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Well, here's the co-op story. If you're a fan of Mario Kart: Double Dash, this is the story for you! Even if you're not a fan, I'm sure you'll like it, too. I hope you guys enjoy!

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"Heh, heh, heh," Bowser laughed as he was busing printing papers in his bedroom. Then, Bowser Jr. came in to see what his father was doing.

"What are you doing, Dad?" he asked.

Bowser turned around with a triumphant grin on his face. "Well Junior, I've thought of the greatest idea yet!"

"To kidnap Mama Peach!" Junior asked excitedly. Even though he knew that Peach wasn't his mother, he liked to call her that anyway.

"No son, I'm gonna host a Mario Kart tournament as an excuse to get close to Peach! I'm gonna woo her with my manly charms so she can be with me instead of that chubby plumber! And do you know what the best part is?" Bowser grinned.

Junior shook his head. "No, what?"

"They'll be TWO people per kart!" Bowser laughed. "Now, all I have to do is to get in the same kart as Peach! Then, presto, she falls for me!"

"Wait, who's gonna participate in the tournament, anyway?" Junior asked curiously.

"Oh you know, Mario and the other losers," Bowser explained unexcitedly.

Junior jumped up and down. "Could I be in the tournament?"

"Eh, sure. Why not?"

"AWESOME! Now I can be closer to Mama Peach!"

"Not in your life, kid!"

"Aww, Dad!"

"Hmm, it sure was nice for Peach and Daisy to invite us for tea, right Luigi?"

"Yeah, it's a great day, too!"

"So, what do you think they REALLY invited us for, huh?" Mario asked, smirking.

His younger but taller brother blushed slightly. "I think they just invited us for tea," he told his brother. Mario patted him on the back.

"Oh come on Luigi, I was just joking!" Mario chuckled. Luigi looked at his brother and chuckled slightly as well.

"So Luigi, how are things going between you and Daisy?" Mario asked, smiling at his brother.

Luigi blushed redder (if that's the right grammar). "Uh well…"

Suddenly, a Kamek flew toward them. "Don't worry, I don't want to fight. I just have to give you two something from Lord Bowser. Be sure to tell everyone," he said. The Koopa magician threw a flyer at the Mario Bros and flew away.

"What does Bowser have to give us?" Luigi asked, grateful that he didn't have to answer Mario's question about Daisy.

Mario unfolded the flyer. "Hmm, I think Bowser wants us to participate in his Mario Kart tournament," he explained.

Luigi shrugged. "Is that all?"

Then, Mario's eyes widen when he read the next part. "But this time, there are two people for kart!" he said.

"How's that gonna work?" Luigi asked.

Mario shrugged. "I don't know, but Bowser is gonna arrange something. Whatever it is, I'm sure it won't be pretty."

"Do you think we should go and tell the princesses right now?" Luigi asked. His brother nodded and the two of them bolted for Peach's Castle.

At Peach's Castle

The pink princess sat in her bedroom with her best friend sitting beside her, the two of them talking about girl stuff. (I'm not a girl, so I don't know what girls talk about besides boys and shoes XD.)

"So Peach, why don't you like sports so much?" the orange princess asked, appalled.

Peach sighed. "Well Daisy, it's just that I'm not the biggest sports fan around, unlike you. Maybe I'm not the outside type of person."

"But Peach, you're great as basically every sport! You can even beat me in tennis!" Daisy told her. Peach smiled at her friend.

"Thanks Daisy, but I'm more of the indoors type of person. How did we get to this discussion anyway?" the pink princess asked her friend.

Daisy shrugged. "I don't know. We were talking about Mario and Luigi, then shoes, now this."

"Oh yeah," Peach laughed.

Suddenly, both princesses almost jumped out of their dresses when they heard a knock on the door.

"Um, Peach and D…Daisy, could we come in?" they heard a voice ask nervously. Daisy smiled mischievously when she figured out the voice was Luigi and started to devise a plan, but Peach gave her a stern look.

"Sure, come in," Peach answered. The door slightly creaked open, revealing a chuckling Mario and a red-faced Luigi. The green plumber turned his head to Daisy, who was smiling at him, and looked away, blushing redder.

"Hey Mario, hey Luigi. You guys want some tea?" Peach asked. Mario nodded and he elbowed Luigi, who also nodded.

All four of them sat at the table in Peach's room and poured themselves some tea, well Luigi didn't because Daisy was looking at him the whole time, so Mario poured him tea because he didn't want his brother to give himself and everyone else third-degree burns.

After taking a sip of some tea, Peach looked at Mario. "So Mario, what's new?"

As if on instinct, Mario took out the flyer that Kamek gave him earlier. "Apparently, Bowser wants us to be in a Mario Kart tournament," he started.

"That sounds like fun," Peach stated. "What do you think, Daisy?"

Daisy was too busy smiling at Luigi dreamily. She nodded, still kept her eyes on Luigi, who kept his hat over his face.

"But that's not all," Mario explained. "Bowser says that there are two people per kart!"

"How is that gonna work?" Peach asked.

"I'm not sure, but I'm sure Bowser will tell us everything," Mario explained.

"Well, this could be a great experience. What do you think, Daisy?" Peach asked the orange princess. Her best friend still kept her eyes on Luigi, daydreaming thoughts about the both of them.

"Daisy!" Peach yelled.

The orange princess almost fell out of her seat because of the sudden outburst, but she kept her balance.

"What is it?" she asked, blushing embarrassedly.

"What do you think about Bowser's Mario Kart tournament?"

"I think it'll be fun, as long as Bowser doesn't do anything bad," Daisy answered.

Mario looked at Luigi, who was still quietly drinking his tea. "What do you think about the two people rule, Daisy?" he asked, trying to hold back his laughter.

Daisy's eyes widened. "You mean…I can ride with someone?"

Mario and Peach nodded.

Without warning, Daisy grabbed Luigi's arm. "I'm riding with Luigi and none of you can stop me!" she yelled.

The green plumber, who was surprised by all of this, was blushing redder than Mario's hat.

Peach tried to stifle her giggles, but for Mario, he fell out of his chair laughing wildly. Daisy ignored the both of them and turned to Luigi.

"Well what do you say?" she asked.

Without thinking, Luigi nodded. "Sure, I'll partner up with you," he said. Daisy grinned widely and she tackled Luigi into a hug.

"Oh Luigi, what have you done?" Luigi asked himself.

Outside of Peach's Castle

A tall and purple man and a short and chubby yellow man stood outside of Peach's window, seething with anger.

"Man, why do those stupid cousins of ours always get the girls?" the tall one asked.

"I don't know, Waluigi. We're better looking than those two losers," the short one remarked.

Waluigi stared in disgust at Daisy and Luigi. "What does she see in him, anyway?"

"Oh I don't know, maybe he doesn't freak her out all the time," the short one remarked. His brother smacked him on the top of the head.

"Who's side are you on anyway, Wario?"

Before Wario could answer, a piece of paper flew into his face. "Gah! Who turned off the lights?"

Waluigi snatched the piece of paper off of his brother's face and looked at it. "Hmm, the overgrown turtle is hosting a Mario Kart tournament, but this time, it's two people per kart!" Waluigi explained.

"Big deal," Wario snorted. He looked at his brother, who had an evil smirk on his face.

"Two people per kart, eh? I think I have a plan…"

Wario started to pick his nose.

Well there's the first chapter! I know that I kinda stereotyped Peach and Daisy, so I have to apologize if anyone is offended. Even though I'm a boy, I'm pretty sure that girls talk about random things, and that was one of them. Sorry if I offended any girls who read this.

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