What Keeps Me Breathing Preface


They were going to kill me. In just a second, I was going to lose everything. My parents, my family, and him.

I could tell the pain was coming soon. It's just something you could feel in your bones. Before I knew it. He yelled my name.

"Renesmee! Run!" Why would I run? It was either me or him. And I couldn't survive with out him.

I could hear my family running towards us. My parents tearless sobs as they ran through the woods trying to find us.

"Jacob. I have to be the one to go. It would hurt to bad to be with out you." I pleaded. "It's my last wish. Please" Tears were streaming down my face.

"NO. It's not going to be your last wish." He faced me, his eyes buried with guilt even though he didn't do anything. "I can't watch you die. I lo-" He let out a blood-curdeling scream. I immediantly collapsed to the ground clutching Jake, screaming.

"Kate, it's time to go!" Tanya said " I can hear them coming!"

I was right the pain came. But it wasn't physical. Everything I knew, I loved was gone. What held me down on Earth.

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