Sonic X –

It was a beautiful day in station square and at the home of Christopher Thorndike Sonic and his friends were relaxing in the living room Cream the rabbit was watching her favourite TV show while Chris and Tails were reading magazines Sonic on the other hand was nearly half a sleep.

Amy was in the kitchen with Ella making cookies with a new recipe both Ella and Amy had come up with. It had been really quite lately with no attacks from Eggman who was always trying to take over the world it had been like this for two months now however Sonic knew he was taking time off to up with another scheme.

After a couple of hours Amy and Ella both walk through the living doors holding freshly baked cookies ready to serve to the rest of them as they walked through the doors a firmilay laugh came through the open window the laugh belonged to Bokun who works for Eggman.

"Ha Ha Ha hey long time no see I got a message for ya but guess what it's not for you Sonic" Sonic however just looked at him and said "who's it for" and as Amy walked in Bokun turned to Amy and said " it's for Amy this time" Sonic looked quite shocked at this and so did Amy.

As Bokun Switched the small portable tv on he had Eggman had appeared on the screen and everybody crowded round to see " Ha Ha Ha well well this is different Amy I have some one here who'd love to talk to you just now" as he said that he moved out the way to reveal the person behind him it was a red hedgehog wearing a black cloak and he had scar on the top of his left eye he looked pretty evil as he had a smirk on his face as Amy saw him she looked terrified Sonic noticed this .

I've named this story sonic x till I think of a better one hope you liked my first chapter xxx