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I fell on my back. I sat up carefully trying to ignore the searing pain. My chest burned and I felt like I was about to fall asleep. The sun was too bright, and it was burning my eyes. I slowly opened them to find myself on the beach.

I realized it was the La Push beach. The same beach that used to haunt my dreams. I found Jacob standing a few feet away from me.

"Hey." I said.

He smiled. "I missed you."

I grimaced. "I thought you were mad at me."

He shrugged. "I am. But I still love you Nessie."

"You confuse me!" I exclaimed, exhasperated. I sat down on the white sand, I started swaying.

He sat down next to me, I rested my head against his shoulder, my eyelids threatening to close. "Renesmee, you can't do this."

My eyebrows knitted together. "What? I can't do what?" I slurred.

"You can't leave you life behind. Keep fighting."

I whimpered. "I can't. It's too hard. It hurts." I murmured. Was it just me, or did it seem like the sun is getting brighter?

"You have too."

"Why?" I asked. I closed my eyes.

"Renesmee!" He shrieked.

"I'm just resting my eyes." I giggled. "You didn't answer my question."


"Why do I have too keep fighting?" I asked. I could feel myself being dragged under. I lost the ability to open my eyes.

"Because of Anthony. Your family. Seth. And me." He hesitated. "Anthony has already lost me, he can't lose you too Ness."

I tried to open my eyes again.

I couldn't move my mouth to form the words, so I thought it in my head. I love you Anthony. I love you Mom. I love you Dad.

I kept repeating this in my head.

I love you Anthony. I love you Mom. I love you Dad.

I love you Seth.

I heard some noise around me. "She should be awake in a few seconds." I heard a familiar voice chime.

I fluttered my eyes open and heard a room full of people's breathing hitch. I looked up to see both my family and my pack family, Seth and Leah were right next to me with AJ, and my parents were sitting next to them.

I breathed heavily, and felt a sharp pain, I let out a yelp. I winced as I pressed my fingers to the spot and felt tight bandages.

"What happened?" I muttered. Everyone laughed.

"A vampire almost killed you Renesmee." Carlisle explained. "He was about to crush you, luckily the farthest he got was breaking your ribs." I raised my eyebrows.

"Oh that." Everyone let out laughs of relief again. Then memories swam around my head. "Wh- Wait- What happened?" I asked. My eyes scanned everyone in the room. Everybody was fine and everyone was here.

"We won." My dad said proudly. I smiled. He continued. "After you.." He sighed. "Got hurt, we killed off the rest."

"So what happens now?"

"There's no more Volturi." My mom swooned.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah, I think after we knocked out their entire guard, Aro, Caius, and Marcus won't be bothering us anymore." She winked. My dad smiled lovingly at her.

I looked up to Seth, and realized he was holding my hand, his fingers rubbing soothing circles. "Thank you." I whispered.

He looked confused. "For what?"

I smiled. "Everything."

"Momma." Anthony said scared.

"What baby?"

His mouth was in the shape of an "o". "Aw you okay?"

"Yes sweetie, I'm fine."

"Aw you sher?"


He smiled, Leah set him carefully on the side of my bed. I leaned over and gave him a kiss.

The family eventually left Seth and me alone. He held me carefully in my bed while we talked. About the past, present and the future. We just talked. Every once in a while he would remind how much he loves me or he would kiss my softly.

"I'm really glad you didn't die." He said jokingly.

"Me too." I whispered against his lips.

We kissed for the billionth time that day. Then he was off my bed, and on one knee.

"Renesmee Cullen, I love you with all my heart. I promise to not only love you but also Anthony. I will never leave, and I will always fight for you." He opened the little box resting in his palms. I could hear small whispers coming from outside my door. Most likely, everyone was standing out there right now. He revealed a beautiful diamond ring in the small box, I grinned like a goofball. "Will you marry me?"

I nodded my head, and gently pulled his hand. He sat next to me. I caressed his cheek, and left my hand there. I thought, "Yes."

My name is Renesmee Cullen. I'm a hybrid, half human half vampire. I used to be in love with my best friend Jacob. He was killed. We also had a son name Anthony who I love with all my heart. I fell in love with Seth. Who I will continue to love forever.

Anthony is what keeps me breathing, what I fight for.

Seth is also now what keeps me breathing and what I fight for.

Epilogue: 15 years later

"Seth!" I exclaimed.

"What?" He came running towards me.

"It happened, Anthony is becoming a werewolf." I cried. I watching my son wince in pain. I wanted to go and tell him that he would be fine, but I couldn't.

"Mommy!" I felt a little hand tug on my shirt. I looked down to see my daughter, Ashlee. I scooped her up.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Something is wong with brodder." She stated.

"I know." I said sadly.

"Will he be okay?" She asked.

"Yeah, he'll be fine in no time." I promised.

"When he's betta, can we go to the beach?" She asked.

I smiled. "Yes." I picked up my phone, and called my dad.

"Hello?" He asked.

"Hey, dad."

"Hey Ness." His voice softened.

"Anthony is going through the change." I sniffed.

"Oh Renesmee, I'm sorry. It must be tough for you."

"I know, well we'll see you guys tomorrow okay?" I asked.

"Ye-" He was cut of by my mom.

"Wait!" She shrieked. There was some shuffling and then her voice came on the line.

"Don't forget to call us when you go into labor!" I smiled.

"Yes mom." I said goodbye to both of them, and hung up.

"Renesmee." Seth scolded.

I looked up. "What?"

"You're due in a couple of days. You shouldn't be holding our two year old daughter." I smiled.

I gave Ashlee to Seth. "Happy now?" I asked.

He smiled a dazzling smile. "Yes." He rubbed my huge swollen belly. The baby kicked, and I watched his smile grow. I went back into Anthony's room. I sat down next to him. His whole body was in pain, and he had an extreme fever. I felt his forehead. His fever got higher. His eyes fluttered open.

"Hey mom." He said quietly.

"Hey honey, how are you feeling sweetie?" I asked.

"Speak for yourself, you like you're going to explode." He laughed, and then groaned in pain. I smiled weakly.

"Speaking of which, are you excited for a new baby sister or brother?" I asked.

He smiled a little bit. "Yes, it better be a boy though."


"Because I already have my little sister. Now I need a little brother."

"Yeah, but then Ashlee and I will be outnumbered."

"We can get you a dog." Then he smiled at what he said. I ruffled his hair.

"Funny. You know Ashlee loves you a lot." I smiled.

"I know. I don't get the big deal about little sisters though. Ash isn't that bad."

"You know, Jacob would be proud of you, if he was here right now." I murmured.

"I know." He stated simply.

I stood up. "My water just broke." I yelped.

I was laying in my hospital bed swaying my new baby gently. Seth kissed my jaw lightly.

"Looks like you're outnumbered, huh?" He asked sweetly.

"I guess so." Today we were going home.

I looked down at him. We decided to name him Michael John.

The door opened, and my parents, along with the kids walked in. I smiled, happy to see Anthony back to normal again. We just had to keep an eye out now, to make sure he doesn't get too mad. Ashlee came running to the side of the bed, her black hair in pigtails on top of her head.

"Mommy!" She exclaimed.

Seth pried her off of me. "Let mommy get ready." They helped us get our stuff together. Lastly I strapped Michael in his little car seat, and we pulled away from the hospital. I sat in the back with Michael and Ashlee, while Seth and Anthony sat in the front. My parents were following us in their car. I had a feeling Alice was at our house. With a party waiting.

I was right. All of our family was there. Rosalie, Esme, Emmett, Carlisle, Jasper, Emily, Sam, Paul, Leah, Sue, Charlie, Jared, Embry, Quil, Kim, and Claire. The whole night passed quickly. Before I knew it, Seth and I were laying on our bed, cooing over baby Michael.

My name is Renesmee Clearwater. I'm in love with Seth. We are happily married, and have three kids. They are all what keeps me breathing, and what I fight for.

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