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Today's theme for the Host Club is 'Maids And Butlers', which will be held outdoors and not in the usual third music room.
"No, I think I'll wear the butler uniform, just like the other Hosts." Haruhi Fujioka said as she slipped on the last glove, to complete the outfit.
"But Daddy wants you to wear the maid outfit!" Tamaki cried as he hugged the unfolded dress in his arms, with tears rolling down his cheeks like a baby. "Mama! Our daughter won't listen!"

"I'm still not wearing it." Haruhi said as she turned around and marched out of the music room, followed by the twins and Mitsukuni; Kyouya pushed his classes up and continued taking notes, not bothering to reply to Tamaki's role-playing. Takashi left the room, shortly after Mitsukuni and the others and kept a slight distance between them as he followed. Even though he was following Mitsukuni he couldn't keep his eyes off of Haruhi, who had been a host for a while now, a female disguised as a male looking to satisfy every girl's needs.

Even though Takashi has always been quiet, mysterious, and seemed not to care about anything other than Mitsukuni, he had grown quiet fond of the Host Club's princess, Ms. Fujioka. Mitsukuni was not blind and knew it, even if Takashi could not admit it to himself. Takashi was use to Mitsukuni being the only important person in his life and to have a new person become as special to him as Mitsukuni was a bit disconcerting.

Even if he could admit to himself that he loved Haruhi, it wasn't as if he could do anything about it. Every boy in the club loved Haruhi like he did, and wouldn't willingly give her up.
"You look really cute in your butler outfit, Haru-ton~" Mitsukuni said with a wide smile as the two twins nodded. "Don't you think so, Takashi?"

Takashi slightly nodded in silence and turned his gaze in a different direction. They had been walking for a while now and they soon came to the place they had reserved for the day's activities.
"HONEY, MORI!" A group of girls screamed as they gathered around the incoming Hosts.
"Haruhi!" Another group of girls called from a table waving at the gorgeous 'man' dressed in a butler outfit like the other hosts.

Other girls cried to the twins, and the other hosts that shortly entered after them. It was just another day in the life of a Host for the club members, and every day was enjoyed. Talking about themselves, adoring their customers, eating snacks, and drinking tea; it was as if rich people were living in a fantasy with no worries. (However this was not the truth, they had plenty of worries and it was wonderful when they had time to enjoy themselves like they do with their club activities.)

"Haruhi, I believe I'm your next customer." A tall brown haired man said as he took a seat at the circular table, surrounded by Haruhi's other customers. His school uniform was a mess; his jacket was gone, his white dress shirt was fully unbuttoned and wrinkled, and he had no shoes. His black pants were the only thing that stood out as completely clean and decent.
Even with his sloppy cloths, Akira Niigata gave off a very attractive aura and he was not easily mistaken as a commoner because he went around school dressed like that all the time, ever since his first day.

He had become aware of Haruhi's situation because he fell in love with her and it was easy enough for him to find out she was a female. He had to keep her gender a secret and he did; not because he was friendly or loyal but because he didn't want the whole school taking his princess away from him. Now the whole school thought he was either gay or bisexual, but he didn't care because he had gotten what he wanted, Haruhi's friendship, and her all to himself...almost.

The other hosts got in his way and it annoyed him, every day he'd come as a customer and he could feel Tamaki's eyes boring into the back of his head, he could feel Takashi's ice cold presents drawing closer, and he knew if he even tried making a move Mitsukuni would kill him.

"It's him again," Haruhi's other customers whispered amongst themselves with dreamy eyes as they got up, and moved on to their second favorite hosts.
"You know… you'd look better in a Maid outfit."
"You sound like Tamaki, only less childish." Haruhi told Akira as she set the tray she was holding onto the table, and took a seat. "You know, you don't have to come every day."
"I know, but I like seeing you." Akira smiled and sipped some of the tea that he had just put two tea spoons of sugar into.
"Well, I appreciate it; I need all the customers I can get."

"It's him again," Takashi thought to himself as he stood behind Mitsukuni, looking over at the table which Akira and Haruhi sat at. He always got a bad vibe from the man who sat at that table with her. He always gave off a criminal feel and it always drew Takashi closer to them as to try and protect Haruhi from the violent presence; when he saw the two of them get up and start walking away from the host clubs activities he left Mitsukuni's side and followed after them.

"Damnit," Akira thought to himself as he glanced over his shoulder. Before he even thought of a plan to get him to leave them alone, Haruhi took action and turned around.
"Takashi, can you cover for me? Akira wants to show me something and I know Tamaki won't like it, as 'Daddy'." She said. (Akira had told her that it was a secret and she was the only one he wanted to see it; Haruhi being an honest, kind person agreed to the terms.)

Takashi reluctantly nodded and wonder off, back to Mitsukuni's side. It was too late though. Kyouya had spotted them leaving, and reported it to Tamaki.
"My Daughter, Leaving with Akira?" Tamaki said, shooting up and out of the comfy love seat he had been sitting in with his customer. Lucky for him most of the customers had gotten use to Tamaki's family role-playing with Haruhi and Kyouya. It didn't bother them at all, it never made them second guess their judgment of Haruhi's gender.
"Still, we can't abandon our guests," Kyouya said, trying to reason with Tamaki, who had planned to just stalk the two of them.

Somewhere distant, where they could not be heard, Akira led Haruhi into a dark abandoned room. "It's in here." He told Haruhi, as he led her through the dark. Even though Haruhi thought that Akira was just going to show her something, she couldn't figure out what and she began to get suspicious.
"How can you show me something when it's so dark in here?" She asked.
"Well, if I turn on the lights it'll go away but I have a flash light." Haruhi was relieved when she saw Akira's outline pulling something out of its pocket; but right when he turned the flash light on all that could be heard was a loud thud and it went silent and dark once more.

Finally club activities had come to end and the hosts went running down the hall, calling out for Haruhi. Haruhi had been alone with Akira for far too long and all of the hosts begun to worry.

After searching room after room, they turned their attention to Kyouya who usually would simply call his police force or at least have some kind of plan.
"Well?" Kaoru, Hikaru, and Tamaki said in unison.
"Sorry, but all of the police force is on vacation right now."
"ALL OF THEM?" They all said, imagining a beach flooded with men in swim trunks and armored helmet.

The only two hosts that didn't look to Kyouya for help were Mitsukuni and Takashi. They had continued looking in room after room.
"HEY GUYS OVER HERE!" Mitsukuni called as he waved an arm in the air, alerting the other hosts. "I FOUND SOMETHING!" His voice echoed through the hall. The hosts came running to Mitsukuni, who was now pointing at a piece of paper and Takashi went to pick it up.
"What's it say, what's it say?" The twins asked.

Takashi began to read out loud as we walked back toward the door way, "Dear Hosts, This is Akira Niigata writing to you to tell you that Ms. Fujioka is perfectly fine and healthy. I asked her to come with me on a trip and she happily accepted the invitation. We hope to see you guys at our wedding in the near future, however Tamaki obviously isn't the one who's going to walk her down the aisle; it'll be Ranka, of course. Signed, Akira Niigata."

As Takashi read this small letter out loud to everyone, he slipped and fell on his back, his expression unchanged but his heart hurting at the thought of Haruhi being betrothed to someone other than himself, and even worse… someone other than a host.

"Takashi… What did you just slip in?" Kaoru asked, taking a step forward.
All the Hosts turned their sight to the small puddle on the floor, which caused Takashi to slip.