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Full Summary:

~Haruno Sakura accepted that she was going to die. Being captured by her family's nemesis, the Uchiha clan, she was fully prepared to be slaughtered by her captor the "Dark Knight" Sasuke Uchiha. However she never expected to be forced into marriage with him and then brought to his castle so that she could bear him a son in order to bring her clan to its downfall. She also never expected such intense feelings for the killer that has murdered countless numbers of her people.

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"What?" Sakura stood in front of her father's throne; her outrage was clearly evident as she stood defiantly and faced him.

"I believe full well that you heard me the first time, Sakura-hime." Her father gave her a look of dissatisfaction before he called forth some of his servants. They stumbled forward, giving weary looks at the furious Princess. They all knew of her temper and of her strength.

"You're sending me to a nunnery! A nunnery!" She shrieked in outrage.

"This is for your own good, my daughter." He stared at her with true concern in his eyes, but it didn't quell her fury.

"I have nothing to do with this outrageous war with the Uchiha! Why do you believe that sending me to a nunnery will protect me?"

"Darling, you and your brother are all I have left of your mother. She was assas—"

"I know how she died." Of course she did. She remembered that horrifying day. She remembered seeing her mother killed. She remembered. It was all part of this stupid war. If there was no war with the Uchiha, her mother would still be with her and she would not be about to be shipped to a nunnery for the rest of her life.

"I will not lose you as well. By sending you to Saint Hikari, you will be taken care of. You will also be out of reach from those—" He quieted his eyes blazing in anger. The Haruno's and the Uchiha truly hated each other. This war had already lasted since the year of Sakura's birth and that was seventeen years ago. Be raised in this threatening world and always being sheltered away from anything had made Sakura long since grown sick of the war.

Her elder brother fought in the army as a commander and was valiant in his efforts. He loved telling her all about how he slaughtered the Uchiha trash, often speaking about those killings in great detail. That was always most pleasant for her.

"I'm not like Mother. I know how to wield a sword; I know how to protect myself. I do not need to follow this absurd idea of sending me away to pray and devote my life to God. Do you not wish for grandchildren one day?" She had no interest in marrying, though. Sakura had plans for her life besides being married off and having children. She wanted to change this country; she wanted to change the Haruno Clan. But, she would take marriage any day rather than have to go to a blasted nunnery.

"You know full well, Sakura-hime, that your brother's wife is pregnant and due very soon."

Basically, they had no need for her.

So why go through so much trouble to keep her safe? Why not just let the Uchiha kill her if she was this useless for the Clan?


"This is the end of our discussion. In two days time you will go to Saint Hikari and that is final."

Sakura face contorted into a mask of pure anger before she turned around and smashed a vase as she made her departure. All the servants flinched at her action, but were filled with relief at the fact that she had chosen to let her anger out on the vase and not on one of them.


"Sasuke-sama, the King has requested your presence."

He lifted his head off his pillow before standing up and walking toward the exit of the room. The maid that had informed him jumped toward the door in fright. Her eyes were fearful as he walked by her without a second glance.

When he arrived at his father's throne room, he entered without knocking. His father was talking to someone when he entered, but immediately ushered them away as his son walked toward him.

"You requested me?" Sasuke looked at his father.

"Yes Sasuke. I figured I'd get right to the point. I have a very important mission for you. This will probably be the most important thing you do for the clan. If you succeed, you will be responsible for the destruction of the Haruno Clan."

Sasuke stilled.

The Haruno Clan: the clan that his family had been in battle with since he was five years old. This was the clan he grew up hating; the one that he despised with every fiber of his being. His life's purpose was to slaughter the Haruno and their soldiers. People said he was so brutal in his killing that even the strongest of men fell to their knees from the mention of his name. He was called "Dark Knight" on the battlefield and was feared by all.

He lived for the destruction of the Haruno; he would do anything for the Haruno's to fall.

"What do you want me to do father?" He asked.

"Are you going to accept it?" His father replied back.

"Aa." Why on earth would Sasuke refuse it? This was his chance to destroy the people he hated. He would never refuse such a chance so matter what the consequences or how dangerous it could be. He would die before he refused.

"Alright then my son, since you have agreed…"

Sasuke glared at how his father seemed almost reluctant to tell him what he was supposed to do.

"In two days, you and your men- no more than two- will intercept a carriage on its way to Saint Hikari, the nunnery. In that carriage, you will find the Haruno Princess."

Sasuke realized just what his mission was immediately. He would assassinate the Haru—

"You will take her to the castle, marry her, and have her produce you a male heir."

Sasuke stilled. All throughout his life, he had never been as shocked and speechless as he was at this moment.

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