Stefan began to breathe; slowly, his heart began to beat again. He took deep breaths. It was quite peaceful, lying there on his back on cool tiles. His chest hurt where the bullet had hit him.

The bullet. The sniper. Faustino. Myishi. The Supernaturalists. Cosmo, Mona, and Ditto. The Supernaturalists!

Stefan sat up quickly, and regretted it. He was hit with such a dizzying spell that he almost fell backwards.

"Whoa, slow down there buddy." came a voice from behind him that sounded a lot like Ditto.

"Ditto?" Stefan breathed

"Ditto? Who the hell is Ditto?"

Stefan turned around slowly and came face to face with a Bartoli Baby. He was utterly confused. This man looked so much like Ditto, but it couldn't be.

"Who are you?" Stefan asked.

"My name is Ryan and I just saved your life."

"Huh?" Stefan replied.

"Well, that blast was too much for your body. You were legally dead for about 10 minutes. Lucky for you, I was hiding in the shadows and when everyone left I healed you." Ryan explained.

"Wait," Stefan said trying to sit up, "I thought Bartoli Babies could only heal small wounds?"

"Well, yes, but I've been building up my strength."

Stefan nodded his head. He wasn't sure if he was ready to take all this in. Sure he was glad to be alive, but could this Bartoli Baby really have healed him? Stefan stood up and the world started spinning.

"Whoa there buddy, slow down," Ryan said, struggling to hold Stefan up, "you've been dead for the past 10 minutes. Let the feeling of being alive set in a little bit longer."

Stefan nodded; that's all he could've done. After he felt a little better, he walked around the room. It was completely ruined. The blast had done its job. The question was, was Myishi really over? Or is it somehow surviving without its headquarters? Hopefully Myishi was gone and the world was safe. However, from previous experiences, Stefan had learned that not everything can be just peachy all the time. Something had to be wrong. Dreading the answer, Stefan asked Ryan what Myishi was doing now.

Ryan hesitated, "Well, I'm pretty sure that they have built another headquarters in space. They're operating from there now."

Stefan cursed, "Great, just great. So, how am I gonna stop them if they're in space!"

"Wait, what! You're gonna go after them again!"

Stefan didn't reply. He knew that Ryan could understand how he was feeling and what he was going to do. Stefan walked to the window and looked out over the city. It was completely deserted. Almost all the houses were destroyed and no one was walking around, except for one person.

Stefan watched the boy walk down the street, than turn the corner, and head for the warehouse on Abracadabra street. Stefan freezes. The man walks up the steps and walks through the door.

'Who was that? And why did he just walk into the warehouse?' Stefan wondered. After staring at the warehouse for what seemed like hours, he saw the boy come out followed by a young girl. That's when it hit him, it was Cosmo and Monica. He smiled and watched them stand outside. Ditto came out shortly. They all talked, or might have yelled, Stefan couldn't tell which, and then went separate ways. Well, Ditto walked one way and Cosmo and Monica walked a different way. Stefan wished he could go talk to them, tell them he was still alive, but he didn't know how to find them after he left. This didn't seem to bother him though. He got up, walked to the door, and headed out the door, leaving a confused and hurt Bartoli Baby alone.

Walking out into the city, all Stefan could think about was what his friends would say when they saw him alive and well. The only problem was which way did they go?

*The rest of the story is still a work in progress. Tell me what you think of it so far!*