Who I Really Am


Chapter 1-Me and a Rundown On My LIfe

3rd person POV.

The young girl made her way downstairs into the living room of her house. She was dressed in old sweats and a tank top. Her hair was damp and up in a ponytail.

"Night mom, Phil," she said flashing them a smile.

Her mother was sitting on the couch next to her new husband, Phil. They both looked up and returned her bright smile with their own.

"Going to bed so soon honey?" her mother asked.

"Ya, I need to be rested and ready for tomorrow," she replied.

Her mom's smile faded as the words left her lips, "You don't have to go."

"No. I want to." The girl argued before escaping upstairs to her bedroom. She locked her door and looked in the mirror on the back.

She had clear skin, not to pale and not to tan. Beautiful dark chocolate brown eyes and long dark brown hair that shimmered red and gold or both in different lighting. Then, she smiled and let out an excited giggle. She skipped over to her closet quietly and pulled out her favourite outfit. It was a little dirty and wrinkled but she still loved it. It was a pair of American Eagle light coloured denim short sorts with rips in them. The T-Shirt was also American eagle and was grey and said LOVE on the front. She set them down on her bed and walked back over to her mirror.

Instead of concentrating and thinking all the time, she let herself relax, resting her mind for once that day. As she did so, everything changed, her skin got paler and then paler then anyone's, her features became perfect and angular and her dark brown hair got shinier and stronger. She felt her senses sharpen and her abilities become easier to control. She was beautiful beyond belief, but she was younger and no longer looked like a women but a girl. Last but not least she looked and saw that her eyes had gone their normal bright red. It had been at least 8 or 9 months since it happened but she forgot that and turned away from the mirror.

She walked over to her bed holding up her pants,(they where to long and wide now) to the clothing she had set there earlier. She stripped off the huge clothing and put on the extra small American Eagle outfit. A huge happy smile lit up her face as she jumped out her window and ran. she ran on out of town and highway limits until she smelt the coyote and soon saw it in the distance. She got closer and jumped out onto the coyote, killing the poor thing quickly so it would feel no pain. Her name is Isabella Swan, but she liked Bella. Just Bella.

Bella Pov.

I was changed only a few months ago. I went missing for a week and a half, that's when it all happened and I found out what I was. I had just turned 16. I was driving home, I had just got my license and was taking a victory drive on the highway. I loved seeing all the different scenery along that part of Arizona.

Something had hit the car REALLY hard, throwing both myself and the car miles away for any type of civilization. There had been 2 people, a women around 20 with...blond hair was it? And a little boy with light brown hair about the age of 4 or 5. The little boy was there first and he pulled me out of the car roughly and was surprisingly strong. He pulled my limp body away from the car and bit down hard on my shoulder. He was ripped off me tearing at my shoulder as he went, it was the female, she threw the little boy into the distance and took off leaving me there.

It was so painful having the venom burning through my veins until it finally stopped 3 days later. I soon learned of my gifts and that I could feed off of animals. But I mainly learned what I really was.

A vampire.

I have 2 gifts and that has never happened before, their names are shield and shifter. The shield gift is that I can protect myself and other from other vampires mind ability's. The shifter gift is where I can change my form into and living thing, the only problem is that my scent is slightly sour when I change into something other then my form or the one I was in previous.(My human form) I could also push both of these gifts out to other people.

I had learned this from a big coven of vampires called the Volturi. They had come because of the immortal child problem and both the female and child where killed. They explained everything to me and even offered me a place with them, but I explained how my mother would be worried and how I could move to Forks to live with my dad. We sparkled in the sun and it was always raining there. So I have been using my shifter gift to be a human for the past month.

I nabbed 1 more coyote before running back home, jumping through my window, and putting my P.J outfit on before chucking my vampire outfit in the back of my closet. I held up my bottoms while I changed into my human form. I have been 17 for 1 month now, or I should be at least. My human form grows to what I would have looked like. At 7:30PM I was to get onto a plane to Port Angeles and meet Charlie there and then drive in the car for a whole hour. I walked over to my bed and made it looked slept in, then looked at the clock, 11:52. wow. Looks like I slept in today. I then went downstairs to let my parents know that I wasn't dead.

As a human again I just felt weird. THUD. THUP THUP THUP... my vampire hearing heard my mom and Phil get up. Good I don't want to be stuck in here for to long. I thought before walking slowly over to my door and opening it. I saw my parents backs disappearing down the long set of stairs to the kitchen. I followed.

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