Epilogue -The frycook that came from all that space

'…but then Zim's being a pain about the redecorating, he wants to keep the living room in those colors and that horrible, horrible couch, but then, try to get GIR out of it long enough to throw it out. Not that I'd want to risk it, he'd probably murder me in my sleep. Anyway, classes started two days ago and already I'm drowning in homework, it's actually challenging for once! Zim's plans of our own particle collider are coming along great, but we've been arguing about the details, like always. And what about you?'

'The usual,' she shrugged, even though Dib couldn't see her through her speak only communicator. 'We still don't have a permanent posting, and we're making milk runs all over the galaxy. Skoodge has been hinting at giving Captain Taty command of one of the fleet's main ships.'

'Any word from Miik?'

'No, not that I know of. The Captain is feeling better, though, if you consider snappish and easily angered better than plain mopey and sad. I think she's going to take the command, just to get busy. It's going to be a shame to leave the Squeaky, but it's just not the same anymore.'

'What about you? You're going to follow her?'

'Of course, she's my Captain!' squeaked Kinn with indignation. 'Blo and Bass too, although Bass is probably doing it so he can get his claws on more firepower. We're not leaving her, not when she's angry and even less if she gets command of a warship. But I think she'll be okay, she's strong, my Captain.'

'I don't doubt it. So, what's up in your life? Any words from the Vortian?'

'Weeeeeeeeell…' she trailed off. 'I'm kinda on Foodcourtia right now? On a date… He's supposed to pick me up…'

'And you let me rant for half an hour?'

'Oh, I got so nervous that I arrived two hours early! Your call was a welcome distraction!'

Right at that moment, she spotted a pair of familiar horns above the crowd.

'Dib, gotta go, he's there!' she squeaked.

'Go get him! Have fun!'


She shut the communicator off and started waving to get his attention. Soon, 777 appeared in front of her, a big smile lighting his beady black eyes.

'My dear lady Kinn!' he beamed. 'It's such a joy to see you again!'

'Aaaaw, Seven, you're too sweet!' she giggled.

'Never sweet enough for you, my dear. Shall we?' he asked, holding out his arm.

She took it, and together they found the fast food joint they wanted to try out. Shloogorgh's Flavor Monster had tripled in size since the restructuration, to accommodate for the growing number of customers. There was an impressive line-up, going on for miles. 777 and Kinn marched right up to the door, were a security Irken just let them through. Inside, it was completely crazy. Mothers with hordes or crying babies, acne ridden teenagers from all species, gelatinous looking aliens leaving a damp trail wherever they went, transparent beings digesting their food in front of everyone, children initiating food fights.

A huge figure cut through the crowd to greet them.

'So, how do you like the new look?' asked Sizz-Lor with pride.

'It is rather impressive, what you managed with the restaurant,' admitted 777. 'It is way bigger than before.'

'Yeah, had no choice, people came from every corner of the empire to eat here. Business has been incredible!'

'Ooooh can we go? Can we order?' squealed Kinn, excitedly.

'After you, my lady,' said 777.

Sizz-Lor parted them a way through the crowd and she pranced happily to the counter. She waved at the lone Irken tending the cash register. Former Tallest Red glared at her from under the huge and ugly Shloogorgh's hat.

'You can't ask me to serve them?' growled Red at Sizz-Lor. 'They were part of the rebellion who took away our power!'

Sizz-Lor only stared back, unimpressed. Red sighed and came back to Kinn.

'What are you ordering today, miss?' he grumbled. 'May I suggest a Shloogorgh's special? It's specially Schloogorghious today!'

Kinn giggled and started reading the menu. Behind her, people started getting impatient, babies cried louder, teenagers started shouting, Red started stressing out. From the kitchen, came a whine:

'Reeeeeed! What's the next order? Do I have to start another batch of fries?'

'Is that former Tallest Purple in the kitchen?' asked 777 to Sizz-Lor.

'Oh yeah. And if you're wondering about table-headed service drone Bob, former Tiniest, he's busy cleaning the bathrooms. We haven't seen him in four days.'

'I'm surprised those three haven't been executed,' admitted 777.

'Skoodge was against the notion. It was Zim who came with the idea of sending them here. Said that there were fates worse than death,' chuckled the fry-lord.

777 observed the crowd of stressed, impatient, loud, ungrateful and cheap customers lining up and had to admit that, indeed, there were fates worse than death. At the counter, Kinn was innocently analyzing every single item of the list before former Tallest Red's rising temper.

'…but then, there's a lot of sodium in fries, right? Sodium is bad, so maybe not. But curly fries are so delicious, and I've been craving them for months! Or maybe a salad, I should take a salad, I don't want to get fat. But then again, fries. Are the fries fried? I really have to watch my weight…'

Indeed, worse than death.



People, this is the result of more than four years of planing, writing and procrastination. Mostly procrastination. But it is DONE. LA-DI-DONE.

I'd like to thank my sister, The Pink Terror, for helping with the initial brainstorming and planifcation. I want to thank my friend Phi for listening to my ramblings even though she never watched a single Invader Zim episode.

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