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"Sounds good, so I'll see you there, tomorrow morning, so...let's do it like that.", "What a moron, you're such a moron", Tonie thought, talking to herself, she felt herself blushing, and mumbling and the butterflies were back again.

She entered the swimming pool with a book in her hands.

She spotted Randy lying in a chair with sunglasses on and tattoos out.

She couldn' t resist gazing at him, the ripped abs, the sexy tats, the long muscled legs...

The chair next to him was free so she put her towel there and started taking off her clothes.



"You brought a book?"


"Because you intend to read?"

"No, in case someone bothers me and I have to hit him...", she replied winking at him.

"Ok, does it mean I have to keep quiet..", Randy answered smiling.

"You're ok for now, I'll let you know when you annoy me.."

"If you want I can give my chair to Santino right here, I'm sure he's dying to speak with you..!"

"Thanks but no thanks, I'll pass".

She felt Randy's eyes on her when she took off her dress, she had chosen a black and golden bikini that was not too sexy but complimented her muscled and curvy body.

As she sat on the chair he said:

"Nice tat!", showing the flowers and the stars she had on the inside of her ankle.

"Thank you, right back at you", she answered showing his muscled arms.

"Do you have more?"

"Well, yes!"

"In places everyone can see?"

"If one day they let me wrestle you will have a good view at some of them.."

"Don't worry, that's what they do, they want to make sure the viewers are hooked before they let you do your first march, and that will come soon!"

"I hope so, I can't bear being the arm candy anymore..been here, done that!"

"Sure, I understand that..but your job here will be very far from what they made you do in the TNA"

She wondered what he knew exactly, feeling all the bad memories rushing in, feeling right back to this uncomfortable place called shame.

"So, you know what I had to.."

They were interrupted by the mocking tone of CM Punk.

"Well, well, what do we have here..the new sexy face and body of Raw! I really like this new Doll, I dig curvy brunettes! And here is she with The Legend Killer! It was high time we saw you with a chick, Orton, because running around in Speedo, covered in baby oil with your two close friends, people confused Raw with the Gay Pride!"

Randy just smiled at such a stupid idea, CM Punk could learn a couple of things from Randy manliness.

"So, cutie, feel like touching my tats? I have very interesting ones in the lower part of my body.."

"Thanks, I'll pass, I just had my breakfast, would hate to puke all over you!"

Randy let out a laugh. CM Punk replied:

"You got yourself a bimbo with brains... so you chose your side already? Not very smart of you, you know how much I hate Randy, do you really want to go down with him? I guarantee you will regret it.."

Randy got up ready to fight with him

"If you ever touch her, I'll make you wish you were never born."

Cm Punk winked at her and went away.

Tonie had a bad feeling watching CM Punk leaving.

"What a jerk", mumbled Randy.

"And you really think you're one of the most annoying wrestler in the company...come on, CM Punk Is the King of Boredom".

As she was laughing with Randy, Tonie couldn't let go the awkward feeling that something bad was about to happen, that CM Punk's words were not just threats..