Attention all who still care. Please read through this in its entirety.

I know it has been quite a while since I updated, and to most of you I presume it is an inexcusable absence. Nevertheless I had my reasons, excuses, etc, whatever you wish to call them. A few weeks after finals and my high school graduation a very close friend of mine passed away. I won't go into detail, but do know it put me into a dark place. I couldn't sleep, or eat and it felt like an oppressive weight was on my chest. Even writing, which had given me so much solace in the past, felt like an immense chore. Inspiration had fled from me and thus I abandoned this story. I felt that it was stupid and pointless to dream about impossible things and made up characters. I felt like my story was a pile of shit and the situations too trite to be considered proper writing. I deleted all the files on my computer, both old stories never published and new ones just barely written. Including all of Midnight. I felt guilty for leaving you all waiting in suspense for an update that would never come, but bitterness kept me from giving you notice. Do not ask me why for I will not elaborate.

Now though, months and months later, I feel like her death was merely a catalyst to several things leading to my depression. I see it objectively now, without falling into nasty habits of self-loathing. I feel better, if not completely healed, and ask for your patience. If you all have outgrown this story, as I have admittedly, then continue on your way. If however you would like to see me continue I will do my best to finish and also improve this story as a whole. I have had time to reflect over the path I want to take with this and also the direction the characters will follow. I cannot guarantee it will be as good, if it ever was, but I feel more focused then I was nearly a year ago. And in the event I decide that things begin to be too much, as I have both college and work to contend with, I will do the honorable thing and notify you all.

As a side note I will be taking requests to adopt this story, for it is my literary baby and I do not wish to see it die. I will of course include a typed outline that shows all the answers and thoughts behind each and every action taken(or will be taken) in the story. This is merely precautionary in the event my muse flees once again.

Thank you again for your patience.