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Setting: High school

Souske Aizen: Headmaster of Hueco Mundo Academy, 30, not what he seems

Grimmjow Jeagerjaques: Junior at Hueco Mundo Academy, 17, delinquent

Plot bunny: Aizen just can't get his problem student Grimmjow to calm down and fly right. The boy is just too stubborn. He has multiple secrets of his own and they are chasing his day job. What happens when his attempts to break Grimmjow into a good student bring the delinquent into more danger than the bad boy ever expected.

-x- Aizen POV –x-

I groaned inwardly when I saw the dyed teal hair and scowling face of one of my most troublesome students. Grimmjow Jeagerjaques. The 17 year old punk-type did everything he could to get kicked out of my school but I refused to allow him the pleasure of knowing he'd driven me insane.

I know the boy was a problem but he did anything more than disruptions and getting into fights. Most of which were started by others. Grimmjow's home life was a mystery to me but bruises told a story. Fights didn't explain it all and nothing explained some of the things I saw in him.

Grimmjow glared at me and I just waved him in.

"What did you do now? Grimmjow?" I asked silkily. He grunted and handed me the referral slip.

"Harribel called me a bastard and I called her a cunt and Tosen-sensei sent me here and gave her lines…" Grimmjow muttered angrily. He plopped down in the visitor chair with a stifled groan.

"So it was mutual hatred?" I asked.


"And Tosen-sensei wants me to punish you worse than she because of the severity of the curse?" I asked reading the referral.

"Seems that way…"

"Are you sorry?" No.

"Not at all."

"I'm not going to expel you, you're going to stay after school in detention with me and we're going to talk, for a full two hours," I said and I repressed a smirk as I saw him cringe.

"Aizen-sama…come on. I can't be late just cuz you won't expel me. Or wha'ever," Grimmjow whined.

"Oh well, call whoever it is you've so urgently got to see and tell them you're in detention again," I said smoothly with a grin at his annoyance. "For the rest of the week." His face froze in anger as he realized it was Monday. He sneered at me and pulled out his cell phone. He started conversing with whoever it was in Spanish. The mysterious transfer student from Spain had come here in the middle of his first year of jr. high school and he'd been a ruckus and a rebel every since he arrived at this K-12 academy. He came from some form of money because he wasn't a scholarship student. But not once had I met a relative or a guardian. None had come to parents' day and if he got hurt he'd always check himself out and leave on his own. I'd heard a man's Spanish voice screaming at him over the phone numerous times but I'd never actually spoken with his guardian saving the few times we had to discuss a suspension.

Grimmjow winced and said something I recognized "Pero ... ¿Qué demonios? No es mi culpa!" 'but….what the hell…it's not my fault' Why was he yelling about that? More yelling. Seems like he has a bea~utiful family life. "Vete a la mierda gilipollas! Desenrosque No me importa lo que haces!" and that meant something around the lines of 'fuck you', 'asshole', and 'I don't care'.

When he finally stopped screaming he sat there with a stony face as more yelling poured through the speaker. I couldn't hear a lot of it but most of it sounded angry and threatening.

"I can't come home till late, get over it," Grimmjow finally said with an air of closing in pure Japanese. He hit the end button and glared at me full on but never said anything.

"The last bell rang while you were having you're Spanish screaming match, go get your books and come back in here. Five minutes or you stay another ten for every minute you're late," I said sternly. He rolled his eyes at me but stood and left.

I sat back down and thought about him and how to punish his behavior without just making him hate me and disrespect me more. There were a few ways but until I got to know his situation better I wouldn't know which route to take. Now, I know well he won't reform over night and he'll still run with other bad kids and he'll still be a little prick but maybe I can get him to lay off somewhat. To actually apply himself fully. He wasn't stupid. His scores from Spain were in the top f his class and now he's dropped down to average in most classes but he's still in the top in mathematics and physical education; which is honestly more than you can hope for in a behavior case like him…the other scores are passing and the math scores surprised his teachers and myself.

So not an idiot. But not a goody-goody in the least.

I glanced at the clock as he slid back into my office with a huffy expression. His shirt was mussed up and he was a minute late.

"You're a minute late, ten extra minutes," I insisted as he flopped back down.

"Come on teach, it ain't…"he glared at the clock and sighed. "Whatever."

"Why were oyu late?"

"What's it to you?"

"Jeagerjaques-kun," I purred in my sugary teaching voice. "We have two hours of talking a head of us and you will not enjoy it if you fight me at every single turn. Why. Were. You. Late?" He frowned. "And why is your uniform ruined."

"It ain't ruined," he grunted. He never wore the school tie and his shirt was almost always untucked but now it was missing a button and there were clench marks on it.

"You're evading and very badly if I should care to comment," I said passively but with an 'answer for your own damn skin' look.

"Some goddamn prick grabbed me and punched me, I walked away! I acted like a fucking pansy to meet your fucking time limit!" He snarled loudly.

"Are you hurt?" was my simple question to the end of his yelling and cursing. He blinked at me and looked as though I'd grown two extra heads.

"I've had worse…"he muttered after a full minute of shock. I looked him over as his icy blue eyes looked into my face intently as if he could decode me with sheer will power.

"How so?"

"Like you care," The teal haired one grunted.

"Oh I do Grimmjow. I really do care for all of my students," I said silkily. He cut his eyes at me.

"Screw off Aizen-sama. And tell me why in teh world I should tell you anything about myself?" Grimmjow sneered.

I waved my hand dismisively. The signs were obvious enough and his defensive demeaor answered enough for me to know what happened without him telling me. He was abused...knocked around at home. And as much I dislike child abuse and the like I could work with it. And I would.

"What do you think will happen? Picking fights, fighting in general, cursing with and in front of teachers, disobedience of school rules?" I asked slickly. He cut his eyes at me.

"I don't care what'll happen, what's it matter?" Grimmjow grunted.

"What do you I'll do?"

-3rd POV-

"What are ya' gonna do?" Grimmjow tested the waters. His headmaster was eyeing him like a piece of meat.

"Stand up." Grimmjow muttered something under his breath but did anyways. Aizen circled around him so he was behind the misbehaver. Grimmjow tensed when he felt hands on his hips. "Close your eyes." The teal haired teen did so not knowing why he was letting this man take charge of him so easily. Maybe it was that silky voice? He didn't know. He panted softly when he felt his headmaster's hands on his belt unclipping it and sliding it from his hips. "You're going to learn a lesson today; do you know what it is?"

"N-no," Grimmjow muttered as he felt a hand go up his shirt and tease his muscles. He winced slightly as Aizen probed the forming bruise from where Yammy had punched him in the gut.

"So sensitive," Aizen's voice ghosted across the shell of his right ear. He shivered and leaned forward to brace his arms on the desk. "Good boy, you don't even have to be told." Grimmjow growled lightly. Aizen pushed Grimmjow's pants and underwear down to his ankles and the teen stepped out of them awkwardly. "Hold still and you'll like it." Grimmjow swallowed and bit down any noise as his nipples were twisted and toyed with. He couldn't help but groan as Aizen tore his shirt off of him the buttons scattering across the office. Aizen bit into the teen's neck and kissed along the collarbone making Grimmjow's legs shake. "Hold still." Aizen repeated swatting the teal haired teen's ass, Grimmjow growled softly but kept as still as he could. Aizen finally grasped the teen's erection and started pumping but after a moment he left it alone leaving the boy blood red and pulsing and painfully hard. Aizen went back to teasing the boy's neck

"Please," Grimmjow whispered biting his lip so as not to groan.

"What was that?"

"PLEASE! Fuck me, wank me, wank yourself. Make me wank you just do something! Saco de mierda," Grimmjow whined loudly. Aizen chuckled at his insult.

"Are you going to behave in class?"


"Then I should just sit here and wait. I've got no qualms waiting all day," Aizen purred silkily moving away from the boy bowed over his desk. He licked his lips at the sight…it was a beautiful one. But he wanted to imprint a lesson on the teen and he would.

"Fine…I'll fucking be better but I ain't turning into no punk-ass pussy!" Grimmjow growled after a moment of deliberation.

"Good. And you won't curse with your teachers?"

"I won't!"

"And you won't start fights?"

"I'll fight if they make me!"

"I said start."

"I won't start anything!"

"Good boy," Aizen said he moved over to Grimmjow again and undid his pants, he stroked his erection and put his fingers to the teen's mouth after seeing the tight entrance. "Suck." Grimmjow took the fingers into his mouth and sucked them in deeply almost deep throating Aizen's hand. Aizen moaned softly against the teen's ear. "Enough." Grimmjow panted as he let the fingers out of his mouth Aizen laid him down so his chest was pressed against the desk and his ass was in the air. "Don't tense and don't scream."

"Hurry up," Grimmjow groaned needily. Aizen chuckled softly and inserted two spit slick fingers Grimmjow grunted and bit into his lip. Aizen twisted the fingers around and waited until the muscles around them loosened.

'He must've been fucked before…he's looser than I expected,' Aizen mused as he inserted two more fingers making the teen gasp 'but not for a while.' He worked the four fingers and then shoved his fist all the way in to his wrist. Grimmjow bit back a scream as tears slipped down his face. It hurt so good…he hated being fisted…hated it with a passion but he loved it when people struck his prostate. He loved being filled. Aized pumped his fist in and out.

"Fuck," Grimmjow groaned, "over…th-there!" He bit down to keep in a scream as his headmaster hit his prostate dead on making his whole world whiten for a moment. "In-in me please…"

"As you wish," Aizen agreed his own need getting to high for him to resist much longer. He yanked his fist out none-to-gently and aligned his cock with the hole. He held Grimmjow's hips with one hand and put his hand around for the boy to bite as he thrust in dry. Grimmjow took the invitation and sunk his teeth in Aizen's wrist deep enough to draw blood as he was taken bareback and dry by the at least eleven inch cock. He moaned as Aizen started thrusting against him in and out over and over. Grimmjow screamed against Aizen's wrist at the painful pleasure. His headmaster was no pencil dick.

"Fu~ck," Grimmjow moaned loudly as Aizen hit his prostate repeatedly. He gripped his dick and soon shot all over his hand and the front of the desk. Aizen moaned at the tightening walls and thrust harder into his knew uke until he himself fell over the ledge of arousal and came, coating his student's walls with his seed.

They lay silently for a moment, panting harshly and recovering from their orgasms. When Aizen pulled out Grimmjow fell to the floor, not caring and unable to support his own weight. Aizen leaned down to him and kissed his lips possessively.

"Mine now, Grimmjow," The headmaster said fastening his belt after tucking himself back in. He draped the boy's shirt over his shoulders proud to see the cum and blood seeping from the teenager.

"Yeah," Grimmjow grunted laying his head against the desk. He could deal with his father later…that was the best fuck of his life.

"Tell your father you're moving out and into the dorms here. I want you where I can make sure no one else is using what is mine," Aizen said seriously. "And you still have a week of detentions…"

Grimmjow glared at him but saw the soft look in the man's eyes and nodded. Understanding the possessive prick was also trying to look out for him. 'So teach put two and two together…' Grimmjow mused. He let his eyes flutter closed and fell asleep against the desk. Too tired and sore to move at the moment, and glad he wasn't going back to his father to stay, and annoyed he was now his teacher's uke. He snorted softly and shook his head. Damn silky voice and stupid detentions.