It's the summertime and Johan wants to propose to his boyfriend, Judai. However, before he can do that, he feels that Judai must meet his family. But, Johan fears that the 'family business' will drive Judai away. Will Johan's family's eccentric lifestyle conquer Judai's love for Johan?

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"Jim, are you certain? I mean there isn't any other way to do to this?" a frustrated turquoise-haired guy ran a hand through his disheveled hair while the other clutched his cell phone.

"You asked me," the Australian accented voice replied from the other end of the line, "what should you do before proposing to Judai and I answered. Let him meet your parents and then you meet his parents. Then gather together and propose! Don't tell me Johan Anderson is afraid."

"I'm not!" Johan defensively cried. "It's just…my family's…weird."

Chuckling vibrated in Johan's ear, "All family's are weird, mate. Honestly, how bad can it be?"

His room suddenly reddened from a light locate in a corner of his room. Beeping began. A voice cried from a distance "Johan!"

The teen glanced at his door, it's metallic appearance gleamed under the red lighting. He sighed, combing through his locks once more. "Jim, I gotta go."

"I understand, talk later." the phone's lights flashed on to indicate the end of the call. Johan laid the phone onto his desk and glanced at the clothes that lie on his bed. A grimace formed on his lips before he undressed himself.

A minute later the metallic door of Johan's room opened with a whoosh. Clad in all black, Johan wandered the corridors of his home. His boots scuffled against the carpet. The duelist wanted to laugh at the contrast between the contemporary carpentry and the stainless metal walls that would be described in a sci-fi novel. Johan's home represented some crossbreed between a warehouse, greenhouse, laboratory, museum, and fortress.

At the end of the doorway a figure stood. It was no taller than the teenager, and dressed in a similar color scheme. What Johan saw was his twin. "Jazz, do I really need to go?"

"Well yeah, we need everyone to settle this." Jazzlyn, the boy's younger sister of 3 minutes, reported. A smile graced her face. "And anything that pops out is our responsibility~~."

Johan could repress the excitement tingling through this skin as he synced his steps to Jazzlyn's. He wasn't kidding when his family was 'weird'. His parents were apart of this organization called Echo. Since he was raised around his parents' handiwork, naturally he and his sister took up the trade. They involved themselves in dangerous and secretive mission. Just what were the Andersons? They were P.A.D, paranormal anomaly detectives, that investigate and stop disturbances that are caused by the supernatural and unnatural.

'It's bad Jim,' the Johan thought to himself as he headed to a hovercraft almost straight from a fiction movie. 'My family's definitely weirder any family you could ever imagine.'

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