Predator and Prey.

Summery: Alejandro is bored on a flight and decides to look for a target, the weak and lonely.

Disclaimer: I don't own Total Drama World Tour, never have, never will!

Note (PLEASE READ BEFORE CONTINUING TO THE STORY!): This story will contain sex and the subject of rape, if this offends you in anyway then turn away now; you will not be able to handle this at all! This story WILL be rated Teen as it is not so much of a lemon, but still it has adult themes so if you're immature and ready to leave silly reviews such as 'omg this is disgusting!1!' then leave! I have no time to deal with you! Now more notes!

As soon as I saw the first episode of Total Drama World Tour I was hooked, not only with the show itself but with it's new character Alejandro, I don't know what it is about him but I love it, this devious attractive guy who can twirl girls around his finger just makes for a great character, so last night I was thinking all about how he's already charmed Lindsay and Bridgette and how he could…let's say 'advance' on that! Plus I think I owe something to the 'Total Drama' community for not posting something in a while!

Also before I start, the lyrics to 'Alejandro' by Lady GaGa will be in bold, pay very close attention to the lyrics because once analyzed carefully you'll realize that it is a very sexual song which I have tried to make the story like. Enjoy!

'Seven hours…Five more to go' Alejandro told himself, he could feel his eyes slowly drooping from tiredness, he scanned the plane, everyone has fallen asleep themselves trying to find some comfort on the floor or on the food benches, Alejandro has propped himself up on a cold hard bench on the side that were used as the sleeping areas for loosing teams, for now, they were all losers.

That included him, he hated being a loser, he was normally top at everything, school, sports and most especially, girls. He was idolized back in Mexico by both girls and boys; the boys because he could woo any girl from just one look, and the girls, well just because of his gorgeous looks.

He leant forward and studied the sleeping in front of him, most of the girls here were already smitten for him, and he had to admit that they all had a certain charm about them that he had not seen on any girl before.

That's when Alejandro made up his mind; it was time to make this flight a little more exciting, one girl was about to become his latest target.

But which one? Alejandro's green eyes scanned the prey in front of him; the first girl he saw was Izzy, definitely not! She's such a wild animal she would girl him!

Next up, Gwen, no, he didn't really like the whole Goth thing, plus there was Duncan to consider. With the guy he liked close by, it would not be an easy matter stealing her away from some fun.

Courtney was the same, Alejandro looked over her sleeping body in envy, her curves were all in the right place, but then again, a girl like Courtney would be very high strung about it, there would be several rules to follow and know doubt there would be a lecture on how to respect women in that situation.

Leshawna, no way, something about her was a little rough and edgy, he wanted a girl that would flow easily and let him do as he pleased.

Sierra…too squawky! And good luck trying to separate her from Cody.

Lindsay, maybe…she was a possibility but she was just like Gwen and Courtney, Tyler was close by and Alejandro wasn't even sure that he was sleeping, he could see Tyler's eyes flickering, as if he was keeping an eye on him incase he did sneak Lindsay off.

Heather…another maybe, however she was nowhere to be seen and he was in no mood to hunt down a girl.

It was useless, every girl seemed to either be too wrong or it was too complicated to grab them, Alejandro slammed his fists against the side of the lane, making a worrying cracking noise.

He wasn't going to survive for the next few hours if he didn't do something, looking up again and scanning the room, he saw it.

There, separated from the group, was Bridgette, she was huddled to herself and she wasn't asleep, she was looking at something in her hands.

Alejandro took a minute to take her in, her long natural blonde hair looked so soft and her figure was one to envy, but there was one problem, she said she had a boyfriend.

Alejandro found himself standing up and slowly taking careful steps towards her, she was without her boyfriend so she was guarantied to be weak and depressed, and an easy target.

He slowly crouched down beside Bridgette, she didn't notice him, she was too interested in her hands, or what was in them.

Alejandro reached out a hand and gently touched her should, Bridgette jumped and spun around. Seeing her face Alejandro could see it was tear stained slightly.

"Oh, Alejandro" She mumbled.

"Hey Bridgette" He cooed softly, "Are you ok".

"Yes fine" she whispered back.

"You don't look it" Alejandro said, Bridgette tried to turn her head away but Alejandro touched her check softly, making her look back at him.

She's got both hands
in her pockets.
And she won't look at you,
Won't look at you…

"You've been crying, what's up?" He asked sitting next to her.

"It's nothing" Bridgette whispered back stuffing her hands in her pockets, Alejandro noticed something slipping in, a photo.

"What's that" He asked reaching out and taking the photo off her, Bridgette reached out trying to take it back but Alejandro moved it away from her.

The looked at the photo and frowned, in it was Bridgette cuddled up to a toned blonde haired boy in a cowboy hat, he raised his eyebrows and looked back at Bridgette.

"Is this your Boyfriend?" He asked, Bridgette nodded.


"And is this who you were crying over?"


"Do you miss him?"

She hides true love.
En so bolsillo
She's got a halo 'round her finger.
Around you…

Bridgette nodded again, and tried to hide her face again. "He was supposed to be competing on this show, but there was a mix up and now he's not here" She explained.

"I see" Alejandro said, "Well there's no need to get upset Bridge…can I call you Bridge?"

She nodded again, "I know…but I can't help it, I just miss him so much!"

"It's only been a day" Alejandro mumbled.

'Humor her!' He told himself, 'just for a little longer!'

"But I can understand how that feels" He quickly corrected himself and wrapping his arm around Bridgette.

"Hey what about we go someplace…quiet to talk" He said.

Bridgette nodded and the two got back up, a dirty smirk spread across Alejandro's face as he led Bridgette away from her friends and to her hell.

Bridgette could feel Alejandro getting closer to her as the two walked down the empty halls of the plane, there was something about him, something oddly…comforting.

Bridgette knew she shouldn't really trust him not after all the problems from the award ceremony, but still, how could you be mad at someone who was being so nice to you like this.

You know that I love you boy.
Hot like Mexico, rejoice.
At this point I gotta choose,

For now, he could be the one that she could turn to in times of stress, this was his first time doing the 'Total Drama' series so he would be new to all the back stabbings and alliances, Bridgette thought she could help him out on his first try.

Nothing to loose…

The two reached the luggage compartment of the plane, all their suitcases were sprawled out over the cold grey floor, Alejandro walked behind a pile of cases and sat down, he gingerly petted the space next to him asking for Bridgette to join him, she slowly sat down next to him.

"So Bridgette, talk to me, you're upset about this boy not being here right?" Alejandro asked.

"Yeah" Bridgette replied, "I never really spend time away from him so this is kind of a shocker for us both, I just want to know how he's doing back at home".

"I'm sure he's fine, although I could understand what he's going through, missing someone as beautiful like you" Alejandro swooned.

Bridgette felt her checks glowing a deep red; she hadn't blushed like that since Geoff had said he loved her. She looked back at Alejandro, he was so pretty, and exotic and…

No! Stop this! Bridgette ordered herself, she had Geoff and she couldn't forget about him for Alejandro, this wasn't looking good, Bridgette prayed there were no cameras on anywhere around here.

"Bridgette are you ok?" Alejandro called her.

Bridgette winced at hearing her name spoken by him, his sexy voice purred as he rolled her name off his tongue.

Don't call my name.
Don't call my name, Alejandro.

"Babe" Alejandro said as he reached out and stroked her arm, 'babe' Geoff would say that to her all the time, hearing it from Alejandro sounded weird, Geoff's sounded so reassuring, while his sounded daring and dangerous.

I'm not your babe.
I'm not your babe, Fernando.

"Bridgette?" Alejandro called again; Bridgette snapped out of her thoughts and looked back at him, he had a weird look on his face, lustful.

"What were you saying?" Bridgette asked him.

"I was saying how beautiful you look down here…in the dim light; it captures your essence, like the moonlight" Alejandro whispered, he raised his hand up and started to caress her face lovingly. Bridgette felt a shiver go down her spine making her shake.

"I can see what that boy fell for" He murmured, his voice going deeper into his throat so it was more of a growl, a predatory growl, Bridgette was starting to get a little nervous.

"What are you trying to say?" She asked, trying to shift away from him.

Don't wanna kiss, don't wanna touch.
Just smoke one cigarette and hush.
Don't call my name.
Don't call my name, Roberto.


"Bridgette, let tonight be for us, no lovers in the way, just us two" Alejandro growled, and in a second he had pounced on top of Bridgette, she let out a panicked scram of terror as Alejandro begun to pull off her hoodie.

The quiet compartment was soon filled with terrifying screams from Bridgette, and her calling out 'Stop, please, just let me go, Alejandro, just let me go…'

From inside one of the bigger bags Ezekiel was hidden, he heard Bridgette's screams and froze, nervously he unzipped the bag and peered round, he couldn't see anything but darkness, he shrugged his shoulders and settled back down.

"That sure sounded like Bridgette eh.." He mumbled before going back to sleep.

Alejandro wasn't paying much attention to her, he managed to wrestle her hoodie off and was now looking down at Bridgette, she was in her bra and trying to escape him. However he was not going to let her go yet, the fun had just begun.

He pinned her down by the arms and stared at her breasts, "My, Bridgette, why must you hide them under that shirt? They're so beautiful".

Bridgette had terror in her eyes, it was frightening how quickly Alejandro turned like this, not sure what was happening next, she could feel Alejandro advancing on her and slowly slipping her jeans off, unsure of what to do, Bridgette started flailing around desperately trying to shake him off.

"Trying will get you no where" Alejandro sneered, "I've had years of practice".

Bridgette felt like she might pass out, from nerves and panic more than anything, but still she wanted to stay awake to make sure nothing happened, going to sleep could pout her life in risk.

Now, she was lying on the cold floor in nothing but her bra and pants, Alejandro grinned at the sight of her body, and he moved closer towards her, he was very strong and kept Bridgette still with one arm pinned down on her, with the other he reached towards his own trouser and slowly unzipped them.

"What…what are you-?" Bridgette was cut off by Alejandro pushing his finger on her lips.

"Ssh now, like I said, tonight is about us" He whispered seductively.

He pulled his trousers off, leaving him in his boxers, next came the shirt, he pulled it straights off revealing his impressive abs, Bridgette had to admit he was gorgeous…but this was still wrong!

"What are you going to do?" She asked, Alejandro smiled.

"We'll have some fun…my way" He said, Bridgette's eyes widened as he slowly made his way to her bra, he rummaged behind her back and unhooked it, slowly he pulled it off revealing her body in a whole new way.

Bridgette caught on straight away; he was going to have sex with her. She started to panic even more, she was still pure and innocent…a virgin.

She's not broken,
She's just a baby…

Even though her and Geoff were pretty much inseparable, they had not had sex with each other, she wasn't ready. Geoff understood this and had told her that he would wait until she was ready; he loved her and respected her.

But her boyfriend's like a dad,

Just like a dad…

Bridgette didn't want to be broken in this way, she didn't love Alejandro, but she loved Geoff, she started to struggle again but it was too late, Bridgette's pants were now off and she was naked.

Alejandro moaned slightly at seeing Bridgette at her full potential, he sat up slowly and smirked, "My turn" He said, he slowly pulled off his boxers and was now naked too.

Bridgette's heart started racing, out of anticipation, or nerves, she couldn't tell, but she knew that she should be nervous but there was still something calming about it.

and all those flames that burned before him.
Now he's gonna fight your fight, gonna cool the bad.

You know that I love you boy.
Hot like Mexico, rejoice.
At this point I gotta choose,
nothing to loose…

Alejandro moved closer and closer until he was fully on top of her, his lips crashed on top of hers, he slowly moved carefully so that he was entering her, Bridgette was startled and pulled away from this kiss in time to cry out in pain as soon as he had entered, the pain was unbearable, she knew that if it was Geoff here he would calm her down but no, Alejandro was a predator who was only interested in sex.

Alejandro started kissing her neck, her weak spot, "The pain will go Bridge" He murmured, "Trust me, it will get better".

Don't call my name.
Don't call my name, Alejandro.
I'm not your babe.
I'm not your babe, Fernando.
Don't wanna kiss, don't wanna touch.
Just smoke my cigarette and hush.
Don't call my name.
Don't call my name, Roberto.

Bridgette had tears pouring out of her eyes, from the pain of being broken, but not by anything else, as soon as the pain went she started to find it pleasurable, but for all the wrong reasons, she refused to kiss him back and let Alejandro do all the work as he continued to thrust in and out of her.

It was weird; her heart was screaming 'stop' while her head was thinking another matter, everything was happening at once so of course she was going to be confused.

Finally, Alejandro had enough and he slowly pulled out of her, breathing heavily, he looked down at Bridgette with beads of sweat dripping down the side of his face, Bridgette was speechless, her body was trembling, Alejandro slowly got up and got dressed.

"I've never done it on a plane before" He said to her, "Congratulations, we are now both a part of the mile high club".

Alejandro started laughing while Bridgette shakily sat up, she gathered her clothes back and quickly got dressed, "You…you".

"What?" Alejandro asked, "I like girls, what can I say, right place right time". He said, "Let's do it again, when I'm in the mood".

Don't bother me.
Don't bother me. Alejandro
Don't call my name.
Don't call my name, Fernando.

Speechless, Bridgette got up and ran as fast as she could away from him, she hid behind several bags as Alejandro's laugh echoed in her head.

"Don't run from it Bridgette, it was bond to happen sometime babe".

I'm not your babe.
I'm not your babe, Alejandro.

Bridgette heard him leave the compartment, as soon as his footsteps turned to silence once more she promptly vomited on the floor, gasping for air she emptied all the venom out of her body and onto the floor.

Don't wanna kiss, don't wanna touch. Fernando.
Don't call my name.
Don't call my name, Alejandro.
I'm not your babe.
I'm not your babe, Fernando.

Don't wanna kiss, don't wanna touch.
Just smoke my cigarette and hush.
Don't call my name.
Don't call my name, Roberto.


Tears streamed down her face as she slowly wiped her lips clean, clean from the sick and clean from Alejandro's poison. She slowly stood up and found her feet.

Why had he done that? Bridgette knew that she shouldn't have trusted him, but still the danger and fear of this whole experience had excited her.


Don't call my name.
Don't call my name, Alejandro.
I'm not your babe.
I'm not your babe, Fernando.

Don't wanna kiss, don't wanna touch.
Just smoke my cigarette and hush.
Don't call my name.
Don't call my name, Roberto.

"Bridgette?" Came a soft voice, she spun round and saw Ezekiel looking tired.

"What are you doing here?" Bridgette asked him sternly, Ezekiel frowned.

"Oh…I stowed away in a bag so that I could still be the show, I want to win eh!" He explained.

"Oh" Bridgette muttered, Ezekiel's eyes slowly traveled to the pile of sick on the floor.

"Was that-?"

"Yes" Bridgette quickly said, "I'm a bad traveler and I got a bit nauseous, that's all".

"Right "Ezekiel said, "But I thought I heard you screaming, something about Alejandro…"

"I was sleep walking" Bridgette explained, "I've always done it, and I dreamt that Alejandro was killing me".

Ezekiel nodded, "Right well, I better clean this up, go back upstairs Bridge, they might catch me if I go out there".

Bridgette nodded, "Thanks Zeke" She said before leaving, on her way out she paused and let the past events run through her mind.

Yes, Alejandro had raped her, but still there was something…hot about it, about him.

She loved Geoff she really did, and she knew she should feel guilty in some way, but she didn't, she felt somewhat excited about 'the next time'.

Alejandro's magic had worked on her and now Bridgette was truly in the claws of the predator…


And we're done! I wanted to leave it on the note of Bridgette slowly turning to Alejandro's evil side because I could imagine their romance being a one sided love, I am slowly warming to the pairing but I am solidly Bridgette/Geoff, let's call this my guilty pleasure! I hope you all enjoyed reading this!