OKAY! Hello again XD

You are probably thinking 'OMG, WHAT? WHY IS THERE AN AUTHORS NOTE TO AN ALREADY FINISHED STORY?' Well, that's because I'm thinking of re-doing this fanfic. To be honest, I think there was a lot I could've improved on, so, Reveiw and tell me if you think I should restart it. I think i'm a little better at writing than I was then, too, so I hope version 2 will be better xD

You're probably annoyed at this Authors Note. XD. I know i promised a meeting chapter, but I didn't know what to do with it/what to put, so i forgot. I may also add a twist in this fic, and make it a little different xD

Or, you'll reveiw and say something like 'Don't need to read it again, already read it once!' or something...

Anyway, please tell me if you think I should re-do it?

OH AND One more thing!

Is anyone out there happy to be my beta reader? xD, I just basically do stories like, well, this story.