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Rain crashed down from the sky above, streaking like missiles towards the ground where they exploded, a thousand little drops sparking back into the air before coming to rest in puddles on the ground. Lightning reflected in the pools of water as it scoured the roiling black masses above with an instant of brilliance, electricity crackling on the air as it faded a moment later, sparks guttering as they hit the cool rain. Thunder followed, chasing the lightning with an ominous rumble, growling out its displeasure. Clouds blanketed the horizon, shades of deepest onyx to indigo and grey swarming for position as they pushed and tumbled in the wind, which howled ungodly moans as it coursed through the city.

It was a storm Vegas hadn't seen in years.

The man was standing amidst it all on a drenched sidewalk, his battered umbrella struggling in vain to free itself from his iron grip. He only held on tighter, peering into the night with an almost crazed desperation. His boots were soaking through, water seeping through the mesh to lap against his toes, but he needed to wait. Biding his time, waiting for what he dreaded was coming…


He watched as six houses down from him, a taxi cab pulled up to the curb, tires screeching on the wet pavement. Seconds later, a door opened, and a man jumped out. He was broad-shouldered, with a face that looked rugged and dark from even yards away, and an entire air that was almost brutally handsome. The woman he helped step out next was beautiful beyond compare, almost terminally pretty; her quickly-soaked red dress molded to sinful curves, and she had eyes that pierced the night as strongly as the lightning. She refused his arm as she stepped away from the cab, instead kissing him fiercely before turning and dragging him towards the building, their loud, intoxicated laughter echoed by a drum roll of thunder, the crack of the lightning that came immediately with it shaking the buildings surrounding the street.

The man shuddered, but not in response to the cold. What he'd seen would likely spell danger for the new casino owner and his lovely lady friend, and he knew it was his job to report it. It had always been his job, it was just what he did.

But maybe he didn't want to do it anymore.

His breath quickened, puffs dawning in the cold air before being sliced away by the violent downpour. He'd thought about quitting before, but he'd never had the opportunity to do so. Now here he was, alone, in a rough-weather night that would wash away his trail. He could tell the guy who hired him what he wanted to know… or he could vanish; an apparition that simply disappeared when the morning came, leaving not a trail behind him. Instead, he could create a new person, and expose them all for what they really were, and warn the two he'd seen by doing so. He could be free.

He cast once around him, twice, heart in his throat, but it was just him in the cold, dark night.

And then even he was gone, the night enveloping him as he walked away from what he'd known before, and his euphoric laugh at finally realizing his liberation was swallowed by the thunder's endless roll.


They raced down the hall to his apartment, breathlessly laughing the entire way, Roxie nearly crashing into Tony as he stopped at his door. He reached into his pocket with trembling fingers, her hot mouth sucking beads of water off the side of his neck not helping his concentration any as he dug his keys out and struggled to fit them in the keyhole. They rattled against the metal of the doorknob as he turned it this way and that, a sigh of relief sent skyward as he pushed the door inwards. A last, daring scrape of her tongue into the hollow of his throat, and she was striding in ahead of him, stopping as she came into the center of the room. The apartment was in shadow, the raging storm outside lending no light to the dim space, but she could see the outlines of the open room, the figure of a couch slouching near her, a table and chairs on her opposite side leading to the kitchen. Past that, things were indefinable, and the darkness gave it an air of dangerous unknown.

"Like what you see?" came the murmured voice from behind her, and she stiffened, having forgotten he was there. But now, she was all too aware: his words had been uttered right next to her ear, his lips rasping against the outer shell, and even now that he was silent she could feel him next to her, a looming shadow with a hand cupping her hip, and a heart that beat against her back, thudding from him, into her.

She turned, his hand sliding along her body and pulling her flush against him, the other coming to rest against her opposite hip. She peered into the pitch black of the room, the deeper hue of his eyes staring back at her. A smile quirked her lips. "Now I do." He could have sworn her eyes blackened to match his own before she tilted her head up and captured his mouth, the hands on his chest fisting powerfully in the sodden material of his shirt, pulling him to meet her. He did, gladly, his heated lips against hers, tongue probing her mouth, stroking along her teeth. When his hands fell lower, gripping her ass and fondling her curves, her gasp turned into a whimper, and with a sudden ferocity she pushed him back, slamming him against the door. His own exclamation of surprise morphed into a groan as she began working the buttons of his shirt, expert fingers gripping the slippery surface of each and sliding it through, her excited breaths only escalating as his lips left her own in favor of her throat, returning the favor that had driven him crazy just moments before. Her head fell back, eyes closing in pleasure as he nipped in sharp little bites along her neck, just under her jaw, tongue tracing the rim of her ear and closing on the lobe when he reached it.

Her impatience grew with her arousal, and she ripped the last buttons of his shirt, pushing it over his thick shoulders. "Too many damn buttons," she grumbled, and he chuckled, the sound muffled as she found his lips again, bringing his head back to her own. He slanted against her mouth, hands tunneling into her hair to bring her closer. Her own hands roamed the endless expanse of his chest, the hairless surface hot and flat against her palms. She broke the kiss to gaze in wonder at the smooth muscles that lay rock-solid beneath taut skin, her fingers tracing mindless paths towards his abdomen, finally resting on the button at the very edge of his jeans. A devilish fire lit her eyes, and she gripped his prominent erection through his pants. He groaned from where he'd been watching her examine him like some sort of voyeur, the muscle in his jaw ticking as he worked to keep his eyes from falling shut. When she cupped him in her hands and stroked over him once, twice, he hissed, and his jet-black eyes flew open. His hands were immediately digging into her arms, fingers leaving red marks against her pale skin, and he whirled them around. Her body cracked against the door to a beat of thunder, lightning illuminating her form. For just a moment, she was ethereal: eyes gone silver in the white varnish it cast, hair wild from tousled caresses, her dress bleached, and her skin sparkling from the millions of tiny drops that caught the light and refracted in his eyes.

Milliseconds later the vision was gone, but the image of her pale figure practically waiting to be devoured was burning in his mind, and his shadow fell over her as he cornered her against the door - but the only threat in the stance was a promise to satisfy the growing ache in her core enough to leave her boneless. She practically shuddered in relief as he splayed his hands along her abdomen, sweeping up to roughly caress the sides of her breasts, knuckles rasping against them through the still-wet fabric. Her nipples pebbled deliciously in response, straining through her dress, and when he lowered his head to draw one between his lips, she cried out, hands gripping his head and holding him there, brushing through his water-beaded hair in frenzied encouragement. His other hand inflicted a similar torture on the neglected breast, calloused thumbs brushing over the pert surface, tweaking and twisting and pushing her higher and higher with every touch. Panting, she at last drew him up when she could take it no more, and both of them breathing heavily stared each other down a for a few moments. The seconds ticked by. A gleam in her eye, she suddenly grinned with an all-knowing air, before she leaned down. Mesmerized, he waited as she slipped her hands beneath the folks of her crimson dress. In the darkness, he heard the sound of fabric hitting the hardwood floor.

Oh God. Was that - ?

Her panties gone, she straightened, and before he could move she was throwing herself on him frantically, leaping up to meet his lips and sealing their skin by the rainwater and sweat mixing between them both.

He was unprepared for her sudden assault, and they both crashed to the floor. "Easy there, honey," he choked out as he struggled up onto his elbows, but she was unfazed, and a predatory grin alighted upon her features. She pushed him back down with a hard prod in the center of his chest as she straddled him, the finger trailing back down, down, down to where her hands had been toying with his jeans button before. The clasp easily slid through, and the zipper was next, its teeth giving way before her eyes. Before he knew it, she was coaxing his hips upwards and drawing his pants and boxer briefs down and away, and his penis sprang free. She took it in her busy little hands, fondling his balls as her thumb stroked along his shaft.

"God, baby," he grunted, working to keep his hips from jerking too wildly into her touch. "Ah, damn… So…so good," he croaked as she tightened her grip around him, and he could feel the heat radiating from her center as she rocked back against his thighs. The dual sensations of her talented fingertips and the evidence of her arousal - Shit, could he really be smelling her from here? - were driving him crazy, and with the willpower of ten men his hands shot out and pulled at her wrists. Her innocent blue eyes as she looked to him in surprise were a stark contrast to how hard she'd managed to make him in a matter of moments. "You don't stop, and we're going to have a serious problem on our hands," he clarified hoarsely, and she only nodded, and he knew, although he couldn't see, that she was probably smirking in a way that would make him want to kiss the damn thing right off her face.

And so he did.

Pulling her back down with him, his hands spanned her back, pulling her tight against his chest. As they kissed, his tongue tracing her upper lip, her pale white arms pushed upwards from above his shoulders, trembling as she leaned down to bit his lower lip for one moment before releasing him and straightening again, settling against his stomach and placing her hands instead atop his chest. Her center was absolutely drenched, and as she tilted back along his stomach he could feel the trail of her arousal following. His own hand drifted to his cock in anticipation, and when it was met by her sure hands he looked up and met her eyes, almost brilliant from an inner light. Excitement, desire, passion, all reflected back at him in the gloom, and together they guided him to her entrance, and then he was sheathed in her wet heat.

"Fuck," she inhaled sharply, and his answering cry echoed throughout the empty apartment. He throbbed inside her, begging her to move, needing to feel himself sliding in and out of that searing, liquid cavern. She pulsed briefly around him, stretching before she rose up, the tip of him only enveloped by her tight flesh before she suddenly slammed back down, her hips swiveling wickedly as she repeated the motion, breathless sighs passing through her parted red lips. His hands clung to her, fingers digging into her sides with the same intensity as hers scraping atop his chest, finding a hold as she gathered her rhythm and began rising and falling steadily, more soft mewls coming from her throat. His own breathing shortened, and he began urging her on, his quiet encouragement and groans lost to the sound of her increasingly louder cries as her hips moved faster and faster over him. Whimpers had turned to moans, and moans to shrieks as she picked up the pace, her head thrown back in ecstasy as she rocked back and forth and up and down, riding him with pure, unadulterated abandon. His own pleasure was forgotten on the tide of hers, watching in wonder as a pink flush blossomed along her collarbone and stretched along her limbs, staining her cheeks as she approached the edge.

"So sexy, babe. So fucking hot," he murmured, his hand snaking down, thumb passing over her clit in tempo with her thrusts, unable to tear his eyes away. It was the final trigger, and she shattered with a scream of his name, weakly rocking against the final waves before she collapsed against him, her sweat drenched neck fitting under his as her body spasmed with tiny tremors of fulfillment.

Tony wasted no time in flipping them over, and she lay against the hardwood floor, cold in contrast to the delectable heat that was coursing throughout her entire body. She stared up at him, her look utterly sated and so sultry he almost came right then and there. But he prolonged the pleasure, sinking into her once again, driving deep home. Her long legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him back when he pulled out again, and her hands reached up to soothe the red half-moons her fingernails had left on his chest. The touch of her fingers rocketed right down to the head that was enveloped in her body, and he let go of his self control with a groan, his whole body primed for release as he began thrusting hard and fast.

"Oh," he heard her moan, and looked down to find that pink flush dawning again along her ivory skin.

"Are you…again…?" he panted, never breaking the pace.

"Yes," she sighed, her eyes wide in surprise, before that look glazed with desire. "Oh, oh…yes… Tony, faster, faster…" The last word cut off on a squeal as he hit her G-spot, and he grinned darkly as he searched out that area again, increasing his pace and diving into her with everything she'd given him. That sexy sound parted her lips again, and as they both thundered toward the precipice he drove it out of her one last time. Her hands surrounded his body, and her nails pulled his own shout from him, and with one final thrust he was falling to the end. Feeling his hot load bursting within her was exactly what she needed to crest the rise one more time, and her howl lasted long after he'd collapsed against her, thrusting weakly with the aftershocks.

Eventually, her lips were only making quiet sighs, and both of them struggled for air. He moved to his side to give her room to breathe, his penis slipping from her body with the motion. But her arms, still clasped tightly around him, kept them connected as they rolled to face one another. The rainwater had been chased away by the heat of their loving and replaced by a thin sheen of sweat. A trembling hand reached up to wipe away a drop along his temple, and she felt his heartbeat throbbing in the muscle there, racing with the intensity of hers. Their eyes locked, and he gave her a cocky, if exhausted smile, his hand absently palming her waist, fingers sliding over her burning skin.

"So…twice, eh?"Her laugh was stained with incredulity. "I've never…that hasn't…happened before," she stammered, but then he saw her eyebrow arch in the dark. "Why? Think you can do better?"His rumbling laugh stretched across the shiny wood expanse in between them and intertwined with hers. She heard him shifting, and an achy sigh accompanied feet padding on the floor, and then his hand was before her, and his voice above.

"Come on. Let's go get you out of that dress."

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