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Summary: It had been two years since that day, America still coundn't get over the fact he would never see him again.

It was just a normal world conference, well.. It was as normal as things could get, anyway. An uncomfortable atmosphere still lingered in the room. America gazed around the table, half expecting to see England staring at him with his bright emerald orbs, and his thick eyebrows pointing downwards, his arms crossed right against his chest. But he knew, that could never happen again, as much as he wanted it too. There was just an empty seat with England's favourite flowers on it, and a teacup filled with now icy cold tea that looked white because the milk had risen to the top and separated.

"So..." Germany started off the conversation. "We need to figure something out to do with the riots happening all over the world, luckily they aren't bad ones" he said, glancing over to America, who was giving him an evil glare much like the ones England would give.

"We could try sorting out the problems one by one" America said. Saying normal things had become oddly normal for him now.

"I like that idea." everyone agreed. Not much was said now, if America wasn't there things would go on as it would have three years ago. But nobody wanted to risk getting America mad, The only one not scared of America was Russia now. Even Germany would try not to make eye contact. The remaining countries waited for America to get up and leave, as they did every world conference now. America sighed, took one last glance at England's old chair and stood up, knocking his chair over he walked out. As the door shut behind him he could hear the chatter of what to do about the riots. If they had worked it out back then, England wouldn't have bloody faded away! he said to himself. America had kind of inherited England's bad attitude and habit of getting drunk, he just had to have three times as much to get drunk.

"I am a Git, its just like England said. I shouldn't have fought him, if I hadn't I could have saved him and been a hero!" He muttered to himself. he then shook his head.

"Oh yeah, I forgot, I'm not a hero because i fucking FAILED to save England, who has now faded into nothingness. Jeez he always told me not to linger on the past but I can't help it! Damn it!" America opened the door to the open air and slammed it shut. The cool air blasted his face, letting his hair swirl around his head. England's country was now nothing but wasteland, the beautiful features and landscape was all gone. But America still went to see it, just like he was going to do today. America walked quickly, all he had to do was take his jet and land it in his former brothers wasteland of a country.

As America landed, he could still smell faintly the scent of blood and battles, it still lingered is the blank country. America stepped off his jet and stared around, He could just imagine talking to England. Oh how he missed his brother, yes, his brother. he wished he could still call him that.. he wished he could call him anything, just so long as he answered.

"England, I really miss you" America chocked out, he fell to his knees and covered his face with his hands. Hot tears streamed down his face. "I know... I know y-you always said t-to me I wasn't a h-hero.. i n-never beleived you but..." he sobbed. "You were right all along" he whispered. The sky there was always clouded over. Nothing moved, it was still and quiet, Maybe it would be peaceful if this place didn't have so many bad memories.. America took his glasses off and wiped his eyes.

"H-huh? its green.. what is it?" he thought, putting his glasses back on. The ground became clear, a green shoot was rising just above the ground. "Wait! That means... ENGLAND!" He shouted, America could easily run around the small piece of land as his country was much bigger. He checked everywhere but he couldn't find anyone. "Oh, that's right.. he would come back as a small child with one or two people and continue to grow.. so I can't see the old England either way." he said to himself. "He.. wouldn't remember me" The thought struck him like lightning. Though, by seeing that shoot of something, just showed there was still hope. America sighed and sat down, letting the dusty mud run through his fingers He brought his hand to his lips and blew a kiss at England.

"who are oo?" A voice said behind him. America looked around, There was a tiny boy with messy blonde hair, devastatingly, beautiful emerald-green eyes, thick eyebrows and a face exactly like he imagined England might have looked as a child.

"I'm Amer- I mean, I'm Alfred" America smiled, though the smile was still bitter, he tried his best to seem warm and friendly.

"I'm Engwand" He giggled. He said it just like America used to say it when he was younger!.

"Y-Your England? Well.. I'm America!" America smiled, standing up.

"Ahh! cool, oo are bwig!" The little England said, reaching out his arms.

"I know. It's really cool being this big, Come here, I'll show you!" America smiled at the young boy. He picked him up and placed him gently on his shoulders.

"Uwaah! Oo can see everyfwing!" The small country giggled.

"I know.. How about, I help you become a big country yourself" America blurted out, he didn't really think about it, but he just said it.

"Owkay!" England said. "Den, will Amewica bwe my bwother?" England asked.

"I.. Yes, England. I promise I will look after you" America said, setting down the small country. "England, This here is my private Jet." America said, picking him up and putting him in the passenger seat.

"What does it doo?" England asked.

"This can fly you wherever you like! It's very useful just as long as you don't crash into anything" america laughed, it felt like the first laugh in a million years.

"C-Cwash? I don't want to cwash!" England cried.

"It's okay, You won't crash!" America said. "After all, I'm a- Never mind" America said, looking down at the metal floor of the jet. America flew pretty fast, continually amazing England. When they got to America's house, America set England in a spare bedroom and said "Stay here, I'll be back in a bit, Don't worry. B-brother.." He said, with that America sped off. The world conference should still be going on, he just had to get there quickly. As he ran, his old self gradually seeped into him. He got to the door of the world conference, he knocked once.

"Come in?" Germany said. America burst through the door as fast as possible.

"THE HERO IS BACK!" He shouted, livelier than ever. "I HAVE GREAT NEWS! AND I MEAN GREAT! SO LISTEN TO THE HERO, WHICH I HAVE CONFIRMED!" America shouted, laughing aswell. It felt so good to let out his old self.

"A-and what's the good news..? managed to start world war three yet?" Germany asked, looking away.

"Nope! I FOUND ENGLAND!" The countries gasped.

"Vee. You mean England hasn't faded?" Italy asked, munching on pasta.

"Italy, Lunch ended five minutes ago" Germany muttered.

"Actually, He's come back as a small country! AND GUESS WHAT? I GET TOO LOOK AFTER HIM!" America danced on the spot. Canada stood up, which was now a normal thing.

"Are you sure you want too? I mean, When England raised YOU, It was different. And.. You might.. He might.." Canada murmured.

"I think he wants to say, You may have another Revolution. just the other way around." Germany finished the sentence.

"No worries! I'll just let him be free when he wants too!" America said.

"Thats what England said.." Canada muttered, America shrugged.

"Who cares. Well i'm going to get back to England!" America grinned and ran back out of the door. Of course most of that he'd said was acting. If that really was what England had said, then he might have another revolution with England! And maybe.. Maybe the new England would break the fastest growing country record.. breaking my speed.." America thought whilst running back to his new little brother.

"England?" He called as he got back to his house. He went to the spare room and opened the door, Little England was sitting there looking at somthing.

"Big Bwother, hoo is this?" England asked, holding a picture of him and former England.

"That is... My.. umm..." America struggled for the words to say.

"Is this me? did I die and come back like this or somthing, Amewica?" Little England asked.

"H-How do you know..?" America asked.

"He looks wike me.. bwut i can't wemeber" England said, smiling.

"Hey, Do you want a drink?" America asked.

"Hwave you got Tea?" The little nation bounced up and down. America nodded. "I'll make it!" England grinned.

"No, you are too small. I'll make it" America sighed. America got the ingredience together and finally made some tea. When England sipped it, he grimaced.

"It's discussing" England frowned.

"You mean, Disgusting. Dis-Gus-Ting" America said, He never thought he'd be teaching English to England!.

"Dis-cuss-ing" England asked.

"No, thats Discussing. Dis-Gus-Ting" America spelled it out.

"Dis..Gus..ting?" England lingered on the sylables and giggled.

"Thats right!" America knelt down and ruffled England's hair, just like England used to do with him.

"Well. The tea is Dis.. Disgusting. I demand another cup!" England announced. America sighed. He was cute, yes, But BOY was he still bossy.

"Yes, yes, Coming right up!" America said. The two went through a total of fifty attempts before England's tea was perfect.

"Thank oo" England smiled at America.

"You should really say "you" not "Oo" okay, with a y?" America said. England nodded.

"Thank..you!" England had a bright smile plastered over her face. America wondered what he should do. He'd always wanted a little brother. But he would never have imagined England being his little brother.

"England. Shall I give you English lessons?" America almost burst out laughing at the thought. He'd better teach England how he was taught, and not his own language.

"Okaay!" England said. "What is fwirst?" England asked.

"Well, don't say W that much. its like, First, Fuh, not Fwuh.

"First first first" England grinned.

"How come you learn so fast?" America asked.

"It's obviously my former language, and I taught you! I read it in a book that Amewica was taught and waised by Engwand" England announced.

"So.. You remember your culture and your love of.. swearing and drinking?" America desperately wanted to know.

"Yup! I wemember my culture. Bwut I don't wemember swearing" England yawned and rubbed his eyes. "Whats swearing, bwother?" He asked America.

"I'll tell you later, you seem pretty tired England" America knelt down next to the tiny country. The little boy nodded and hugged England. America smiled. "Lets go" America looked into the half closed emerald orbs. exactly like the emerald orbs he was used to looking into as they glared at him, telling him to shut up or stop. America sighed and put England in his spare bedroom. The little boy fell into a deep sleep, as America tucked him in bed. Seeing England this peaceful, and small, would have seemed crazy two years ago. But now it was actually happining.

As America got into his own bed, he replayed the conversation at the world meeting over in his head. "you might have another revolution, just the other way round".. "thats what England said.". He was just getting caught up in the moment. Of course, America couldn't get to sleep. His sleeping patterns had been off for two whole years, he got up and went into his storage. He opened the door and swiftly closed it, walking into a dark room with one flickering light bulb.

"I wonder where it is.." he muttered. "Ah hah!, Found it!" America whispered. He took out the small box and opened it. "I'll give these back to England." America said, taking out some of the toy soldiers. They were battered from all the time in storage, getting moved around a lot and when he was younger, lots of playing. He carefully took the box out of the room and turned off the light. "Ok." he said, walking to his small office.

America took out some paints, glue, and lots of other crafty things. He proceeded to work on the toy soldiers, making them look in the same condition as they were when he got them from England. He sighed, he really WAS getting caught up in the moment. "I hope he likes it.." America smiled, finishing the last one. They did indeed look good as new. He yawned, and went to bed.

"E-England!" America shouted.

"what is it, you git?" England asked, stepping in front of him.

"England, Don't worry, I will certainly save you since I am the hero everyone looks up too!" America grinned and flashed a thumbs up.

The scene changed, England was flailing on his bed, blood poured out of cuts throughout his body, and tears streaked down his face. "America..help" was all he said. America watched as England coughed and spluttered, unable to do anything. He ran to where he knew he was, in bed. He tried to get his attention but he couldn't. He watched himself wake up to go and check on England. "No!" He shouted, but he couldn't shout. He ran back to England's room and saw himself kneeling on the floor crying. England wasn't breathing, He had watched his brother die for the second time. Then he saw England change, it was him as a child! But he was still dead. "No! ENGLAND!" He screamed, shaking the young boy.

America's eyes flashed open, sweat beads had formed on his face, He gasped for air. "Damn. I thought those nightmares stopped" America said, mentally kicking himself. "It's because of England, I'm glad I found him though.." he muttered. America went to the bathroom and splashed his face with cool water, then dried it with a towel. He went into his spare bedroom only to find England trying desperatly to look out of the window, he had about six books he was standing on now. 21 if you counted the ones he'd used for steps. America couldn't help but laugh at England.

"Amewica! What's outside?" England asked.

"Outside is-" then he remembered about the riots. "There is nothing outside of interest, England" America muttered. "Oh, Hey! Come with me, I have something I want to give you!" America said, remembering the toy soldiers. He picked up the small child and carried him downstairs. "Come on, England!" America smiled, setting him down on the sofa. "Now, wait here while I go and get it" America smiled sweetly at the boy. Then he made his way out of the door, took the box of newly fixed soldiers and quickly walked too where England was,

"Oooh, What is it, Bwother?" England asked.

"Here, They were given to me but they were battered So, I have fixed them" America said, A blush lightly tanned his face, though he wasn't sure why. He loved England when he was his old man, and, loved loved. But he couldn't love someone who didn't know him well enough to call him a bloody git. He had longed to be called that for two and a half years, He hated it while it happened. But now he would never hear the voice of his old man again, he wanted it more than burgers and coke, and THAT was saying something. England eagerly opened the newly wrapped box and gasped.

"IT'S SOLDIERS!" England laughed, he picked one up that looked like a mini- America. "Is this you, Bwother?" England asked. Damn, he'd forgotton about that one. it was the only one he hadn't needed to fix oddly.

"Nope, It is'nt me!" America laughed, rubbing the back of his head.

"I wuv my bwother! Amewica!" England said, His bright emerald jewels shined with happiness. Shouldn't it really be America calling England brother?

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