By Paranoid Puppy

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Ch. 1- Wolf

It's wet.

It was the first thought that popped into her head as she stepped out of the airport doors. It was also the only thing that kept repeating in her mind as she looked around her. Not to say that it was the only thing worth noticing. It was just the only thing that captured her attention for long.

Bella sighed, her breath copying smoke as it became visible. Hope Charlie gets here soon. She looked around herself again, this time searching for any car that may wave her down. She gripped her cell phone in her left jean pocket, in the hope that it would ring. She was anxious for her ride to arrive, and the light drizzle didn't help her mood. Not that she was getting soaked or anything, but there was only so much water a girl could take.

Or maybe that's just me, she thought wryly. Bella glared at the sky in annoyance. She stared up, almost daring it to rain harder. She never liked the rain, something in her disposition refusing to like water of any form. Maybe I should have thought this move through more. Then she remembered her stepfather Phil and the sweltering heat of Phoenix, and she felt marginally better. She would take the minor annoyance of rain any day over those things. Although she did wish she had dressed better for the weather. She glanced over her clothing.

She was dressed more for summer wear than for winter. With her black form-fitting t-shirt, ripped blue jeans and flip-flops she stood out in the crowd of people wearing heavy rain-coats and earmuffs. Bella just didn't see the need to dress for the cold; after all with her extreme body heat it didn't affect her. It just wasn't practical to her. Now, with the rain sloshing through her toes and hitting her bare arms annoyingly, she regretted her 'practical' decision.

She pursed her lips in aggravation as the harsh smell of exhaust interrupted her musings. Damn, forgot to breathe through my mouth. She winced as the smells of the airport overwhelmed her senses. Food, gas fumes, and the pungent smell of humans invaded her nose. Bella grit her teeth together, breathing through her mouth harshly while pinching the bridge of her nose. A deep growl burst from her chest as she tried to settle the burning sensation in her nasal cavity. She could feel people stare at her curiously, and she glared at them whenever one would meet her eyes. Screw this; I'm not a fucking people person.

She sighed again, and tried to calm down. Her nerves at being in a new place were getting to her and she couldn't allow that to happen. Not when so many casualties were around. Normally she would just work it off by phasing and taking a long run. She chuckled suddenly at what the people's reaction would be if she did that. Probably scream in amusing terror, she thought with a smile. A loud honk drew her out of her pleasant thoughts. A red, Chevrolet pickup pulled up along the curb beside her, its chipped paint and crumpled hood irritating her eyes. She blinked. Crap that's an ugly car.

"Bella!" called the driver of the truck. The man got out and shouted her name again, waving his umbrella excitedly all the while. She stared in confusion, before comprehension entered her eyes. The familiar scent of beer and gunpowder gave away his identity. Oh no, she thought despairingly, don't tell me the owner of this junk is—

"Charlie." She deadpanned. Charlie walked up, a huge smile on his aging face. He slapped her back lightly and laughed.

"What, you too old to call me dad anymore?" He chuckled. Bella raised an eyebrow before smiling softly.

"Nah, I just think you're getting too old" She said good-naturedly. If it was anyone on this earth that she got along with the most, it was probably Charlie. Even though he wasn't her real father he always looked after her, although their relationship was more of old friends than anything else. It was probably why they got along so well.

"Ah, kiddo you got me there." he replied, patting his balding head with a grimace. Bella smirked, her eyes twinkling in amusement. She observed him silently. His hair was still dark brown, but graying at the edges and receding at his forehead. His body seemed to have gained a few more pounds at the girth, and she noted that his face gained a few lines that weren't there before. Overall though, he hadn't really changed since she last saw him. Which is about four years now, she reflected sadly.

"Oh, before I forget," Charlie said, rustling through his pants pocket, "I have a surprise for you!" He tossed her a pair of keys. Bella reached up and caught them, staring warily as if they would bite her hand off. There were two silver keys attached to a black leather key ring. One of the keys looked like it belonged with some type of vehicle, while the other was plain with no discernable markings. She furrowed her eyebrows and glanced at him.

"What are they to?" She asked in confusion.

"Well, I figured you would need a key to the house," He pointed at the plain silver key. "And the other key is a surprise"

She cocked her head to the side. Surprise? She stared at her gift again before shrugging and throwing them into her pocket.

"Whatever, as long as it is not to this old rust bucket."

Charlie looked momentarily taken back before he burst into laughter. Once he calmed down he shook his head, chuckling "No, No, I'm just borrowing this car from a friend because my cruiser is in the shop. Don't worry; the surprise I'm talking about is much better than this." Charlie reached down and grabbed her suitcase, nearly falling over from the sheer weight of it.

"Jesus, what do you got in there, bowling balls?" he exclaimed. He lugged it over to the car, Bella smirking in pleasure as she watched the entertaining display. She dimly remembered somehow packing most everything she owned in the large suitcase. Most of it was clothing, but there were some items like her laptop that might lend to the weight. She shook her head and supposed that she should stop Charlie before he broke a hip, no matter how funny it might be. Bella walked over to where he was trying to lift it into the backseat. She quickly snatched the suitcase from him, ignoring his protests, and effortlessly set it inside. She closed the door and walked around Charlie to the passenger side. The teen raised her eyebrow when she saw him still standing there, gaping like a fish.

"Are we leaving or not?" Bella asked him, trying to keep a straight face. She watched him shake himself out of his stupor and slowly make his way to the driver's side. With her advanced hearing she was able to hear him mutter something about what Renee was feeding her. She stifled a laugh and gazed out the window as Charlie started up the car.

After a brief stutter, the engine roared to life. The loud cacophony of noise caused her ears to ring painfully, making her wince in pain. Now I know why humans have such poor hearing, she thought with a frown. They slowly made their way out of the Forks Municipal Airport, the truck making guttural engine noises every so often. It was actually very distracting, but Charlie didn't seem to mind it so she said nothing. Bella laid her head on the car window; a huge yawn escaping her mouth as she did so. She tiredly tried to recall where all her boundless energy went, but just waved it off as the aftereffects of flying.

She never enjoyed airplanes; the feeling of depending on machinery didn't sit well with her. Bella spent most of her time in the plane being worried silly, eyes constantly searching for the ground.. It must have taken a lot out of me. She yawned again, fighting for her eyelids to stay open. Charlie seemed to notice, and quietly told her to take a little nap before they arrived home. Bella only nodded, mulling over his words momentarily. Home…? Yes I guess it is my home now. These were her last thoughts before she faded into a blissful slumber.

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡

Pain. Unbearable, blinding pain. Thrashing around, trying to escape the invisible agony. Limbs constricted with a strait jacket. The helpless feeling of no escape. Drugs seeping into the bloodstream, dulling the senses of perception, yet still that pain remains. Thoughts repeat in the mind. Always a word. Only one word.


And never an answer. Only one thing is certain. The heart-wrenching ache spreads. From the toes and head, spreading till it reaches the heart. A body fights harder. Writhing against the restraints. Denial seeps in gradually. Overwhelmingly.

This isn't real!

This can't be happening!

Yet it is. And for now there is no escaping it. No way to shy away from the ever constant agony. Sobs of desperation sound throughout the dark room. No one responds. There is no pity in oblivion. No respite from this hell. The word repeats again.


Still no answer. A sudden silence over takes the area. Even the body is immobile. Time stops. And starts again as a shriek of pain echoes with the sound of flesh being shredded. The wet sound of blood slaps against linoleum. The body moves frantically. Trying to move away from the invisible madness. But it can not getaway. Can never leave this place. Anger erupts. Pain is forgotten. Only in this haze of rage can it be gone. If only temporarily. The word repeats again. A new strength is found.


And finally the darkness answers.

Because those with sight without vision deserve blindness.

The strength fades, and the body is torn apart in a shower of blood.

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡

Bella awoke with a sudden jerk, the seatbelt nearly snapping off with her suddenness. Rivulets of sweat cascaded down her face. Her breath came in sharp gasps as she struggled to bring herself back to reality.

"You ok Bells?"

She turned her head towards Charlie. He looked at her in concern, taking in her startled appearance and disheveled state. She hesitated before nodding at him slowly.

"Yeah…I just…had a bad dream. That's all." Bella ran her fingers through her hair and smiled at him weakly.

He didn't seem to buy it, but nodded at her anyways.

"Well alright, if you say so." With that he turned his attention back to the road, humming some country song that Bella hadn't heard of. She looked at him a little longer before turning her attention back to the window. She watched as the dense trees surrounded them, and tried to calm her nerves down. She felt the beast stirring inside of her, the call for violence boiling underneath the surface. She gritted her teeth, and clenched her fists in an attempt to keep the wolf at bay. It would do no good to phase with Charlie present. She exhaled, trying to block out the images from her frightening dream. It took a lot to scare her, but the nightmare was so incredibly real. She could practically feel the phantom pain coming to hurt her again.

Shit that was disturbing, she thought with a shiver. Though the details were beginning to fade she could still recall the mysterious words that led up to her obliterated body. Those with sight, without vision huh? She fidgeted. God I need a smoke. It was a habit that appeared whenever she got tense or nervous. She was already dying for a cigarette when she got off the plane, but with Charlie's presence she couldn't just whip one out. She glanced at Charlie. Or could she? A smile lit up her face as a brilliant plan entered her mind. Quickly, she reached into her back jean pocket and took out one from her ever present box.

Bella rolled down her window and held the cigarette to her mouth. Ignoring Charlie's incredulous look, she held up one of her hands with the thumb and forefinger in a snapping motion and put the other hand over it. To onlookers it seemed as if she was holding a lighter, and only Bella would know the truth. Swiftly she snapped, the body heat and friction from her fingers producing a red-orange flame. The whole process took less than ten seconds, not even long enough for Charlie to form a decent protest. When it finally caught up to his brain what she was doing, he started sputtering in surprise, much to Bella's amusement.

"W-What the hell do you think you're doing?" he exclaimed.

She just looked at him, taking a drag as she did so.

"Smoking." She said bluntly. She exhaled, the smoke blowing into his mortified face.

"Yes, I can see that," He said derisively, "Does Renee know of this?"

"Yep" She took another drag, and exhaled the smoke through her nose. He blinked at her abrupt response, his mouth opened once before closing again.

"Oh." He turned back to the wheel. He eyed her quickly before clearing his throat. "Well if she knows then I guess it's okay…," he brought his index finger up in warning, "But I want you to be careful and make sure you understand the effects smoking can have on-"

"The body, I know Dad, and don't worry I know exactly what it could do to me…" she interrupted, flicking the protruding ash out the window. Absolutely nothing, she finished in her mind. Too bad you don't know that eh, Charlie?

Silence once again reigned in the rusted pickup. Charlie idly scratched an itch on his arm while glancing at Bella out of the corner of his eye. After a brief pause he started to make conversation again.

"So, um, where exactly did you pick up this habit?"

She smiled, her response to this question already formed in her mind. She took the cigarette out from her lips, and leaned toward Charlie's seat. She blew a smoke ring around his head before responding, "Why, I got it from Phil of course"

With that she watched as his eyes narrowed and his lips purse with restrained contempt. Charlie never liked Phil, something that stemmed simply from the fact that he believed Phil was living the life he lost. The life with a woman he was still in love with, and her equally coveted daughter. Bella knew this, and exploited it perfectly. Sure she felt a little pang of guilt for tricking Charlie, but it was kind of the truth. It was just not the whole one. But she couldn't just say that she stole the man's cigarette's, that would be rude.

She surveyed the scenery while Charlie was still trying to calm himself. She noted with a little surprise that they were finally out of the dense forest and entering the center of town. It would probably only take five more minutes to reach Charlie's. Although I guess it's my house too now.

The rest of the time in the car was spent in silence as Charlie was still fuming and Bella was too bemused to do anything about it. When they finally pulled up, sunset was fast approaching. Yellow and orange lights danced upon the cozy two-story home, throwing shadows from the trees onto the yard. Bella stepped out from the car, a fresh cigarette dangling from her mouth. She surveyed the house with interest, the nostalgia of seeing its pale green shutters and faded white paint putting warmth in her chest. The slam of the driver side door brought her out of her reverie. She looked over at Charlie. He had a silly grin on his face again. Once he was sure he had her attention he popped the truck bed door down.

"Ready for your surprise" He said while climbing onto the bed. She watched him warily. After a moments pause she nodded slowly. His grin grew wider and he walked to the middle of the bed where a huge white sheet covered an indiscernible lump. Black straps appeared to be holding the sheet to the pickup. Bella blinked. Why didn't I notice that before? She chewed nervously on the butt of her cigarette while she watched Charlie wrestle with the straps. Must be somethin' good for him to be like this. Bella's mouth twitched in amusement as Charlie gave a whoop of joy after freeing the attachments. He picked them up and tossed them into the driveway. Then he grabbed the sheet with his right hand and cleared his throat. Bella raised her eyebrow.

"Now may I present to you…," He paused dramatically and then flung off the sheet, "Your new car!"

Bella's eyes widened and the cigarette fell from her mouth. What now lay unveiled was perhaps the last thing that she expected to be under there. Laid on its side, was a beautifully restored 1987 Ducati 650 Indiana. It was glossy black, polished without a speck of dirt, and it sported a seemingly cushy new leather seat. The shine from its gleaming cylinders nearly blinded her. Stunned, she could only process one coherent thought. What the fuck?

"Well, it's not technically a car, but…you get the point." Charlie said sheepishly, scratching his head. Bella, shaken out of her stupor from his comment, just nodded her head before clearing her throat.

"Um…Dad…you do know that this is a motorcycle…right?" She stared at him in confusion. "And I thought you told me to never ride one as long as I walked the earth. Not that I'm complaining! It's just this is the sort of stuff that happens when I'm dreaming or when the world is about to explode from the sheer improbability of it."

Charlie just laughed, the sound carrying what Bella was sure to be underlying tension. After, he shook his head and crossed his arms. He responded, "Yes I did tell you that, and for all other motorcycles I expect you to obey that rule, but this baby is special."

He walked up to the Ducati and leaned down to pat its side. He continued, "A mechanic friend of mine had found this from the scrap heap, and restored the parts." He paused and lifted up the bike from its position. "Hey Bella can you help me here?" He rolled it over to the end of the bed and gave the front to Bella, who easily deposited the vehicle to the ground. She ran her hands over the leather, enjoying the way it soaked up her body heat.

"When I told him about you coming here to live he said this would be a great welcome home present. He assured me that this type of bike does not go over 100 mph. When I heard that I bought the thing for $500."

Bella looked up at that and stared at him incredulously.

"He gave it too you for such a low amount?" Disbelief colored her tone.

Charlie nodded his head proudly. "Yep, and if I hadn't bought it you probably would be driving this old truck." Bella frowned, glaring at the pickup as if it might eat her. It really did hurt her eyes. She tilted her head and glanced at Charlie again. Bella smiled widely at him.

"Then I'm glad you bought the bike because I love it." She said gratefully.

He beamed at her. "Really you love it?" When he saw her nod in confirmation he drew her into a one armed hug. She could feel his excitement practically pour out of him. Bella returned his hug with one of her own. There was a small moment of silence as they truly had their reunion. The years seemed to melt away as they stood there arm-in-arm. She was reminded of when she was a kid, and Charlie would scare the 'monsters' away. Even if he wasn't her father, he was still her Dad. The only one she had ever known.

Charlie kissed her temple and whispered "Welcome home Bells." He patted her on the back before taking her suitcase out of the car. When he saw her about to protest he simply waved her off.

"Now I'm not that old that I can't carry this up the stairs. Besides I need the exercise and you need quality time with your new bike." He started waddled towards the door, knees almost buckling from the effort. Bella just shook her head, thinking to herself that his pride might kill him one day. Or maybe just my suitcase will. She glanced worriedly at the door Charlie just passed through, but focused her attention back on the bike. Naw, he'll be fine. Taking the handle bars, she wheeled it to the center of the driveway. Then she threw one leg over the seat and straddled it. Gripping the bars, she got a feel for the bike. Though she hadn't started it up yet, she could tell it would handle beautifully under her touch. She guessed it was just animal instincts or something.

After a few more minutes of fiddling with the Ducati, she felt the slightest bit of raindrops hit her arms. She frowned and glared at the sky. Leave it to you to ruin my fun. She sighed. Oh well, guess I can take it for a ride tomorrow. After getting off, she wheeled her new prized possession till it sat underneath the covered porch. Taking a rag she found on the wooden rocking chair, Bella wiped all the water from the bike. Once she was satisfied she threw the rag down and looked at the vehicle again. An errant thought passed through her head.

With this I really do fit the whole bad girl stereotype. She laughed sharply. Like I give a damn what they think anyway. She stared out at the ever increasing rain before heading inside. Bella noticed that the interior of the house hadn't changed as well. It still harbored those plain white walls, and burgundy carpet that seemed to be stained a darker color around the living room area. There was even the same TV, sitting in the corner like some idol begging to be worshipped. The nostalgia she felt before appeared again as she crept further into the home. Walking to the stairs she heard what sounded like Charlie shuffling around in the kitchen, pots and pans clanging as he shouted out a curse every few seconds.

Bella stopped at the bottom of the staircase, taking in the old photos that hung around the stairwell. Most of the photos were of her, in some pose or another, throughout the years. She laughed as she spotted one of her favorites from when she was eight. It was a simple photo with her and Charlie, with him in his fishing gear smiling at the camera and her with a dumbfounded expression. She remembered that it was taken by a nearby lake, and it was taken just after she had caught her first trout. Originally she was holding the fish in her hands, but right before the camera flash it had jumped up and slapped her in the face. From that moment on she swore to never fish again. She chuckled as she recalled her childish vow.

Her eyes swept through the other photos, stopping occasionally at one or another. Only a few caught her eye, such as the most humorous moment of her childhood. Others she didn't even remember being taken, most of those ones depicted her and some dark-haired boy she couldn't even recall. A vague recollection entered her head, but she dismissed it quickly, deeming it unimportant.

She moved on, continuing her trip down memory lane. Her smile faltered as she spotted Charlie and Renee's wedding picture. It was displayed proudly, the frame still gleaming from a recent polish. She sighed. Oh Dad… She briefly wondered what would have happened if Charlie was her real father, but got rid of that thought quickly. She never was one for what ifs; she much preferred to live in the present. After all, it was pointless to live in a past you couldn't change.

Bella frowned, shoved her hands in her pockets and continued her walk up the stairs. Once she reached the top the looked around the floor, searching for her room. It had been seven years since she last set foot in the house, but she could still remember the little room that had been her haven. Turning right, she walked lazily to her bedroom door. She hesitated for only a moment before grabbing the doorknob and turning. As the door opened she took in everything that hadn't changed. Like the rest of the house, her room was small yet comfortable, with the walls painted white. Wooden floorboards creaked underneath her feet as she stepped further inside.

The same furniture from when she was a child greeted her. The same wooden dresser, the same standing mirror, and the same twin size bed that used to dwarf her in size. The only new additions in the room were the black and red bedspread, and the brand new black curtains. Guess he remembered my favorite color, she thought wryly. She was grateful though. To her it showed how much he cared.

Inhaling, she took in the scent of rainwater mixed with forest pine. Though she didn't like water she did enjoy that after rain smell. Combined with the scent of the trees, her room smelled absolutely wonderful, despite the lingering smell of beer and gunpowder from Charlie.

She walked to her window, watching as the rain hit the glass and form tiny rivers. She closed her eyes, and opened them again as she stepped away from the window. Bella sighed and laid back on the bed, staring at the ceiling in contemplation. This place…it feels… She stopped her ponderings as she noticed her suitcase lying in the corner. She smirked. Wow, the old man actually did it. She sat up, her lips pursing thoughtfully. She took another glance at her bag before shrugging and lying back down again. I'll unpack later. Closing her eyes for the second time, she yawned and shifted into the comforter. As Bella drifted to sleep, she recalled Charlie's words of welcome home. Surrounded by the thick forest and the soft pitter patter of rain she couldn't help but think those words were true.

This place is my home…

Okay so here's the breakdown. I began writing this story about two years ago, but never had the time or inclination to post it. (Shrugs) It's still a work in progress though, so don't be surprised if my updates start to take longer after the first few chapters. Anyways this is extremely AU if you hadn't noticed. So definately don't compare this to the regular Twilight Saga. Bella is vastly different in both personality and looks (but we'll get to that later) so essentially she is an entirely different person. Charlie is also not her real father (le gasp!) and is much more personable...person. Alice won't be much different except she'll be more broody and dramatic. Like really dramatic. I guess it's just because of my writing style. (I'm a sucker for tragedy and flailing emotions) There won't be much angst in the relationship department, so breath a sigh of relief there. There will be much more plot than just falling in love though. There will be action (eventually) and i plan for this story to span at least three arcs. (Forks being 1) But that's all I have to say about that. Review if you want, I don't really care. :P

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