Saved Your Ass – On Thursdays

Jo Tran

Gym class…it's always gym class.

Maybe it had something to a room filled with sweating, screaming teenagers with fire in their eyes to destroy their next victim with the red skinned ball in their hands.

Tory wondered why his numb skulled gym teacher was always so persistent on only teaching them dodge ball. Really, there were more important things in life.

Tory leaned against the gym wall as usual, waiting for his turn to get nailed in the head. His attention was averted when Colin entered the gym, for literally the second gym class ever.

The way he walked (or limped), the look he gave Tory, the way his cheeks were tinted pink when he averted his gaze could say it all.

You're not supposed to mean it when you say every flat surface.

Inwardly, Tory couldn't help but smile. But on the outside, he knew there was that knowing smirk that he knew pissed Colin off to no end.

The whistle blew and the teams rotated. Colin inched slowly towards Tory until their shoulders were bumping against each other as they walked.

"Still not okay?" Tory offered sweetly.

But Colin could only respond with a scowl, "No thanks to you."

The whistle blew and the teams switched players. Colin shuffled unwillingly, while Tory's ego inflated and his mind was set on impressing his quiet neighbor. Just as Jeremy sauntered onto the court (again?) the second whistle signaled the commence of the game.

The first few throws missed both Tory and Colin by mere centimeters, but their team was able to get a few opponents out.

Then, in a critical moment, Tory watched as one of the bullets of the sport was slicing through the air towards—

"Colin!" Tory shouted in warning, but tackled the smaller boy to the ground instead.

Colin managed to land on his hands, catching his own fall, but when he realized Tory was above him, much like every other time this happens, his limbs go weak and his eyes glaze over.

"You..uh…the ball—are you okay?" Tory stammered out.

That day, the fifth period gym class realized the hard way that Tory and Colin are dating.