This is a fic that I wrote quite a while ago but never posted. In a deviation from my past ROTF and TFA fics, this is a story set in the Beast Wars Neo series.

I've seen virtually no fan fiction about the Japanese Beast Wars cartoons and their characters, even though I know many Transformers fans are aware of them. Beast Wars Neo is a favourite of mine quite simply because of Big Convoy! A totally awesome and cool Maximal (or as the Japanese called them, 'Cybertron') leader in my opinion. His unique isolationist attitude set him apart from most other Autobot/Maximal leaders. He's a character I've wanted to explore for a while.

I've created a bit of back-story for Big Convoy here from before his Beast Wars Neo series adventures, something that I hope could give an explanation for why he became the infamous 'One-Man Army' (or 'One-Bot Army' as I've more accurately adjusted in this fic).

This story is set some time early in the Beast Wars Neo series, soon after Big Convoy has been assigned to train the new Maximal/Cybertron soldiers aboard the Gung-Ho. The narrative will be switching between third-person past tense for flash-back scenes and first-person present tense for Big Convoy's present-time internal narration.

Note that I am using the faction names of 'Maximals' and 'Predacons' here rather than the Japanese names of 'Cybertrons' and 'Destrons'. It's just easier to think in terms of the western Beast Wars terminology. And I've also had the IDW Beast Wars comics roughly in mind as I wrote this, but I draw most information from what I know about the Beast Wars Neo series.

I've recycled some minicon names from the Armada series, but bear in mind that I'm using them for non-related characters in this fic.

Also, I am assuming in this fic that the title of 'Convoy' is of similar high status to the title of 'Prime', given to Maximal commanders and leaders as well.

Time units to take into account:

A cycle – a minute

Mega-cycle – an hour

Solar cycle – a day

Deca-cycle – a month

Stellar cycle – a year

Disclaimer: Beast Wars Neo and all its characters are owned by Takara.

Soliloquy of A Mammoth

Part 1

[The past, ninety stellar cycles ago, planet 'Nebulos', pre-Pax Cybertronia era.]

A battle was being waged on the planet Nebulos. Explosions and laser fire tore across a rocky Nebulan valley. A young Maximal soldier known as High Wire, one of a platoon, peered over the top of his laser-scorched rock cover to scan the battlefield ahead of him. The volleys of canon-fire from the enemy were falling closer to their position with each passing cycle. The Predacons were getting nearer to them.

"Come out, Maximals! Face your deaths like real soldiers!" one Predacon taunted aloud, firing wildly into the battlefield.

The observing young Maximal, High Wire, ducked back down behind his rock cover as a laser blast flew over his head. He looked anxiously at his two other crouching Maximal comrades to his left, Sureshock and Grindor.

"At this rate, the Preds are gonna wipe us all out within the next mega-cycle!" he negatively projected to his fellows.

Grindor lifted his gun-carrying arm over their rock cover and fired off a couple of random shots.

"Just keep firing!" he urged through clenched teeth.

"Pathetic Maximals!" a gatling gun-armed Predacon screamed from somewhere nearby to the Maximals, "There's nowhere for you to run or hide!"

At that moment, the shadow of a small spacecraft descended over the gatling gun-wielding Predacon and others with him. The over-shadowed Predacons looked up to see a one-bot Cybertronian fighter spacecraft hovering over their heads. A cargo door slid open on the underside of the craft to reveal the silhouette of a large and burly bot.

"Funny," the silhouetted bot remarked coolly down at the Predacons, "I was just thinking the same thing about the lot of you: nowhere to run or hide."

Suddenly, the silhouetted bot brought an oversized weapon over his shoulder and into his arms. The inside of the weapon's barrel lit up as it prepared to fire.

"What the frag…!" cursed one Predacon.

A beam of incinerating hot yellow energy was fired down upon the Predacons. The resulting explosion threw them in various directions. Other Predacons further away began fleeing. But they too were struck by second and third beams of destructive yellow energy. Smouldering and damaged Predacon bodies were left scattered on the battlefield.

More Predacons moved in and opened fire at the hovering fighter spacecraft. The large, silhouetted bot leapt down out of his craft and landed with ground-shaking impact. He hoisted a huge black and white canon up at the advancing Predacons. They stopped dead in their tracks at the sight of the canon-toting warrior.

"That's…that's Big Convoy!" a Predacon shouted fearfully, "The One-Bot Army!"

The massive, heavily-armed frame of the Maximal General, Big Convoy, towered intimidatingly over the Predacons. Thick, curved mammoth tusks branched from his shoulder armaments. His Prime-like blue-helmeted head bearing horns on either side was unmistakeable. His gold optics eyed the Predacons imposingly.

"He's just one bot!" snarled another Predacon in disbelief, "We'll tear him apar…"

He did not finish his sentence. Big Convoy let loose another ray of fiery yellow energy from his canon into the Predacon ranks, obliterating a whole line of them. The surviving Predacons stared in stunned fear at the Maximal General.

"Face me Predacons! If you dare!" Big Convoy bellowed dangerously.

His tusk-carrying shoulder armour snapped up to reveal an array of shoulder-mounted missiles. He unleashed a rain of ballistics onto fleeing and terrified Predacons.

Nearby, on the Maximal side, High Wire, Grindor and Sureshock watched Big Convoy's single-handed massacre of the Predacon forces in awe.

"It's Big Convoy!" Sureshock exclaimed, looking out through his activated optical magnification lenses, "The Elders must've sent him to help us!"

"Then the tide of this battle has just turned in our favour!" Grindor responded with renewed vigour.

The three Maximals watched a line of explosions rip along the Predacon ranks ahead.

"He's tearing right through them! How does one bot do that?" High Wire wondered aloud. Then he jumped up from their rock cover. "He could do with some back-up! I'm going over there!" he declared eagerly.

"High Wire, maybe we should stay out of the way," Sureshock warned uncertainly, "Big Convoy's…"

But High Wire had transformed into a small hover bike and already taken off.

"…got a reputation for fighting alone."

Predacon body parts littered the path behind Big Convoy. The mammoth Maximal General was being fired upon by some remaining resistive Predacons. Reattaching his large canon onto his back, Big Convoy bent down and dug his fingers into the ground. With a mighty upheaval, he tore a sizable chunk of the rock ground up and lifted it above his head in an incredible display of strength. The Predacons stopped firing and scrambled as the boulder-sized chunk of rock was thrown in their direction.

Suddenly, a large attacker seized Big Convoy from behind. He locked his arms around the Maximal General, strong enough to hold him in place. Big Convoy threw his head back and smashed it into the face of his unseen attacker. The attacker snarled in rage and pain, releasing his grip on Big Convoy. Flipping out his white tongfa battle sticks from both his arms, Big Convoy spun round and slammed them both simultaneously across his attacker's head with concussive force. The large-framed attacker was sent crashing through the ground. Big Convoy's gold optics narrowed at his downed opponent. He recognised him.

"Black Shadow, you were better off staying hidden away from Cybertron," he tonelessly stated, "Now you'll have to answer to the Council."

Big Convoy slowly advanced toward the red, white and black Predacon Black Shadow. Black Shadow edged back cautiously along the ground from the approaching Maximal General.

"The legendary Big Convoy," Black Shadow appealingly acknowledged, "It would seem your 'One-Bot Army' reputation is well earned."

Two guns slid discreetly down Black Shadow's back toward his arms as he talked.

"It's an honour to meet such a distinguished warrior in the metal..."

Suddenly, two long grey guns snapped into Black Shadow's hands and he fired them. Reacting instantaneously, Big Convoy brought up his thickly armoured arms to shield himself. He took the force of several laser blasts as Black Shadow fired continuously at him.

The young Maximal High Wire arrived in hover bike mode to see Big Convoy and Black Shadow engaged in combat. He transformed back into robot mode and ran toward them.

Activating his thigh-mounted jet thrusters, Big Convoy took to the air above Black Shadow, rising out of his opponent's firing line. He positioned his legs apart in the air and fired two red anchor-shaped cutter missiles from the sides of his lower legs. The curved blades of the anchor-shaped projectiles whistled through the air and sliced cleanly through Black Shadow's two long guns. Black Shadow dropped the useless handles of his guns in shock. Big Convoy lowered himself back down to the ground and pulled out his large canon from his back. He aimed it at Black Shadow.

"This fight is over. Surrender, Black Shadow," Big Convoy warningly ordered.

Black Shadow's red optics lowered to a stray gun lying near to his side. He looked back up at Big Convoy opposite him with his canon. Gradually, Black Shadow raised his arms up and slowly dropped to his knees in apparent defeat. Then, without warning, he lunged for the stray gun beside him.

High Wire leapt into the scene then. He threw himself after the lying gun that the much larger Black Shadow was reaching for, attempting to take the weapon out of his reach.

"Get out of the way!" Big Convoy yelled at the young Maximal.

But in a short struggle, Black Shadow overpowered the smaller and weaker High Wire, wrenching the gun out of his grasp and turning him round to face Big Convoy. He held the gun to the young Maximal's head.

"Back off, Big Convoy!" Black Shadow demanded, "Or I'll blow this useless Maximal runt's head off!"

Big Convoy slowly lowered his canon, studying the hostage situation in front of him in frustration.

"Don't be a coward, Black Shadow! Lose the kid and fight me one-on-one!"

Black Shadow grinned maliciously.

"I have a better idea. Let's play a game. CATCH!"

Black Shadow suddenly pushed his young Maximal hostage away and over the edge of a nearby cliff. High Wire cried out as he fell. Big Convoy reacted instantly. He dropped his canon to the ground and jumped over the cliff after him. In mid-descent, he caught High Wire in the air and activated his thigh-mounted jet thrusters. He flew back up to the top of the cliff and landed quickly.

Dropping his rescued young hostage to his feet impatiently, Big Convoy immediately scanned his surroundings frantically for Black Shadow. He was nowhere to be seen. Gone. Big Convoy's hands curled into shaking fists by his sides.

High Wire approached his saviour.

"Thank you for saving me, sir."

Big Convoy spun round to face him with a terrible anger flaring in his gold optics. High Wire shrank back in fear.

"Do you realise what you've just cost me and the Maximal forces?" Big Convoy thundered at the young Maximal, "A dangerous Predacon criminal has just escaped because of you!"

"I…I'm sorry, sir," High Wire whimpered.

Realising that he was scaring the young Maximal, Big Convoy forced his anger back down. With darkened optics, he shook his head and sighed heavily. Then he turned around, picked up his canon from the ground and took off into the air.

A confused and shuddering High Wire was left standing alone amongst the battlefield ruins.

[The present, aboard the Maximal warp vessel the 'Gung-Ho'.]

I overhear the recruits talking about me again as I walk past the recreation quarters.

"Big Convoy's always so solitary."

Break is complaining again.

"He hates working with us!"

"What did you expect? He's not called 'The One-Bot Army' for nothing!"

That was Cohrada responding.

"He's got a well known anti-social attitude. Always fought battles on his own."

Even the 'best student', Longrack, is contributing.

"We're just burdens on him then."


"It can't be helped. We were assigned to him. He's our instructor now whether we like it or not. We're as much stuck with him as he is with us now."


They are having trouble accepting me. Not surprising. I didn't expect them to like me. Can't say I feel much for them either.