Brief encounter

A stand alone continuation of Until we meet again

Christine felt the delicate burden of the man above her, and she moved slightly to be able to fully savour the sensation of his body against hers. All her senses were fully open so that she could remember this for ever, since she knew this would only happen this one time.

When their hunger was satisfied for the moment he cuddled against her shoulder, kissing it. As before she shuddered a little by the strange sensation of his deformed face against her skin. She caressed him.

"Let's go away" he said. "Anywhere, far from here." – "You know we can't" she said "what kind of life would we live? What about the ones we love?"

"Haven't they got enough?" he asked with a snarl. "Raoul has his young vicomte-heir. You said it yourself he spends a lot of time with young Philippe. And Meg has Charles. She adores him. He's a marvellous child. He composes, he sees the beauty in everything. " He rested on his elbow and leaned over her. "It's time for our child now – a girl. A girl who sings like you, who loves music like me.."

She looked at him. It was tempting. "You don't know if she isn't already growing inside you, after this meeting" he said. "I don't think so. It took a long time before I conceived Philippe, it wasn't easy." – "It was perhaps not your fault. Once I agreed, Meg got pregnant very quickly." – "Then let her give you the daughter you want. You know it's just dreams. We should be happy that this opportunity was given to us. I will remember it always."

This opportunity - was given to them as Christine was summoned to perform for a week at the Metropolitan opera in New York. Her performances were very rare, but this offer she couldn't refuse. She brought her family with her, Raoul and Philippe, now six years old. Erik had seen the advertisement. At first he hesitated – should he tell Meg so they could all meet, or..? He decided to try to meet her alone. And she consented, to meet him at this second-rate hotel, where they were not recognized. She must have understood, and approved of, the outcome.

He was not going to press his luck. He knew he had to be grateful for this. "You are right" he whispered into her ear "as always. I will cherish this meeting. But I will not let you forget me. I will send you some of my songs, when I have finished them."

I couldn't help writing this one.