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Kakerareru Koto
Able to Fly

"Hey, Kanade."

Yuzuru tilted his head upwards, to the sea of stars in the summer sky. Beside him was Kanade, and beyond the cliff they stood on was the city in its bright lights.

"Hm, Yuzuru?"

"Sorry it took me so long to find you."

"It's okay. I didn't try so hard, either."

"It doesn't matter anymore, though." Yuzuri brought his gaze down to Kanade, her face and eyes brilliantly lit by the stars. "We're together now. And I'd rather cherish you tonight than worry about having you tomorrow."

Kanade nodded silently, and stepped into Yuzuru's embrace.

Yuzuru cradled Kanade's head in his hand. "Don't leave me again, okay?"

"I'm sorry," came Kanade's muffled voice. "I'm sorry, Yuzuru."

Yuzuru kneeled onto the hard soil and rested his chin on Kanade's shoulder. "It's okay, Kanade. We'll be okay from now on. I love you."

He felt Kanade's fingers grip his woolen sweater from behind. "I love you, Yuzuru," she said with a choked voice. "I love you."