Toys and Dolls.

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Plot: What if Emily had been Andy's mom and never gave Jessie away and what if Woody's first owner was Andy's father?

By this point, Jessie had been left under the bed for so long that she felt forgotten. And she had already given up hope that Emily would remember her and play with her again. But then, one day, she saw Emily's face again. She nearly cried out in joy as Emily pulled her out form under the bed. She was older than Jessie had remembered - she was teenager now, but she was still Emily all right. Her joy was only short lived, however. as Emily then smiled, making a comment about wondering where Jessie had been all that time before placing her into a box; leaving Jessie alone in the complete darkness.

Woody had been sitting alone on the shelf for years by this point; and the piling dust had been the perfect display of this fact as he helplessly watched, one by one, as his friends were either sold, given away, or just plain thrown out. He watched his owner grow from a boy into man. He was glad that he had been able to watch his owner grow up, but he missed being played with. He missed his owner talking to him; but, one night, his owner spoke to him.

"Well Woody, tonight's the night. Do you think she'll say yes?" From what Woody had overheard, over the past few months, his owner was dating someone named Emily. He guessed that his owner was going to ask her to marry him. His owner took him off the shelf and pulled Woody's pull-sting.

'Yee-haw! Giddy-up partner! We've got to get this wagon train a-movin!' Woody's voice box randomly yelled.

His owner laughed and tossed him up the air a few times before placing him back on the shelf. Even though his owner only played with him for a few minutes, it was pure heaven for Woody.

Emily had said yes and the months went by. Woody heard his owner talk about an apartment which he and Emily had bought. Woody feared that he would be left behind. Then his owner walked over to him before placing him a box full of miscellaneous objects. Sometime later, the box was opened up a by woman.

"What's this?" She asked, picking Woody up.

"It's my old Sheriff Woody doll. I know it's kind of childish of me to have kept him all these years, but he was my favorite toy as a kid and I thought it'd be kind of nice to keep him in the apartment so that, one day, I could give him to our children," He said, putting Woody on the bookshelf.

"That's so sweet!" Emily said, hugging him. "But you know, I think he looks a little lonely up there all by himself," Emily said thoughtfully. "And I think I have the perfect doll to keep him company."

Woody was almost beyond himself with joy - soon he'd have someone talk to; someone to really talk to! He hadn't realized how lonely he had really been until Emily had mentioned this.

Jessie thought she heard someone's voice.

'Great now I'm going plum crazy from being alone for so long,' she mentally ranted. Suddenly, the box was opened and Jessie was left face to face with Emily. At first, she thought it had been Emily's mother until she realized that it really was Emily. Emily had grown up without her and this alone broke Jessie's heart. But at least she was out of that box! Fresh air! Sunlight! Jessie didn't know where she and Emily were going; but, even though Emily had hurt her by forgetting about her before shutting her up in box for so many years, she was still happy to be with her again.

"I'm back!" Emily called, walking into the apartment.

From where Woody was positioned on the bookshelf, he could see the doll Emily brought in. She was a cowgirl doll, which was good since they'd have something in common. He watched his owner take the doll from Emily; it was then that he noticed that she was a pull string doll like him. The doll yodeled when his owner pulled her string.

'Well, that's different,' Woody thought.

Jessie was placed next to Woody. The two toys remained lifeless whilst their owners discussed how to decorate the apartment.

A/N: Ok so here's chapter one. I hoped you all liked it. Does anyone have any suggestions as what some of Jessie's voice box sayings could be? I figured since she's Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl that she would yodel, but I'm not sure what else her voice box would say. A/N