Toys and Dolls.

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For the first time Andy could remember he wasn't excited about his birthday. No matter what new toys he got, they would never replace the toys that he had lost. He had Buzz at least, but it still wasn't the same.

He was sitting up in bed, placing Buzz on his night-stand, when he saw them. Andy jumped out of bed and ran over to his desk, not daring to believe his eyes. Woody and Jessie on a toy horse? He picked each doll up, examining them closely.

It was then that Woody and Jessie remembered that they had been fixed up, looking like brand new toys. Andy didn't have them when they had been really brand new. He had them with paint rubs and loose stitches. Woody's arm had been sewn up perfectly—you'd never know it had been ripped or ripped off. Jessie's face had been repainted and more freckles had been added. Surely Andy would think that they were new toys that his mother bought him, especially with Bullseye! Andy wouldn't love them the same if he thought they were different—he may not even want to play with them! They inwardly panicked at the thought. All Jessie wanted to do was tug on her braid.

Andy was now looking at the bottom of their boots. Woody was so thankful he'd had the presence of mind to rub the paint of their boots that had covered Andy's name. Andy stared at his name, studying the handwriting. He knew is own handwriting. A broad smile spread wide across his face.

"Mom!" He hollowed. "They're back! Woody and Jessie are back!"

Emily ran into Andy's room to find her son dancing around holding Woody and Jessie tightly to him.

"But-but how?" Emily panted, perplexed but grateful that her son was happy again and that his beloved toys that once had been hers and her late husbands were back home, safe and sound.

"I don't know," Andy said looking at his mother. "I just woke up and found them on that toy horse," He said walking over to Bullseye. It was then that Andy noticed two things: One, Woody, Jessie, and Bullseye were next to a picture of his father; and two, his etch-a-sketch, which was also on the desk, read the message 'Happy Birthday Andy'. Emily followed her son and picked up Bullseye in wonder.

"Bullseye, Woody's horse," She murmured.

Andy looked at his mother in surprise. She had never actively participated in any of his playtimes like his father had, but if she wanted to name his new toy horse and have him be Woody's, well then she could. Andy had planned on naming him Chopper and giving him to Jessie, but he supposed he could have Woody and Jessie take turns riding him or have them ride double; they could both fit on him.

"Your father always wanted Woody's horse," Emily said. That was news to Woody, thinking back to the old playtimes with the plastic horse Thunder—Andy's father always seemed to enjoy playing with him.

"Mom?" Andy said softly. "Do you think that maybe Dad…?"

"Andy, you know your father is…"

"I know, but you said Dad was an Angle now and that he's watching over us now. And sometimes Angles can do magical things...right?" Andy asked his mother.

Emily merely nodded.

"Then maybe for my birthday Dad was able to find Woody and Jessie and bring them back to me? And maybe he got me this horse for my birthday too? And look at Woody and Jessie—they're both fixed up and new looking!" He said showing her them. "An-and look at my etch-a-sketch, you didn't write this, did you?" He inquired, now showing it to her. Emily could only shake her head, having no idea who had written on the etch-a-sketch. "Then-then maybe it was Dad wishing me a happy birthday!" His eyes were filled with such innocence and childlike wonder; Emily could hardly believe he was already ten years old. It seemed only moments ago she was at the hospital giving birth to him. She reached over and stroked his cheek lovingly. It was such a fantastic idea of his and yet she had no other real explanation.

"Could be Andy, could be," She simply said. "Now come on, birthday boy. Let's make you an extra special breakfast!

Andy smiled happily, taking Woody, Jessie and Bullseye with him down stairs to the kitchen.

Once Andy was gone, his room once again became alive as the toys scrambled quickly over to where Buzz was. They didn't get the chance to talk to Buzz the night before with Andy there. Buzz told them everything from Pete attacking them to their plane rides to finding they way home.

Bo wondered if she had dreamed seeing Woody and Jessie last night. It had, had to be dream, right? Woody, Jessie, and Buzz were long gone, never to come back.

And then she heard Andy yell that Woody and Jessie were back. While Bo was happy to hear that, she couldn't help but wonder what had happened to Buzz. So she waited. She waited for Andy to come in and get her for playtime. She waited for playtime to be over when she saw all her friends.

Woody, Jessie, and Buzz had gone on a quest to save Bullseye the Wonder Horse. With the quest finished, having saved Bullseye, they had sent Buzz to go up ahead and let the town know they were on their way back. The town cheered at their return and Bo playfully asked Woody if he had sent Buzz ahead so he could be alone with Jessie.

A light bulb went off in Andy's head. He had always paired Woody and Bo together and Woody and Jessie as best friends, but what if he changed that? After all, it was his game and while he still found girls to be somewhat icky he had always had a craving to place romance into his game. Bo had filled that role for Woody well enough. Andy had thought of coupling Buzz and Jessie together at first, but Buzz was shorter then Jessie and it just seemed too awkward to give them kissing scenes, plus too much romance would take away the great sense of adventure out of the game and Woody as well. Andy picked up Bo and gave her a good, hard look. In truth, he was getting bored with the porcelain figurine. He couldn't really do much with her and he always had to worry about breaking her by accident, but with Jessie it could be different. Jessie could be posed. He could make her throw her arms around Woody. Andy could make Woody hold or carry her.

Yes, Woody and Jessie would work much better. Romance and action could be combined in one storyline. So it was decided–Jessie's role was expanded not only was Woody's sidekick, but she was also his love interest. Bo's role had diminished. She was no longer the Sheriff's love interest or anyone else's, she would be reduced to a spectator watching the adventures, and not taking part in it if she was lucky Andy might give her a speaking role once in a while. From now on, it would Jessie who gave the Sheriff kisses for rewards for his bravery. It would be Jessie who the bad guys would kidnap to irk the Sheriff.

The game breakup was short and simple. Bitter break ups were far from Andy's comprehension. Bo accepted it with no qualms, just as she inwardly accepted that soon Andy would have no real use for her.

Before anything else could be decided, Andy was called to come downstairs, as his guests would be arriving soon. Once Andy was gone, the toys now surrounded Woody and Jessie asking them the same questions they had asked Buzz. And Bo stood there, enthusiastically waiting to hear their tale.

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