Author's Note: I just finished reading The Handmaid's Tale. I adore Margaret Atwood, she writes the most interesting dystopia novels. Anyways, the first stanza of this poem popped into my head, so I had to write it down.

"Offred's Nightmare"

The thick, stale air is murderous.
She sits, beautifully smug,
gray and shriveled- the Wife.
Greedy weed, she's everywhere.

It's all so tedious, monotonous.
Don't let them drag me
down and devour me!
Where is my voice?
I am calm, I am calm.

How brutally effective it is.
Look! Watch us scuttle about,
down the street in crimson twos,
how thin is our trust!

It is a priceless shipwreck.
It is an endless purgatory.
This is a poor business!
May Day, May Day, resist;
rattle the bars and shake the cage.

Faker with the two faces.
Faker with black and white lies!
A facade, it is your only way out.
There is nothing between us.

Everything has happened.
Bitter Eye, full of Hate,
Hate, Hate, weaving webs of it,
engulfed, drowning with it.
I am not a smile.