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-x- Grimmjow POV still -x-

True to his word, he tutored me in English that afternoon for the two hours. Aaaaaand I got spanked over his lap like a child. Yeah, awesome, huh? Sarcasm intended. I was still unsure of how this would all translate into our 'relationship'. He was a mentor, a lover, and a guardian. Is that what I was 'sposed to want in a boyfriend?

Gaaaah! That word still sounds so odd in relation to him!

Each one of the spankings was in some completely random place, and very heavy handed. The second one nearly shot me outta his lap, because it smacked at my balls. I slammed my legs together after that and held on for the ride. I must've been spacing, mind you I was thinking about all of this while he was spanking me. The reason behind that is simple, self preservation. To prevent myself from crying screaming, or getting horny I spaced out.

Apparently he didn't like that, I think it kinda freaked him out cause he flipped me around and cradled me against his chest. He still didn't make me count or slap my bare ass. So I just nuzzled his chest and kept thinking.

Would he take me on dates, like Kenpachi does for Ichigo? Would he give me stuff and pay me compliments all the time like Ikkakku did for Yumichika?

"Oi…Grimmjow…oi," I vaguely heard Aizen calling for me. I slipped closer to him and pillowed my head on my new, slightly loud cushion. His hand started petting my hair. "Wake up. Come back to the surface…"

"I been here…" I told him gruffly, whispering into his shirt.

"Ara ara, and here I thought you'd drifted off into your own su-"

"Don't finish that word," I cut his teasing off harshly, turning my face away from him and glaring at the floor. He sighed almost nonverbally and continued petting my hair.

"Will you trust me not to hurt you like that? Can you?" he asked aloud, as if he wasn't even speaking to me. For all his voice told, he could've been talking to my school bag.

"I do…but that's….a tall order…and it…you…" I muttered grudgingly. "Will you just let me go the way I'm comfortable? Ahn? You don't have to press every button you see!" I snapped at him. He looked down at me curiously and I met his gaze hotly. "I agreed to a relationship…but not that kinda thing! I shouldn't even let you spank me! That's like…"


I grimaced at the very word. "Shut up."

"You have to learn to even say the word, Grimmjow. It's not healthy to bury everything inside yourself," he preached at me.

"Oh just leave it alone, please? There, I said please. Just leave it alone…I'm not ready to talk about that! Not anymore than I have," I told him hotly slightly begging. I wouldn't outright beg…I wasn't that scared, I'd fight tooth and nail before I did that.

He nodded once. "Look here, I did not want to open up a bad topic. I actually wanted to ask you out, if you would go with me?"

I blinked stupidly for a moment; he finally snapped his fingers in front of my eyes to gain my attention.

"H-Hai…" I said softly. He smiled one of those rare, true smiles and kissed me quickly. "So…are we actually gonna date?"

"Yes," he agreed as if I had a few less IQ points than I actually did. My brow twitched.

"Like you're gonna take me on dates…and do lovey dovey stuff like Ikkakku does for Yumichika and Kenpachi does for Kurosaki?" I asked, still in amazement, ignoring the slight on my intelligence. He sighed and I snorted. "You sigh a lot…old man."

He quickly swatted my ass three times in quick succession.

"You make me sigh…sometimes in a good way but mostly out of irritation or disbelief," Aizen countered.

"Well excuse me for being so much of an irritation," I snarked with a wolfish grin. He smirked right back.

"What do you like to eat?" Aizen asked suddenly. I blinked at him for a moment before I remembered that he had asked me out.

"Japanese is fine...I don't know much about cuisine that isn't Spanish or Japanese...or in a wrapper from Mcy'D's," I said honestly.

he just nodded as if he had assumed as much, but I didn't feel insulted by that nod...he could be decently nice when he tried.


We ended up in a quiet little place that he apparently owned! Jeez, just how rich is Aizen? Err...Souske...should I call him that?


It served authentic Spanish cuisine and I...kinda fan-boyed over it when I realized it wasn't just some cheap chain restaurant like Taco Bell. I hadn't had good Spanish food in a long time. Rosaria tried to cook for me sometimes, and she taught me what little I knew, but he wouldn't ever let her, or me, cook while he was there. So, we could only cook when he was gone on trips, which didn't come often enough.

"This is come of the best Paella I've had in...years," I told him honestly. The Paella was made in the traditional Valencian way, but it had definite tastes of Catalan that were hard to miss. It had fresh prawns in it and everything. Even eating it on a was like being back home...almost.

"I'm surprised that you maids didn't make it, most of them seemed rather Spanish," Aizen inquired as he ate some of the best smelling Frito Mallorquin.

I just shrugged. "They didn't cook much...not for me anyway." Aizen nodded and left it there.

"What was your favorite thing about Spain?" Aizen asked me, trying to change the topic, surprisingly aware and accepting of my diversion.

"My family. My father's...well he's always been an ass, but Di-Roy and my mother...they were great," I explained with happiness at the memories, before my life sucked. I wasn't sad about that time in my life, I missed it, but I wouldn't stain those memories with the dark stain of my life now. I just shook my head and asked, "So you own this place? What's the name again?"

Aizen looked at me like he expected less surprise in my tone. But seriously? How was I 'sposed to know he was that rich?

He smiled and said, "It's called Pasión. And I own this place, two clubs and the school, before you ask."

"'re like...uber rich," I snorted. he just smirked at me.

"That makes me your sugar daddy," he teased. I flushed hotly and growled at him in Spanish. I had slowly learned that if he couldn't understand me, then I couldn't get in trouble. "Ah, ah. Be nice."

I snorted again, "Like you know what I said, papi." I could tease right back, but...I got burned by that one.

"I like the sound of that, baby," he said in a sultry voice that went straight to my groin. We both leered at one another for a moment before I burst out laughing and he chuckled.

"You're insane...hell I'm plain mental for dating you," I proclaimed. He reached across the secluded booth we were placed in and cupped my face. I felt my cheeks go a bit pink but I still had the cojones to initiate a rather heated kiss.

I felt myself spinning into arousal and our eyes met as I pulled away for air.

"Ready to go?" He asked quietly, as if unwanting to break the sparking tension growing between us.

"Home?" I had to ask. He sent me a leer but shook his head. I almost groaned, almost. I leaned in to kiss him again, I liked kissing Aizen...err Souske? Grrrr. "So...what do I call you? Huh? Can I call you Souske? Or am I gonna get in trouble for that?"

"When we are not at school you may call me Souske if you like, I actually enjoy my name leaving your lips," Aizen...Souske...whatever...told me. I just shrugged.

"It's still try and call you that," I told him.

"You've called me by my name before," he told me.

"Your whole name! When I was yelling at you," I reminded him quickly. He rolled his eyes. No joke.

"I'd like you to call me Souske when we are not on school grounds," he said in that damnable, silky voice.

"Yeah, sure," I murmured, blowing bubbles into my soda. "Souske." I liked the ring that had.


He actually had a plan for this date. After dinner, we went to a movie that was actually really cool! But scary. I am convinced that he only chose that one because half the time I was squeezing his arm...NOT BECAUSE I WAS SCARED!

No way...

Either was really...nice. I was almost afraid to admit the good time I had with him. And even though he was significantly older than me, he didn't really look it. So, we didn't get any weird looks. Well no weirder than two gay men normally get. But Karakura was much more modern than most would think.

"Well here we are," he said as he walked me up to my bedroom door. Man, that's kinda cheesy...but...I'd found tonight that I liked the kinda cliché cheesy romantic things Souske apparently was inclined to do. He kissed me possessively against my door right after that thought left my head.

Ok, back to the normal guy I knew.

"I care for you Grimmjow, now you can either sleep here tonight or with me," He told me. I fidgeted apprehensively. I loved sex with Souske, but as emotional as I'd been lately...UGH! and as new as this whole 'dating' aspect of our 'relationship' was going I didn't know if sleeping with him while I was...was what?

I wasn't mad. I wasn't upset. I was fucking HAPPY! Why shouldn't I want to shag him? In the restaurant I wanted him to fuck me on the table! Well...without anyone else in the room but still!

"I kinda...I want this to end...on a good note," I whispered at the floor. He tipped my head up and kissed me chastely.

"I don't think us having sex would be a bad note, but I won't press the matter if you are ready to bid me good night," he told me seriously, he ran his hands all over my body for a few moments, sensually making me want him sooooo badly. "Grimmjow, are you afraid of having sex with me while you are actually content? All the times we've had sex you've either been upset or almost delirious."

"I wasn't delirious that time we had sex after I got beaten up," I protested.

"No, but you were on an adrenalin high and we had just argued, we haven't had sex since then. True, I had a little fun with you but that wasn't sex and you were mad at me for most of that part too," Aizen told me. "If you want to end this night right now, I will respect that, and not hold it against you. We've only had actual sex twice. I don't mind waiting for you."

"I wasn't mad at you...baka...I was..." I stopped speaking. Now I felt uncomfortable.

"You were scared," he whispered in my ear. I hugged him. I didn't know why. I just did.

"Can we sleep together...just sleep?" I asked softly. He kissed my lips softly and pulled away before I could deepen it. I looked down, taking that as a no.

He just chuckled at my reaction and before I could get mad, thinking he was belittling my feelings, he swooped me up in his arms and started on the path to his room.

"Of course, my darling," he said with a hint of teasing. I just shook my head and kissed his throat softly, I pillowed my head on his shoulder.

I didn't like him carrying me, but I liked feeling his arms around me.

I had a good time tonight, despite my fears of this all exploding around me. He was still here, he hadn't turned into a horrible jerk. He wasn't forcing anything onto me. He...he was mine now?

"You are mind Grimmjow, and I'm yours," Aizen told me gently as he laid me on his bed. I snorted a bit at the cheesy sound of it.

"That's cheesy," I claimed, I looked down before I looked him in the eyes, "You're...I'm...I am falling in love with you Aizen Souske." My breath was coming in sharp bursts as I admitted that completely. I'd already told him before, but now it felt...more real.

"Well that's good," he told me, placing a kiss on my forehead, "Because I am in love with you, Grimmjow Edorado Jeagerjaques Rinker-Liones."

-x- FIN -x-

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