Ok this thought popped into my head today so started writing quickly. Just a quick intro into a possible multi-chapter story.

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The sunlight flooded the room as she opened her eyes slowly, for fear opening them too fast would increase the pounding in her head any further. From her vantage point on the bed, she could see the damage caused to the room. Chairs were overturned and there were empty beer bottles strewn across the table and floor, making a perfect Hansel and Gretel like breadcrumb path to her side of the bed. Groaning she rolled over away from the punishing light, only to come in contact with a solid body.

Stretching up on one arm she leaned over to see who was beside her, even though she already knew from the tell-tale tattoo's adorning his arms. Cal Lightman lay beside her, dozing peacefully with a small smile playing on his lips. It was a beautiful sight, although she suspected he wouldn't like beautiful and Cal to be in the same sentence.

What the hell happened here? Gillian thought. Whenever she had thought about ending up in bed with Cal, and she had thought about it a lot, it always involved candles, romance, and definitely her remembering what happened. She searched her brain trying to remember what happened the night before, but came up blank.

She had met him at the roulette table, a small argument followed after he won $2 million, Ben had found them and taken them to a nice bar, and then...blank. There was drinking, that much she remembered, lots and lots of drinking! Cal shifted in his sleep and Gillian stilled beside him, not wanting to wake him up. When he relaxed again Gillian resumed her attempt at remembering how she ended up in bed with her best friend.

A quick glance down told her she wasn't wearing any clothes and she was too afraid to check Cal's state of undress. Bringing her gaze back to Cal, she absentmindedly stretched her hand forward to brush some hair back from his face. It wasn't until then that she noticed the new piece of jewellery on her hand.

A small gold band decorated a very important finger on her left hand, a finger that had been bare since her divorce some months ago. She felt the air leave her lungs as she gasped, waking Cal in the process. His eyes shot open, a direct contrast to her slow awakening.

"Good morning, luv." The smile on his face made it clear he was not as shocked to wake up together as she was. He smiled slipped as he noticed her left hand still held up, showing off her new accessory. Pulling his own hand from behind his head he put his palm against hers, showing off a matching gold ring.

"Oh god Cal...did we get married last night?" Cal used his index finger to trace the outline of her ring as he replied.

"I think we did luv, I think we did."

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