Hey everybody! Its Lauren and i'm starting a new story! haha so it is a DxC story, but it involves elements from the Broadway musical, Spring Awakening. The actual play is a rated M play, but i'm not rating the story M because it's not that explicit. I do have to warn you guys of the lyics of the songs are fairly explicit, but you don't have to read them if you're uncomfortable with it. It's not necessary to read and/or watch Spring Awakening to get the story, but i do recommend it because it's fantastic! i can put up a link from youtube if you guys want to watch it, or you can look yourselves, there's multiple bootleg copies of it on youtube, or you can buy the script from most bookstores. Also I want to explain the text in here, Italics are script or lyrics from the play, and the names of the TDI characters playing the play characters will be next to the SA character name. I plan on having a song or a piece of dialogue from the play in every chapter so i wanna make sure no one gets confused, and BOLD print is thoughts from the characters. Thank you and Pleeaasseee R&R

Disclaimer: I don't own TDI or any of its characters, likewise with Spring Awakening, and its script and lyrics

Courtney took a deep breath as she approached the stage, her song ready in her mind and butterflies in her stomach. This was it, the moment she'd been waiting for all her past three years in high school. It was the start of her senior year and she was sure to start with a bang. She'd been mulling through drama club since freshman year, accepting the meager chorus roles and sometimes supporting roles in an attempt to claw to high school drama club fame with a lead. This was her part, she was sure of it. With her mom head of the school board, she easily convinced the principal to allow an uncensored high school production of Spring Awakening. Her drama teacher, Ms. Holloway was more than happy to oblige and started with auditions for the production the next week. Courtney was a shoe in for the female lead, Wendla. It would be perfect because Trent Matthews was guaranteed for the Male lead of Melchior. Trent and Courtney were soul mates. He was the Romeo to her Juliet, the Link to her Tracy, the Fiyero to her Elphaba, the Rodger to her Mimi, and the Danny to her Sandy. Okay maybe not, but you get it. They were destiny. He just didn't realize it yet. But this play would cause him to realize how perfect they were together and they'd fall in love and live happily ever after in McKinley high school history. Courtney smiled at her well thought out plan and gave her music to the red-headed scrawny nerd at the piano. She stepped up to the center of the stage and sang her rendition of Mama Who Bore Me.

Courtney [WENDLA]: Mama who bore me, Mama who gave me, No way to handle things
Who made me so sad
Mama, the weeping, Mama, the angels, No sleep in Heaven, or Bethlehem
Some pray that one day, Christ will come a'-callin', They light a candle, And hope that it glows
And some just lie there, Crying for him to come and find them, But when he comes they don't know how to go
Mama who bore me, Mama who gave me, No way to handle things, Who made me so bad
Mama, the weeping, Mama, the angels, No sleep in Heaven, or Bethlehem

"Courtney that was lovely dear. You've certainly improved over the years" Ms. Holloway smiled.

"Thank you Ms. Holloway, I'm very excited for this play." Courtney gave her a smile.

"Well you did very well," she waved Courtney off the stage. "Next,"
Courtney walked off the stage,

"That was great Court," Trent smiled as he lifted his hand for a high five."

"Thanks Trent," Courtney high fived him awkwardly. "I know you do great too," Courtney replied.

"Thanks," he flashed a showstopper smile and she giggled and walked away.

"You have it bad," Bridgette sighed as she walked up. Bridgette was Courtney's best friend and over the years Bridgette had been drug into one too many plays by Courtney; this one being no different. "Are you still bent on that stupid Danny/Sandy plan?" Bridgette sighed scanning over the monologue Courtney made her memorize.

"Bridgette, for the last time, its plan 'You're the one that I want,'" Courtney retorted

"That roll's off the tongue," Bridgette mumbled

"And it's not stupid! It'll work, by the end of this play, he'll be in love with me," Courtney replied. Bridgette raised her eyebrow in disbelief. "It will!" Courtney retorted. Bridgette just rolled her eyes.

"What's up with you and that movie anyways," Bridgette sighed looked at the script again.

"Grease is not just a movie, it's a musical. And I love it because it was the first musical I ever saw and since seeing it I became drawn into the world of theatre," Courtney explained.

"Whatever," Bridgette rolled her eyes and smiled at her preppy best friend.

Trent had just finished his song and walked off the stage; he looked at Courtney and smiled. She smiled back her face flushing slightly as she let out a giggle.

"I still think you're crazy," Bridgette mumbled as she walked towards the stage to begin her monologue.


"I can't believe I have to do this crazy shit, just so I don't fail Holloway's stupid drama class," Duncan growled as he sat in the audience next to his friends Geoff and DJ.

"Dude, it can't be that bad, and hey I have to do it too. Who knows? Maybe this will be kinda chill." Geoff replied adjusting his hat.

"If you guys actually paid attention in class, then you wouldn't be in this situation." DJ replied.

"Yeah Duncan, maybe we should actually work in that class," Geoff looked at his green haired friend. The two were silent for a second as they thought about that suggestion, then looked at each other, then burst out in laughter.

"Ahaha like we'd ever do that!" Geoff uttered between laughs.

"Seriously dude hahaha" Duncan wiped a tear from his eye. They pounded fists as their laughter died down.

"Well it was just a suggestion," DJ huffed with a frown.

"Excuse me? Are you boys here to audition? Because I have no time for hooligans." Ms. Holloway was glaring at them from her table, mainly looking at Duncan.

"Yes Ms. Holloway, we are," Geoff said putting on an innocent smile. The other two stood up and gave her the same smile.

"Hmn so I see you and Mr. Malone took my advice for extra credit," Ms. Holloway pursed her lips, "well then you three come up here so I can provide you with a piece to audition with."

"Actually Ms. Holloway, I have something prepared," DJ replied. The other two turned to look at him raising their eyebrows. "What? Mama always said that theatre makes a well rounded person." DJ replied.

"Well good then, hurry up boys, I don't have all day." Ms. Holloway sighed. The three ran down to the stage. "No running in the theater!"


All the auditioning was over and everyone was supposed to sit in the seats of the auditorium to wait for some announcements from Ms. Holloway. Duncan took a seat next to his friend Gwen from history, with the rest of his crew next to him.

"So you're one of these drama nerds too?" Duncan snickered to her.

"I've always been a part of the drama club, backstage wise, I normally do the sets and painting and such. That's where I met the techno stalker," she smirked back referring to the gap toothed boy sitting next to Gwen. Duncan recognized him as Cody from his computers class. "He normally does sound and other techie stuff, but when he heard I was auditioning this year…" Gwen sighed

"He just had to do it too cause he's in looovvveee with little Gweny," Duncan put two and two together and snickered.

"Yeah," Gwen blew her bangs out of her face in annoyance.

"So why are you doing this stupid play anyway?" Duncan asked.

"I've always been a fan of Spring Awakening, it's pretty decent and it's all about challenging authority and social norm, not to mention sexual enlightenment," Gwen smiled. "Which I'm a fan of"

"Well maybe this might not be that suckish, I mean I'm all for challenging authority," Duncan replied.

"Really? I wouldn't have guessed," Gwen chuckled as she ran her hand through his Mohawk.

"And hell anything sexual is fine in my book," he wiggled his eyebrow suggestively and Gwen rolled her eyes.

Courtney had taken a seat in the front next to Bridgette. Trent was a few seats away, talking to DJ about who knows what. Heather, Courtney's frenemy was sitting behind her, texting and not paying attention to anyone. Noah, the sarcastic genius who had always been Courtney's competition in regards to anything academic was sitting next to Heather reading a book. Courtney also saw DJ, Geoff and Duncan from drama class. DJ seems like a fairly acceptable person, but Geoff was an uncontrollably inept party boy and Duncan was simply a delinquent. What could be going through Ms. Holloways head to let those two imbeciles audition? Courtney thought smugly. She also saw Leshawna sitting next to the techie turned "actor" (Please) Cody. She was pretty decent, a little too much attitude for Courtney's taste though. Courtney also saw a few other people who hadn't had the honor of meeting her, so she didn't know them. Eventually Ms. Holloway walked up to the stage.

"Excuse me everyone," she said and everyone began to quiet down. "Now, I'd like to thank everyone who auditioned and I wish you the best of luck. I will post the cast list outside the drama room on Monday at 7:00 sharp. The first rehearsal will be Monday from 2:30 to 5. Have a wonderful weekend" Ms. Holloway smiled as she dismissed the crowd of eager students


Wendla Bergmann: Courtney Callahan

Melchior Gabor: Duncan Malone

Moritz Stiefel: Trent Matthews

Ilse: Gwen Stevens

Mother/Headmistress (Wendla Understudy): Heather Lang

Father/School Master (Melchior Understudy): DJ Brown

School Boys

Hanschen: Noah Vargas

Ernst: Cody Little

Otto: Owen Peters

Georg: Geoff Baxter

School Girls

Martha: Leshawna Jones

Thea: Bridgette Cavannah

Anna: Izzy Swanson

"What!" Courtney exclaimed. It was 7:01 and Courtney and a sleepy Bridgette were outside the drama room reading the cast list.

"What's the problem? You got the lead," Bridgette yawned pointing to the paper on the wall.

"Just look at my leading man! That's not Trent!" Courtney yelled freaking out.

"Well that certainly puts a damper on your get Trent to love you plan," Bridgette replied rubbing her eyes.

"Its plan 'You're the One that I Want'!" Courtney replied becoming very flustered.

"Girls what are you yelling about?" Ms. Holloway walked out of her room carrying a cup of coffee.

"I'm not the one yelling," Bridgette replied, eyeing her cup of coffee.

"Courtney, dear, you got the lead. Be happy." Ms. Holloway replied.

"Yes but what about Trent? And how did someone like Duncan Malone get the part of my love interest!" Courtney replied still as flustered.

"Courtney, high school theatre is all about giving everyone a chance to shine, and as surprising as it may seem Mr. Malone has quite a hand at acting, and he's a fairly good singer. Plus I think Trent will flourish more with a complex character such as Moritz Stiefel." Ms. Holloway explained.

"I have no idea what any of that means," Bridgette sighed as she slid down the wall and took a seat on the floor.

"Wait, I'm what?" the sound of Heather's angry voice echoed through the hall as her and her clones crowded around the list.

"Heather, you're playing all the female adults in the play. You'll have a lot of stage time, don't worry." Ms. Holloway replied coolly, sipping her coffee.

"But I'm HER understudy?" Heather scowled as she pointed to Courtney.

"Girls, I have no time to explain all my casting decisions. If you don't like it then you can drop out, but I'm not changing my mind, on any casting." Ms. Holloway replied as she turned to go back into her room "I'll see you later at practice I'm sure?"

"Yes Ms. Holloway," the two girls sighed. Heather gave Courtney a scowl and walked away with her henchmen in tow.

"What crawled up that girls skinny butt," Leshawna sighed has she looked at the cast list. "Martha? Is that cause I'm black?" She raised an eyebrow.

"Leshawna, you're a perfect Martha, and she gets a solo." Courtney explained calmly.

"Whatever, what's up with surfer girl?" Leshawna pointed to Bridgette who was sleeping on the floor.

"She's not used to getting up at 6 for school," Courtney sighed.

"Hmn, well whatever," Leshawna smiled, "so girl what part did you get?"

"I'm Wendla, the lead female," Courtney replied.

"Well congratulations girl! You've been dying for a lead for how long?" Leshawna replied.

"Yes, I'm happy about my part, though I'm not so sure about her casting decisions for the male counterpart." Courtney sighed.

"It's Trent isn't it? He always gets the lead," Leshawna furrowed her eyebrows.

"See for yourself," Courtney nodded towards the list.

"Duncan? Man he's cool and all, but I wouldn't place him as the theatre type."

"Yeah more of a delinquent," Courtney spat.

"Chill girl," Leshawna chuckled, "He's pretty good looking for a white guy,"

"Who is?" Gwen walked up.

"Duncan, he got the lead." Leshawna replied.

"Really?" Gwen asked as she looked at the list. "Hmn Ilse, nice I can do that." Gwen smiled.

"Yes but what about my problem with my male lead?" Courtney frowned.

"Right, forgot you've gotta make out with him on stage," Gwen snickered "Don't worry, I hear he's one hell of a kisser."

"Not just kiss him; it's an entire sex scene!" Courtney yelled. People around the halls all looked at the prep and slowly walked away in fear.

"Did my ear's deceive me? Or did I hear sex scene?" Geoff grinned as him, DJ and Duncan walked up.

"Yep, you did Geoff, there's one between Wendla and Melchior, which is being played by Courtney and…"

"What's a Meel-Cha-ir?" Duncan said trying to read the paper.

"It's Melchior you idiot," Courtney huffed.

"Wait so, Duncan and Courtney have a sex scene?" DJ asked. Both he and Geoff burst out laughing.

"It's not a real one," Noah sighed as he approached the group gathering around the list, with Cody following behind him, and Izzy and Owen not far behind.

"They still have to make out on stage," Gwen replied with a smirk.

"has anyone seen Trent anywhere?" DJ said looking around.

"AHHHHHHHH," a girlish like scream came from the four looking at the list. Noah walked over shaking, with a confused Cody next to him.

"I'm, I'm I…." Noah stammered.

"You're Hanschen, and Cody's Ernst," Gwen smirked.

"I don't get it? What's the big deal?" Cody shrugged.

"They're GAY!" Noah replied.

"Gay lovers actually," Gwen clarified. Noah just glared at her, and Cody still looked confused.

haha yeah, i'm a closet NoCo shipper :3 i try to add a hint of NoCo yaoi in my stories buahahahaha what will happen to our favorite teen cartoons? Find out in the next chapter, where we'll see Trent's reaction, and the first rehearsal

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