Author's note- I think I've managed to achieve the longest time between joining FF and posting a story XD Oh well. This is my first attempt at writing and I would really appreciate constructive criticism :) The story is based pre-timeskip and after the Search For Tsunade arc, although it is slightly AU in that Sasuke has not met with Itachi since the massacre and does not know the full story behind Kakashi's coma (which is just for convenience's sake :P). I know the first chapter doesn't include Hinata at all but I promise she'll appear very soon. The real action starts in the next chapter ;) Anyway, enjoy!

-Switched- Chapter 1


Sasuke, the soon-to-be-avenger of the Uchiha clan, sighed as he rolled his eyes at the rest of the shinobi 'training' together at the 53rd training ground. As usual, he'd gone to Team Seven's meeting place only for the team to be informed by Kakashi that today they were taking part in a 'special' joint training session with Team Ten. That sudden announcement confused Sasuke; the majority of Team Seven's joint sessions were with either Team Eight or Team Guy and the glint in Kakashi's right eye was slightly... unnerving. Sakura beamed while Naruto immediately proclaimed that he was going to show Shikamaru and Choji "how a real ninja fights, believe it!"

'Yeah, right,' Sasuke thought sarcastically, rolling his eyes yet again. He was the only person who was currently up on their feet, neatly throwing shuriken at the worn target. Naruto was excitedly blabbering to Choji about some new ramen restaurant that had just opened while Shikamaru was basking lazily in the sunlight. The two senseis were in deep conversation, flashing glances at the students every so often and Sasuke briefly caught the words "risky" and "I'm sure they'll be up for it", sparking his interest momentarily. His restless eyes caught a glimpse of Sakura and Ino gossiping underneath the cherry blossom tree and Sasuke briefly felt a surge of relief; at least Sakura and Ino mending their friendship meant that their stupid, petty, oh so annoying arguments were long gone.

However, Sasuke was losing patience fast and Kakashi looked up from his Icha Icha book to find a sullen thirteen year-old glaring up at him. "Kakashi, what's the point of this training session?" Sasuke asked, making no attempt to disguise the sheer boredom in his voice.

"Yeah, Kakashi-sensei, what's so 'special' about this training session anyway?" Naruto joined in. "I don't get it."

"You'll see soon," Kakashi smiled, closing his book as Asuma's voice boomed over the grounds, calling everyone over to the two senseis.

"So Ino, would you like to explain the purpose of today's session to Team Seven?" Asuma gestured to the blonde kunoichi who seemed eager but slightly nervous as she stepped into the middle of the group. Team Seven glanced at each other, each face reflecting their confusion but Kakashi merely continued grinning at them. Shikamaru and Choji just looked like they couldn't care less.

"Well," Ino began confidently, "recently I've been learning a new Yamanaka Clan ninjutsu. I've perfected the technique"-Shikamaru raised his left eyebrow-"in theory but in practice, I've been less successful. I tried it on Shikamaru and Choji but it failed"-'Doesn't sound perfected to me,' Team Seven thought-"but I think it may have been due to how they've been friends for so long and their will may be strong enough to defeat it."

"So, you're planning to use us as guinea pigs instead?" Sakura's pleasant expression was swiftly replaced by a fierce scowl.

"No, just Naruto and Sasuke-kun because since they, you know, fight more which I think makes the jutsu more likely to work," replied Ino, her initially confident tone now more hesitant. "It'll be quick and there won't be any lasting damage to either of you," she reassured the two other boys who to Ino's relief looked more than a little more willing to co-operate than Sakura.

"Well, I'm ready for anything!" Naruto declared, flashing a sideways look at Sasuke who nodded his approval, interested in seeing the effects of the new technique. Sakura winced but relented, mumbling, "Those two...never think twice...own well-being..." Kakashi and Asuma exchanged brief looks of relief that so far, everything seemed to be going to plan.

"So, what's this new jutsu about anyway, huh?" Naruto asked excitedly.

"The name of the technique is the Mind Destruction Jutsu."

Sasuke's jaw dropped.

"MIND DESTRUCTION JUTSU?" Naruto roared as Sakura angrily shrieked "Ino-pig, are you crazy?"

"Let me finish explaining!" Ino yelled in exasperation. "It doesn't destroy anything; it's just me sending my chakra into Sasuke-kun and Naruto's nervous systems in order to take control of their bodies so I can force them to attack each other-but of course," she quickly said, eyeing a seething Sakura, "I won't force them to do anything dangerous or harmful to each other."

"Doesn't sound too bad to me," Sasuke shrugged, secretly praising the heavens that the name of the jutsu did not refer to its purpose. "Sure, if it means a chance to beat the jerk up, I'll do it!" Naruto agreed happily. Sakura looked at them desperately but sensing defeat, she shook her head and warned Ino, "You'd better not mess this up."

"I won't, I promise," smiled Ino and Sakura nodded, although the concern did not leave her face. With a quick look at Asuma and Kakashi for approval, she made a unique hand seal as she focused her chakra. The group watched, spellbound as Ino cried "Mind Destruction Jutsu" and Naruto and Sasuke were hit by a clear blue burst of chakra.

Sasuke had tried to prepare himself for the attack but as Ino's chakra seized him, his vision blurred and he was overcome by dizziness. He tried to look at Naruto but he couldn't see anything- his body was numb, as if he'd been unattached from it altogether...

The name of the jutsu comes from the English version of the anime. Reviews are very much appreciated :)