Written for the bizarre pairings Challenge

Pairing: Molly II/Teddy

A/N: I know Molly will be younger than Teddy in canon, but this is fan fiction for a reason and everything we write, is, to some extent, AU.

Thanks to mew-tsubaki for the amazing beta work :)

She was the only Weasley to be sorted into Hufflepuff. The Weasleys belonged in Gryffindor, yet Molly Weasley became a Hufflepuff. In the later years, it did her rather good, but initially, she was disappointed and depressed. She was the overlooked Weasley and her sorting had just proved that. Her other cousins always outshone her. They were more beautiful, talented, and outspoken.

But next year, when he was sorted into Hufflepuff, her disappointment faded away. He came and sat next to her, grinning like Cheshire cat, and she smiled back.

They became best friends. They had always been rather close, but now, the closeness intensified. They hung out together and moved in the same circle of friends. They both tried out for the Hufflepuff Quidditch team, on a dare, and both couldn't make it. After their pathetic trial, they laughed their heads off.

That year, Hufflepuff won the house cup. Yet another boring party had been thrown in the Hufflepuff common room. But a particular first year, Kevin Smith, had spiked the fruit punch on a bet he lost with James Potter, and half of the Hufflepuffs had ended up drunk and tarnished. Teddy had told her that she had been rather loud and crazy that day, and he loved that side of hers. He just wished that he had known it before. She had blushed like crazy and thought, maybe, just maybe, this was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Then.. He started dating Victorie. She was unsure of how it started, really. Victoire was never Teddy's type, but then she was beautiful. Beautiful, amazing and just breath-taking. Any guy would be a fool to reject her. Those months were the most painful months in Molly Weasley's life.

She had lost much, much more than a best friend. She was happy to graduate that year, just so that she would no longer have to watch Teddy and Victoire play the happy couple.

She tried to move on, she really truly did, but his one letter, his one visit, would make her efforts done in vain


I miss you. Hogwarts seems incomplete without you. These walls look empty, the corridors seem boring and the Ravenclaw table seems dry.

I miss you so much. You were the only person to understand me in this hallow world, and now even you are gone. Grandma had tried to understand me, but had failed. Uncle Harry understands parts of me, but nobody understands me the way you understood.

I wish you would write a little more often, but I understand that you are busy, and your healer training is more important than a stupid, little Hogwarts boy.

Victoire sends her regards.

Yours forever,


How could she ever explain to him that he was so much more than a stupid Hogwarts boy? The things he had written -it's what she feels for him, not the other way round. She looks at his little signature, and feels a surge of hope inside her, but quickly puts it aside as a mere piece of her imagination. She keeps away the letter in her cupboard, never replying, because she did not think her little heart could bear any more pain, any more disappointment.

Not one of my best works, but do let me know what you think :)