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"Nowadays, my heart is telling me that

You build dreams,

You live a little.

You are granted permission as well,

Fall in love…"

-An approximate translation on 'In dino' from 'Life in a Metro'


When she was seven and still not a brat, her older brother was her hero. He was the closest example of 'male species' she had in her life (Although now she is not so sure that he qualifies as one.. which guy sleeps with a night light on again?). She watched him read those books that she didn't understand, she watched him do his homework daily on time, she watched him play with their brother, she watched him talk to his friends…. She watched everything he did.

When she was seven, Alex Russo's life revolved around Justin.

And when she was seven, her best friend Harper started crushing on him. It all began one day at the park when Harper fell off the swings, and Justin helped her up, smiling kindly at her. She could always remember that happy grin on Harper's face.

The next day, Harper gathered the courage to talk to him. She grabbed her books and headed to Justin, ready to ask him to help her in her studies. She called his name and he turned to face her, and that's when all her courage left her body.

Alex, who had been watching the entire scene silently, sighed. The problem with Harper was she always chickened out in the end. And it was always up to Alex to help her. So, that's what she did. She introduced Harper to Justin- she made them friends.

Ten years later, when she thought about it, that was probably the biggest mistake she had ever made.

Her phone vibrated below her pillow for the tenth time, and she groaned, rolling over in her bed and turning on her bed-side light, her eyes squinting shut instantly, her right hand aimlessly searching for the phone. When she finally found it and answered the call, she was greeted with the usual "ALEX! Where were you? What were you doing?"

"Uh, sleeping?" she mumbled sleepily, rubbing her eyes with her other hand and glancing at her bedside clock. "That's kind of what people do at 1 at midnight, Harper."

Harper sighed, and then took in a deep breath. "I'm sorry Alex… I just couldn't sleep."

Alex groaned. She had been avoiding this talk for what, a week? Well, ever since Harper started acting all 'in love'. She did care about her best friend, but the last thing she wanted to do was listen to her rant about how great her brother is… it had certain effects.

"Fine. Go ahead. Get it all out." Alex said half-heartedly, taking no effort to stop the yawn from escaping from her mouth.

But Harper paid no heed to that and instantly began talking (if you do not want to use the word 'squealing', sure, go ahead, feel free to call it talking.). "Alex, I think I am, falling in love…"

Alex rolled her eyes. (She already knew that, duh!) "Umm, haven't you been in love with Justin all your life, Harper?" she asked, chuckling.

There was a pause, quite a long pause. Alex's eyes began to drift shut again, her eyelids heavy with sleep, and just when she was about to go back to her dreams-

"It's not Justin. It's Zeke."

And how could she not jerk up in her bed after hearing that? Surprise of the century: Harper is in love with ZEKE, not Justin!

"Zeke?" Alex asked incredulously. So after years of incessant Justin-chasing, which included things as bizarre as making a hair sweater for him, and as creepy as watching him sleep, she finally fell for Zeke? "Really?"

Harper nodded her head on the other end. "Yeah… I really like Zeke."

Alex shook her head, trying to get past the initial shock. "Wow… this is… so… so sudden… I… so, what's the big problem that you can't sleep?"

"I don't know if he likes me or not." Harper replied, her voice all panicky and squeaky.

Alex sighed. Of course she would have to do something about this. "Fine… I will help you…." And a sarcastic snort. "After I get some sleep!"

"Oh, sorry!." Harper sighed apologetically. "Good night Alex."

"Yeah, night." Alex replied non-chalantly, hanging up the call.

She turned out the night light and switched off her cell phone (Knowing Harper, she would probably call in another ten minutes.) And then she drifted off to sleep. (Thinking can wait for tomorrow… when did Alex care about thinking anyway?)

When she was seventeen and a pampered little girl with a heart of gold, she loved to hate her older brother Justin. She teased him at every instant, she made fun of him, she stole his favorite things (and occasionally broke them, but those were accidents- unintentionally intentional accidents), she blackmailed him,she fought with him every day…. In short, she made his life miserable.

When she was seventeen, Alex Russo's life still revolved around Justin.

And when she was seventeen, her best friend started crushing on her brother's best friend. At first, she was happy about it, because her best friend was happy, she had the perfect boyfriend (Zeke had asked her to go 'steady'… yeah, Justin's idea, of course!) and the perfect life, and she even started wearing something other than fruits and fur. Plus, her endless Justin-talk ended too.

At first, Alex Russo was relieved.

One week later, and she finally understood that maybe this wasn't so great after all. Listening (Okay, fine, half-listening) to Harper constantly talking about her perfect love life was …. doing something to her.

To begin with, she was starting to miss her best friend. Harper had never dated, she had always been too occupied (obsessed) with Justin. But now, when Harper finally went out on dates, she felt her best friend drift away. Suddenly, Zeke was the centre of her attention and the topic of all her conversations, and suddenly, their 'best friend time' was decreasing. (Is that how Harper felt when she was dating Dean or Mason?)

At first, Alex Russo thought it was as simple as that.

Two days later, she saw Harper holding hands with Zeke, and that did something to her chest that she had never felt before.

Was she jealous of her best friend?

Pshh… Alex scoffed at her own thought. She had never like Zeke that way, sure, he was nice and sweet and kind of cute, but that was it. She could never be jealous of Harper dating Zeke.

It had to be something else, something totally different….

"So, Harper, do you want to watch a movie this weekend or something?" Alex asked her best friend on the other end of the phone, as she turned the pages of Justin's Captain Jim Bob Sherwood comics, contemplating which page she would spill ink on (Where is the climax? Man, this comic is lamer than she imagined…)

"I can't." Harper replied apologetically, "I have a date with Zeke… he's taking me to out to dinner. Oh, I hear there's a crazy ten minute sale going on. Zeke said he'd take me shopping!"

Alex winced, holding her phone ten inch away from her ear. She never knew her best friend could squeal like that. Did love make everyone fools like that?

"Okay, great, have fun. I will catch you later." Alex replied quickly and hung up.

So, that left her 4 options for her Saturday- spend time by herself, help her parents in their work (pass), help Max with his new cape (pass), go to some science and blah exhibit with Justin (hell no!)

So… yeah.

On Saturday evening, Alex Russo found herself sitting all alone in her room, reading fashion magazines that she had borrowed (fine, stolen- her pick-pocketing skills were really good), texting random people and getting no reply. Yeah, she was bored. But that was not just it.

There was something happening to her heart, some weird aching feeling. And she finally realized, she was feeling lonely. She was feeling lonely when she saw her best friend's fairy tale love story…

Yes, when Alex Russo was seventeen and her best friend started dating her brother's best friend, her heart was finally aching in want of a serious boyfriend; she was finally feeling the urge to fall in love.

She had heard people that that when someone's best friend fell in love, they would instantly get the urge to fall in love as well. Now she understood that those people were right. When she saw how 'in love' Harper was, how she beamed with love all day, how her boyfriend always took care of her all the time, she was finally longing for love as well…

And that's how it all began. It was her best friend's fault.

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