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Ok, I took the Masquerade idea from a fic called His and Her Broken Bones. It's by NerdySkeleton. It's really good btw. =) But I'm not stealing anything from it, just the Masquerade part! =)

Oh and minor Dark Days spoilers: Skulduggery's human cause of the façade tattoo. *End of spoilers* And Valkyrie is in her 20s… let's say 22 =)

Skulduggery Pleasant lay on the bed, watching his naked girlfriend get up and put on the shirt he had been wearing the night before. Ever since they started lovemaking, Valkyrie had taken to wearing his clothes. And, admittedly, he liked seeing her in his clothes. "I want to see your dress for the Masquerade," he whined.

"No," Valkyrie bit her bottom lip to stop the evil smirk.

"Please?" Skulduggery pouted, his green eyes wide and pleading in the perfect puppy-dog expression.

Valkyrie sighed and turned around to face her lover. "It's black."

"And?" His eyes lit up hopefully. "How long?"

"Floor length. Sorry," she grinned at his disappointed expression, and added: "But the neckline is lower than what I usually wear,"

"How low?" his gaze roamed up and down her body, making her shiver.

"Right here." She pointed to a spot slightly below her breasts.

Skulduggery groaned. "You are so trying to kill me,"

"Too bad, Detective." She smirked. "I don't think the Sanctuary needs to know how dirty you are."

"Oh I'm dirty? What about you?" he accused.

"I picked it up from a certain skeleton detective…" She murmured, lying down next to Skulduggery. He cupped her face in his hand and kissed her.

"I'm guessing that you're either going to punch Crux in the face and get kicked out, or we're going to make out somewhere," Valkyrie said. "So I'm not going to put on lip gloss,"

"Good idea," Skulduggery agreed.

Valkyrie entered the Sanctuary's dance hall with Tanith and Ghastly. She wished that Skulduggery could be here, but he had to finish off a minor case they'd been working on. All that was really left to do was the paperwork, and he was just handing it in before joining Valkyrie at the Masquerade.

Valkyrie's mask was black, outlinedlined with silver, and it covered just her eyes. There were some black feathers on one side, giving it a touch of decoration, yet keeping it simple and elegant at the same time. (Valkyrie's mask [its black and silver instead of white]: http: / www. polyvore. com/ cgi/ img-thing?. out= jpg& size= l&tid= 10092814).

Tanith and Ghastly went onto the dance floor. Valkyrie wandered around the edges of it, watching the dancers and waiting for Skulduggery. Suddenly a man took her hand and dragged her onto the dance floor. Valkyrie was about to ask his name, when she recognized the weak chin and goatee as Remus Crux.

"And why does this beautiful lady not have a date?" Crux said, in what he thought was an attractive and flirtatious voice.

Valkyrie raised her eyebrows in surprise; he obviously didn't recognize her.

"Have we met? No, we obviously haven't, or I would remember a face as pretty as yours."

"Let go of me," Valkyrie hissed.

"Oh, you want to play hard-to-catch?" Crux actually thought that she was interested in him. She resisted the urge to slap him really hard.

"Detective Crux, this young woman is my girlfriend. Now get your hands off her," A smooth, familiar voice sounded behind Valkyrie's shoulder. She breathed a sigh of relief as she recognized it to be Skulduggery. His voice was dangerously calm, and Crux was terrified.

"Sorry," he squeaked. Valkyrie wrenched her hand from his and he scurried off into the crowds. She tried to hide her amusement; Skulduggery could be very scary when he wanted to.

"You okay?" Skulduggery's voice held nothing but concern.

"This is what happens when you turn up late. I have to dance with morons like Crux," she muttered.

"I'm sorry, love," he bent and touched his nose to hers gently. She sighed and smiled, letting him know that he was forgiven.

"I can never stay mad at you."

"And why's that?" his confident smirk was sexy, and it made her heart beat fast.

"Cause you are such a romantic when you want to be," She said, starting to dance with him. A slow song began, and they swayed together rhythmically. Her head rested on his shoulder, and his cheek was pressed against her dark hair.

"I like your mask," She told him quietly. Like hers, it was black and silver. But instead of a silver lining, his had a silver pattern across the black surface. (Skulduggery's mask [just imagine the right colors]: http:/ www. venicemaskedball. co. uk/ ekmps/ shops/ maskedball/ images/ dscf6273. Jpg)

He loosened their embrace to look at her. "I love your dress," he replied, gesturing at the black gothic styled gown she wore.

She blushed as she noticed that his gaze was fixed on the revealing neckline. "You're beautiful," he breathed, gently caressing her flushed cheek with the back of one bent finger. Valkyrie's heart fluttered madly as her lover's lips touched hers. It was wonderful; hardly anyone recognized them with their masks on, so they could love each other in public.

Then she heard an excited squeal, followed by giggles. She broke off from the kiss to glare the retreating form of Tanith Low. "Like she doesn't do the same thing with Ghastly," Valkyrie muttered. "I'll bet she's going to get Fletcher or someone like that to stare at us now,"

"Let's go somewhere more private," Skulduggery suggested quietly, taking Valkyrie's hand. They slipped unnoticed through the crowds gathered around the dance floor, and into a quiet corner.

Skulduggery's lips attacked hers with passion, his hands gripping her hips tightly. She was responding with the same ferocity as she kissed her lover again and again. She felt Skulduggery push her up against a wall and her hands slid up from his jaw, twisting tightly into his hair.

His lips moved down her throat, and she arched her neck, letting him kiss the exposed skin. Then his lips found their way back to her mouth, and they claimed hers once again. She ran her tongue along his bottom lip, making him moan lightly in pleasure and kiss her with even more force.

It felt so good, so right, and she never wanted it to stop.

But it had to, before they ended up making love on this floor.

She pushed against his chest, gasping for breath. "We have to stop."

"Why?" he kissed his way down her jaw.

"Or we're going to be naked really soon," she managed to gasp, trying to ignore how good his lips felt.

Hearing her words, they stopped abruptly. "Hmm, good point. How about we take this home?"

"Perfect," she smiled coyly. Taking his hand, they ran out of the Sanctuary's dance hall and into the waiting Bentley.

They didn't make it very far before two naked bodies were entwined in a lover's embrace in the backseat.

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