24 Hours: Afterwords

Well, I started this rather a long time ago and then promptly forgot it in the wake of Pyjamas. However, having picked it up again, I can say that I appreciate the effect the word limits create. More than once, I've found myself looking for ten, thirty or fifty extra words to cap the story with, and had to trawl the entire piece word-by-word, snipping and clipping. Overall, I think the effect is improved by it; at times, it creates a sense of sparseness that is worth reading for all by itself.

And so ends a collection which should have been finished in a matter of weeks, but has in fact been in production since long before the new year. However, due to a little bit of rest and relaxation, the music of Elvis Presley and Neverending White Lights, and my lucky bandanna, it's finally done.

I sincerely hope you've enjoyed these pieces; I've enjoyed writing them. As always, I would only encourage you to try it yourself. 500 words is, in some ways, a harder limit to abide by than 100, and it's an excellent experience to try and push yourself to fit it all in. Besides, they're actually very fun to do.

Until next time!