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The light bounced into his eyes causing him to blink awake. There was a cool breeze at his back, but a soft comforting heat at his front. This was most likely due to the woman, who was sleeping quietly in his arms, or the fact that this woman had managed to steal every inch of blanket, leaving his back exposed to the elements.

He couldn't decide which he liked more: waking up to the smell of Gillian's cooking or just waking up with her in his arms. At this moment he knew which one was winning. She stirred in his arms, the light having moved from his face to nudge her from her slumber. He bent forward nuzzling her neck to wake her up further.

"mmmmm...Morning Cal." Her soft, sleep tinged voice called to him, causing him to smile into her hair. He pressed a kiss against her cheek and whispered into her ear.

"Time to get up." Her groan reverberated through her entire body as she snuggled deeper into the ever increasing amount of blanket she had.

"Five more minutes?" He laughed at her childish response.

"Alright, guess we'll get married some other day."

"We're already married." Despite her further arguments she began to detangle herself from the blankets, oblivious to the lack of covering she had left her husband with. "But I am much too afraid to face the wrath our 16 year old wedding planner."

The couple collapsed in giggles, all the while trying to find the energy to get out of their cosy bed. Once the laughter had subsided, Cal found Gillian tucked into his side, and her head resting on his chest. She turned to gaze lovingly at him and he couldn't resist moving forward until their lips met in a soft, sweet 'Good Morning' kiss. He could feel her lips curving into a smile as she pressed herself against him fully. A banging at the bedroom door had them jumping apart.

"GET UP! We don't have time to lie in bed all day!" Emily yelled through the door before stomping off downstairs. Cal and Gillian both rolled their eyes as they hopped out of the bed.

"You want to shower first or will I?" His innocent question was met with a devilish smirk.

"I think we're on a tight schedule today. We should probably share." She strutted past him to the bathroom and he said a silent thank you to whoever brought this amazing woman into his life before following her to the shower.


Emily stood in the kitchen with two plates of pancakes in her hand. She ushered her father and Gillian into seats at the table and placed their breakfast in front of them, urging them to eat quickly.

"Emily we don't have to be at the courthouse until 12." Gillian protested before tasting the sweet pancakes and moaning as the syrup made contact with her tongue. Cal blushed at her response to the food, memories of their morning shower now filling his mind. Clearing his throat he began to eat earnestly, hoping Emily didn't spot how bothered he had become. There was no point trying to hide it from Gillian, judging by her grin she knew the exact effect she had on him.

"So we're meeting Torres, Loker and Reynolds there. Are you sure you don't want more people there? What about your parents Gillian?" Gillian shook her head at the young girl's question.

"After my father's drunken performance at my first wedding, I don't think so." Emily seemed unsure, but let the subject drop anyway. They were allowed to finish their breakfast in silence and as soon as Cal had his last bite the plate was whipped away from in front of him. The same occurred when Gillian finished and soon they found themselves being shepherded out of the house and to the car.

"Let's get ourselves married...again." Cal laughed at Gillian as he started the car and pulled out of the drive.


They entered the courthouse as a trio but the minute Emily spotted Ben and Eli she took off, leaving the two adults strolling behind in her wake. Cal took this opportunity to wrap an arm around Gillian and pull her closer, loving the feel of her against him.

They eventually caught up with the others just as Ria rounded a corner up ahead. She was holding some item of clothing in plastic wrapping; it looked like she had just picked up her dry cleaning. She handed the item over to Gillian who thanked her and turned to face Cal.

"What? You didn't think I was getting married in this, did you?" At her question she pointed to her outfit. Cal's confused gaze met hers, her eyes dancing with merriment.

"I think you look beautiful in that." If possible, Gillian's grin widened as she leant in to give him a chaste kiss, whispering against his lips.

"Well then wait till you see me in this." With that she turned on her heel and strolled to the nearest bathroom to change, Emily and Ria accompanying her. That left Cal alone with the two other men, no-one knowing what to say, until Eli finally spoke up.

"Want to sit in on a case and spot the perjurers?"

"Sounds like fun, let's go."


Gillian changed into her dress in what felt like the smallest bathroom stall ever. Finally having negotiated the dress over her hips, she exited the stall to the sound of 'Awwwwwwww' from her step-daughter and employee.

She stared at herself in the mirror, glad Emily had nagged her into buy this dress. It was a cream knee length dress, tight bodice but with a flowing skirt that billowed out as she moved. Cal had told her recently how much he loved her curves so he should love this dress. Ria helped with the finishing touches to Gillian's make-up. When they were nearly finished Emily left to find the boys.

"You nervous?" Ria asked as she began putting away the make-up.

"Surprisingly, no. I feel really excited. Is that silly?" Ria shook her head no as she answered.

"Of course that's not silly. And this time you'll be sober." Gillian dropped the lipstick she had been holding and watched as it rolled towards the base of the sink. Ria smiled, glad she had caught her boss by surprise. "Did you really expect Ben to be able to keep that secret?"

"How long have you known?"

"Since the first day you came back. There was fear when you kissed Lightman in his office. Didn't take long to get the truth from Ben."

"Why didn't you say anything?" Ria chuckled as she bent to pick up the discarded lipstick and put it in Gillian's bag.

"Look where we are now. Do you think you and Lightman would be here if you weren't forced to pretend and confront your feelings?" Gillian smiled at the young woman and prayed to keep the tears at bay, they didn't have enough time to reapply mascara. She reached out and touched Ria's arm.

"Thank you, Ria." Emily skipped back into the room announcing the judge was ready to see them now. The three of them exited the bathroom and made their way to Judge Carlson's chambers. A few years ago they had helped the Judge with a problem he was having. He kept receiving death threats and due to the volume of cases he had, it could have been anyone. Enter Cal Lightman and his deception detection experts and Carlson owed them a favour.

Ria pushed the door open and Emily followed her in, Gillian bringing up the rear. As she stepped into the room she was hit with the contrast of this office to the Vegas wedding chapel. No rows of seats, no flowers on the seats, no white arch, and thankfully no-one was dressed as Elvis.

Cal turned as he heard the door open and she saw his breath catch in his throat at the sight of her in the dress. She smiled at his reaction and moved to take her place beside him. He reached out a hand to clasp hers as Judge Carlson to speak.

The words barely registered with the couple as they continued to gaze at each other, matching grins adorning their faces. Their attention was brought back to the present as the Judge announced they were man and wife...again. Both leaned forward, lips coming together in a kiss that sealed them together for the rest of their lives.

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