "Then run, before the dams burst and I rip open your chest and tear out your heart." The words were but whispers, but they were full of emotion, full of the emotions of the man that had done such unspeakable things, the entire world had banded together to stop him.

Sukebe would have thought him a rival.

He paled, and ran away as fast as he could. Let it never be said that he was a slow runner when his life was on the line.

Mortis scoffed, turning around. "Humans. They disgust me." He muttered, walking away, the afternoon sky shining orange above him.


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