Kirei: Wow, it's really the last chapter of the Family Business story. That's…wow.

Johan: And yet you're looking at….Kuroshitsuji?

Kirei: Kuroshitsuji 2! There's a difference!

Judai: You're betraying us to another franchise again!

Kirei: No I'm not! I'm getting ideas. I'm thinking making you and Johan pull a Haou and Jehu! It's so~~ sexy! Ne, Judai, wanna be a nobleman while Johan's your sexy-can-do-it all butler?

Judai/Johan: Yeah/No!

Kirei: That's another idea to toy with on another day. Anyway~ I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh GX but I do own my plot and OC!

Reviewers Response:

Oak-chan: Why thank ya, I'm glad I you liked the proposal. And I hope you enjoy my little gift to you.

Yukiko Shiroryuu:Johan: You win this round and you thought it would take me that long to propose? God, what do you think I'm some idiot Kirei: *opens mouth* Johan: Absolutely no comments from you!

Chrisandersenyuki: I know! We all wait for the moment Johan's gonna sweep Judai off his feet. Judai's family? I wonder how they'll be….No seriously, I wonder. I don't know.

Chara-the-fire-lover:Judai: No. No he won't. Johan: Wow, love the support honey. Judai: Sorry baby but it's true.

Luving Randomness: Yes and I shall now leave you with this final writing for the story known as 'Family Business'.


"Giese, I'm telling you now. We need to leave or we'll regret it." the silver-haired man, Reaper, informed his partner as they walked behind a girl with black locks and red spheres with an iPod touch in her hands.

In response, the hunter laughed. "You're too paranoid, Ryan-"


"Yeah, yeah whatever." the red-haired duelist replied. "What are you worried about? She said she had Johan already wrapped up for us and would give him to us, no charge. What makes you think that there's something wrong?"

The gentleman's gloved hand smacked his forehead. "I had to be paired with an idiot."

Giese leaned closer to his compatriot, so the girl ahead of them didn't here. "And besides she's a girl, what harm can she possibly bring?"

"Does the name Jazzlyn Andersen ring a bell?" Both immediately hushed their conversation when the child halted in front of a metallic, creaky, decrepit warehouse. Black locks swung as the female turned to the two Haze operatives. "We're here~! I made sure he wasn't too damaged just for you~! Also, I made sure that this place is completely secluded, no one could come after him! Saa, ikimashou (Come, let's go)!"

The wheels of the sliding door to the warehouse made a busts of crescendos. It was completely dark, excluding the daylight pouring from the open door. Both men stared incredulously at the teenager, she merely grinned and gestured for them to continue. As soon as they were in, the door was pulled shut. "Kihihihihihi~! You're doomed now!"

"Who are you?" Reaper demanded as he pulled out his scythe. Yes, he knew that it was too good to be true, especially if it was a girl like that. She's too much of a fan girl to let Johan go so easily!

Spotlights shined higher in the obscure warehouse. There was a gigantic floating throne (A/N: Just think of the one Johan had when he was possessed!). Seated upon the throne was the girl that showed them this place. Her clothes changed to a black armor with a flowing blood red cape. A malicious chuckle came from the female as she crossed her legs. "A fan girl of course."

So the purple-eyed man was right! She reeked of fan girl-ism and the cosplaying didn't help. Red spheres were alit with mischief. "You know, I've been getting words about you two from my followers. None of them good. So I'm going to settle this now. Reaper, Giese, you have tried for multiple accounts of assault, abuse, attemptive murder, and worst of all, the attemptive shipping break up! You have been tried and you have been found…"

The evil smirk spread into a smile. "…Guilty. And now you shall be sentenced to torture by…"

A single snap echoed and on cue more spotlights illuminated shadows surrounding the duo. The lights revealed them all to be girls. All of them had some form of apparel with Johan and Judai together. Both gulped in realization. These were-

"Fan girls."

Suddenly panicking, Giese wildly made eye contact with all the ladies surrounding him. There was hate in their eyes. Killing intent radiating like suns from the spiritshipping fans. Hoping, praying, for some escape he yelled. "How can you even judge us? We have due process of law!"

"Law?" the armor-clad teen stood, the light casting an ominous shadow on her. Her irises turned to a shape resembling demons' as her palm extended and she proclaimed. "I'm the authoress, b****! I do what I please!"

The Haze operative gulped. If she was the authoress…damn they were screwed. Sadistic grins graced the mob of fan girls. "And now ladies…I leave you your entertainment."

Clicks of frightening similar to the weaponry that their blue-haired adversary utilized rang to their ears. Two girls had guns in their possession. The authoress, Kirei, quipped. "Allow me to introduce, this is Oak-chan and Yukiko Shiroryuu-chan!"

"You!" Yukiko said, pointing her gun at them. "Eat my AA-12 Shotgun!"

Both of the angered fan girls opened fire on them. Giese and Reaper started running for the exit while bullets flew. Oak-chan reloaded her pistols. "Dance monkeys! DANCE!"

"Giese, what are you doing? Shoot back!" Reaper cried as he frantically dashed about. Meanwhile, his partner also was sprinting within the dark. "Me? You fought with the gun-using brat! You stop them!"


A bullet pierced both of the villains. Whoops of happiness resounded. Another girl with a sword called. "Let me at them. Chrisandersenyuki, how ya doing? If it's well, then it won't be for long!"

Reaper actually held his weapon against her when a bullet hit his palm, forcing him to drop it. The scythe fell into the grasp of another fan girl. "Luving Randomness, ready to die?"

Defenseless, the silver-haired man could do the only thing he could: Run and scream like a girl. Explosions scattered across the ground, due to his scythe's ability. Giese was shooting back at fan girls, hoping to get a shot to make contact. However it was like they were made of steel.

Suddenly they heard the growling from the darkness. Barking was heard. A voice in the blackness called. "Sic 'em Bob!"

"Oh great we have fan boys too?" the red-haired hunter cried. His answer attacked him, it's teeth sinking into his skin. Beady eyes widened before Giese howled. "OH HELL! GET THIS EVIL DOG OFF ME!"

"Oh and he's rabid, right Ari-chan?" ReNA said.

"OH S*** NO!"

"Hey guys, why not we make them suffer what Johan and Judai suffered through?" I suggested. All eyes were on me. Only two were expressions of horror while all the others were sparkling with elation. "Can we?"

From thin air chains, brass knuckles, whips, and blades descended in front of the…can they be called sane-fan girls. Within a few seconds the men were suspended in the air. The girls either had a whip or a knife in their hands.


The repetition of onomanapeotia lasted almost thirty minutes. Kirei glanced from her throne, and noticed the two mass of black, blue, purple, and red that used to be the ones that tried to destroy Johan and Judai. I took the illuminated steps (Yep, if I'm gonna have the floating chair I'm gonna have the light up stairs too!) The armor-clad chick was face to face with the villains of my story and punched them across the face. "Told ya you'd be tortured"

"H-H-Have mercy!"

"Okay!" the authoress grinned as she turned to the one fan girl that hadn't had her turn. Using the awesome abilities that come with being an authoress, the writer summoned a chainsaw and handed it to chara-the-fire-lover. I think her and Haruka were happy as they revved the machine up, it's whirling like a madman. Then Kirei shrugged and let the other girls have/use their own chainsaw and take part in the quartering. For the next 10 minutes, all that could be seen was the sailing of muscle, tissue, and blood before they splattered onto the ground.

After that, the fan girls spent their time burning, stomping, and dancing on the remains of the Haze operatives. Be warned, all people that obstruct spiritshipping shall face the wrath of the fans!


Okay so I'm done, I wanted the fan girls to get a little taste of revenge for what Giese and Reaper did. And…I'm finishing this at like 3 in the morning and I'm beat so….yeah. This is Kirei signing out.

I'd like to thank all that supported me. Including my reviewer that I have heard from in a while: puzzles n' games, Felina Snow, and Ari-chan and ReNA. Till my next writing trip, ja ne!