Chapter 5: Rescued

That night,

James and Lily were woken up by soft whimpers which were getting louder. They ran to the guest room in which their son was staying in. Because of the fact Lily was pregnant, James got there first to see Harry tossing and turning in bed.

"No. Padfoot. Don't go after him. I need you. I can't… Don't let Dumbledore leave me there. Please. Tell Dumbledore!" Harry whimpered as tears came down "Why can't you understand me? Don't give me to Hagrid. He'll take me to the Dursleys! I want to stay with you. I want to grow up to be a wizard. NO!"

"Harry." James said gently. "Harry wake up."

Harry's eyes opened. Upon feeling the tears on his cheeks he quickly sat up.

"Please don't tell me I was talking in my sleep again." Harry begged.

"You were." James confirmed. "It was only a nightmare though."

"Yeah." Harry reluctantly agreed though not meaning it as he leaned into his father's embrace "Just a nightmare."

The parents exchanged a look. The way Harry said it said otherwise. Besides… how else would Harry know the Dursleys?


Two months later,

Harry and Ginny were at St. Mungos under the identity of being James' 6th cousin. Harry couldn't help but to laugh at his pacing father. It was 11: 30 at night

"It's not funny!" James said. "it's not YOUR son being born."

"You forget, dear COUSIN, who I am." Harry said.

"That's right." Sirius said. "Technically, you should be the one pacing as it's you being born."

"I know what happens!" Harry argued "It's a boy, you name him Harry, and 16 years later, he'll date his best friend's sister!"

Suddenly, the door flew open from another ward

"IT'S A BOY!" Frank Longbottom said. "We're naming him Neville."

"I gotta see this." Harry said.

He and Ginny left the Marauders.

"He must be a friend of Neville's." Remus mused.

After seeing their newborn friend, they returned.

"Where's Wormtail?" Ginny asked.

"No doubt at another Munchers Anonymous meeting." Harry grumbled under his breath. He met Wormtail a week after his nightmare and he had to use all of his power to act normal around him.

"Mr. Potter." A healer said.

"Yes?" James asked as Harry looked up.

"Come meet your son."

The gang walked in to see Lily holding a bundle of blankets.

"I don't think we need to fight on a name." Lily said looking at the older self of the baby in her arms.

"Nope." James said as he took his newborn son. "Harry? What's your full name?"

"Harry James Potter." Harry answered.

"Perfect." Lily said.

James then handed the newborn to the older self.

"This is so weird." Harry said as he caressed the soft pink skin. He then pushed a tuft of black hair from the forehead and smiled at the lack of the famous scar.

"Don't worry about the future, Harry." He whispered to himself (literally). "it'll work out in the end. And before you know it, you'll be snogging your best friend's sister in a broom closet."


"Come in." James called

The door opened and Albus Dumbledore came in with McGonagall and a few people in Order Cloaks with the hoods up.

"Wotcher Harry." One said.

"Tonks?" Harry and Ginny asked with a smile.

At first, Sirius thought they meant his cousin or her husband. When the Order member removed the hood,

"Nymphadora?" Sirius asked.

Her hair turned bright orange.

"DON'T call me that." She said threatenly.

"Tonks." Harry warned. "You're scaring me"

She turned and saw the whimpering baby in Harry's arms.

"That's GOTTA be weird." Another familiar voice said under another cloak.

Harry gave himself back to his mother and then ran to the speaker and embraced him.

"You're here!" Harry cried out with pure joy.

"Did you think I'd sit at Headquarters' twiddling my thumbs?" the person asked. "When Moony remembered what happened 16 years ago… we did some research and found a way."

Then the person removed his hood.

"Sweet Merlin's Pants!" Younger Sirius swore. "What happened to you…er…me?"

"Don't tell him." Another voice said. This was female

"I'm dead aren't I?" Harry asked the cloaked figure who was closest to his height.

"You have no idea." The girl said removing her hood as the boy next to her did the same.

"Merlin! I missed you guys!" Harry said hugging Ron and Hermione.

"We missed you too Mate." Ron said "I can't believe you time traveled without me…AGAIN!"

"For the record, this one was completely accidental and the last time, you had a busted leg and we had a rescue mission to go on."

"How in the world can you ACCIDENTALLY time travel?" Hermione asked

"I keep a few extra time turners hidden away in some cupboards at the school." Another cloaked figure said removing his own hood to reveal an older Dumbledore.

"Great. There's two of them." Younger Sirius said sarcastically

"Look at it this way." Older Sirius said. "There's two of US."

"Wanna go reek havoc?"

"I thought you'd never…"

"Don't you even THINK it." Both Remus' and Lily started.

"What were you doing with my sister in a cupboard?" Ron asked.

"Er…wasn't I cute baby?" Harry asked changing the subject as he pointed to his younger self.

"We know YOU were." Ginny said to her brother.

After a while.

"It's time for us to go." Older Dumbledore said.

"Thanks for everything." Harry said to his parents and guardians. "I hope I won't cause you too much trouble."

"Harry." James said. "We love you in both forms. Enough to die for you. You should know that by now."

"You have no idea." Harry said fighting back tears as he hugged his dad. "Just know that… whatever happens… whenever it'll happen… if I don't get the chance for some reason to tell you… I'm PROUD to be your son."

He then turned to his mother. James took the baby so that Older Harry could hug her without squishing himself.

"Thank you for everything." Harry whispered. "I love you so and Dad so much."

Lily returned the hug as she put two and two together. She and James must die at some point in Harry's childhood. Why else would they be missing from collecting Harry and his girlfriend?

"I don't know when it'll happen." She whispered. "but… be good for your godfather and Remus."

"Please don't tell." Harry said.

"I won't." she promised. "I love you."

Harry then released her and turned to the younger Marauders.

"Saying goodbye's pretty pointless" Harry said. "I guess this is more like 'see you later'"

"You just behave yourself." Remus said.

"Moony…Moony… Moony." Sirius said. "This is Prongs Jr. we're talking about."

"Just keep in mind," Harry said. "that WHATEVER happens, you can tell me. Sirius… I can't say much. Hermione'll have my head if I did. But what happens… it may seem hopeless at first, but I'll eventually believe you. Remus… NOTHING is your fault. There was a reason things turned out the way they will. Much as we hate it."

He then turned a glare at Dumbledore and knowing the headmasters were using legimency, projected Dursleys and the damned blood ward keeping Moony away.

"C'mon Kiddo." Older Sirius said. "Time to go."

"Did you get rid of the banshee?" Harry asked.

"I wish." His godfather said. "I can't even seem to get rid of the damned elf."

"Maybe you should grant his wish." Harry suggested.

"HARRY!" Hermione scolded.

"Don't you think he has the RIGHT to DECIDE if he wants to be with his mother?" Harry asked. "What's spew all about then?"

"it's not spew." Hermione said.

But Ron, Harry, and Ginny were already laughing as they gathered around the portkey.

"Hey." Ron realized. "You never did say what you and my sister were doing in a cupboard."

Then, with a flash, they were gone.

"That was weird." The Marauders said.

Lily looked at her son.

"You will one day grow into a wonderful young man, Harry James Potter." Lily said

The End.