Finished Angel Beats today. Most awesome anime ending I've seen in a while. I had to write something for it. This all takes place in the world shown after the credits at the end of the anime. Of course, as they lost their memories, there will be almost no spoilers. This'll be a series of one shots, each focusing on a different person or pairing. Now, here we go:

Ai no Tenshi

Kanade was walking down the street, listening to her ipod while humming to herself, wondering what to do for the few remaining days of summer. She felt a hand touch her shoulder, and she turned. She saw her classmate and long time friend, Otanashi Yuzuru. She smiled at him, "Otanashi-kun, hi."

"Kanade-chan, it's been a while. I hope I'm not bothering you, it's just we haven't seen each other since school broke up for summer."

This was true, much to Kanade's disappointment. She liked Otanashi more than any of their other friends, far more. She had admitted to herself that she was in love with him a long time ago, there was just one slight problem...

"So how are you, and how's Yuri?" Kanade felt slightly upset by her own question. Yuri and Otanashi had been dating for months, so Kanade had kept quiet about her own feelings. But then, Otanashi said something that took that bad feeling away.

"Ah, well the thing is, we broke up a couple of weeks ago."

Kanade blinked, once, twice, thrice. She subtly pinched herself. No, this was not a dream. She felt overwhelmingly good in one way, but overwhelmingly bad for feeling happy that the couple had split up. Both of them were close friends of hers, and she should not feel so happy, but she could hardly help it. But she managed to control her emotions, and replied, "Oh... I'm sorry to hear that."

"Don't worry about it. We both agreed to it, that we'd had enough of it. To be honest, any longer together and we would likely both have gone mad from it. She's a lovely girl, but there was never really that much between us."

Kanade smiled a little at this, "Well as long as you're still talking to each other then that's good." Secretly, Kanade was working something out. In order to allow for a couple to get over each other, once a break-up has occurred between two friends, one should wait at least three months for them to completely get over each other, then they are 'fair game' for a new relationship. But if they broke up by mutual consent, then that time was cut to more like three weeks. So, Kanade felt that maybe there would be a chance for her to confess to Otanashi soon.

"Anyway," Otanashi said, "we should meet up properly some time to catch up. How about it?"

"Sounds like a good idea, what were you thinking of?"

"How about that cafe in town, you know, 'The Angel.'"

"Sure, when should we meet?"

"You free tomorrow at two?"

Kanade smiled "Yeah."

"Okay then, well, I'd better be going, I'll see you tomorrow."

Otanashi left, and Kanade was still smiling. Then she thought of something, 'Could this be called... a date?'

Kanade was sitting in the cafe waiting. She had arrived early, and had been waiting for nearly half an hour now. It was just about five to 2 now, and she glanced over at the door as it opened and a bell rang, for what must have been the fiftieth time. Unlike all the other times, she was rewarded with the sight of Otanashi entering. He walked over and sat opposite her, "Hey there Kanade-chan, hope I didn't keep you waiting too long."

"Oh no, I just got here," Kanade lied.

Otanashi smiled at her, taking in the small girl. She was wearing the same white dress and short blue top as the day before, and her hat was upside-down on the table next to her. Otanashi liked what he saw. He thought the girl looked beautiful.

They ordered some coffee, and talked about what had happened over the summer. Eventually though, they reached the topic of Otanashi's break up with Yuri.

"So what happened?" Kanade asked him.

"Well, she just called me one day a couple of weeks ago and asked to meet me. Things had been strained between us for a little while, so when she said she thought we should break up, I wasn't surprised, and to be honest I was a little relieved."


"Well, to be honest, I had been thinking about breaking up with her for a while."

Kanade was surprised by that, she had always felt that the couple had liked each other a lot, and she had not expected Otanashi to want to break up with Yuri. "Why did you want to break up?"

"Because..." Otanashi hesitated for a moment, "...I realised I had feelings for somebody else."

Kanade was shocked by that, she could not believe it. Could Otanashi love somebody else already? What if it was Shiina, or that quiet Yusa? Kanade felt something acidic rise in her throat. She could not face Otanashi having another girlfriend. It hurt her enough when he and Yuri started dating, if she had to go through the same thing again, she did not know what she would do.

"Can I ask who it is?"

Otanashi hesitated for a few moments, before saying "I'll tell you later, you'll understand when I tell you."

That just left Kanade more confused, 'Does he know about my feelings? Is he afraid of hurting me?'

She drank her coffee, putting on a blank appearance. Otanashi wondered why she had suddenly started looking emotionless all of a sudden. "You okay Kanade?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

They finished their coffee, then left the cafe. Kanade was about to give her goodbye and head home, but Otanashi spoke first, "Kanade, could you come with me, there's something I want to show you."

Kanade let herself be taken towards a park, with Otanashi holding her hand. She was lightly blushing, as she was lead into the park and up a hill. Eventually Otanashi stopped, as they reached the top of the hill, and he stood in the shade of a tree there, still holding Kanade's hand. Kanade saw him looking forward, and she followed his gaze. From the hilltop, you could see across the whole town that they lived in. Kanade thought the view was beautiful.

She turned to Otanashi, and he was now looking at her. "You know," he began, "this view is beautiful, but I can see something far more beautiful right here."

Kanade blushed, 'He can't possibly mmean me can he?"

"Kanade-chan, you know what we were talking about in the cafe, about the person I was in love with?" Kanade nodded, waiting for him to continue. He turned to look at the town again, "Well, it's time I told you."

Suddenly Kanade did not want to know. She was sure that he would tell her that he loved somebody else, and that he was going to ask them out. But his next words surprised her. "The person I love... is you."

Kanade blinked several times. She pinched herself. No this was not a dream. Otanashi had just confessed to her. He had turned his head as he spoke, to look straight into her eyes. His gaze was warm, and full of care and something Kanade had not seen before: love.

She moved towards him, suddenly gripping him with her free arm, while her other hand kept its hold on Otanashi's hand. He put his free arm around her too, "Kanade..."

"Otanshi-kun, can you say it again? Just once more."

"I'll say it as many times as you want me to, I love you, Kanade-chan."

Kanade felt her eyes grow damp, tears of joy forming, as she hugged Otanashi tightly, "Otanashi-kun..."

"Please, call me Yuzuru."

Kanade looked up at Otanashi, "Yuzuru..." she stood on tip-toes, "I love you too." She closed the gap between their faces, as she kissed Otanshi. All the bad feelings she had had were washed away in an instant. She felt complete.

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