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Chapter 9 Forever Yours, Faithfully

Geoff sat silently in a chair in the doctor's waiting room, Bridgette had been taken in to be examined about twenty minutes ago and she hadn't returned since, he was getting a little nervous for her.

He leant back on his chair and took a deep breath, what if there was something wring with her, he wasn't sure if he could deal with this stress on both her and him.

He clasped his hands together and closed his eyes and started to count, every time he got to one hundred he would start counting again, he was trying anything just to pass the time.

When he got to his seventh one hundred the door in front of him opened and Bridgette walked out, from taking one look at her tear stained face he knew that something was not right.

"Oh God Bridge" He murmured pulling her into a hug, "What is it? What did they say?"

"I'm…I'm pregnant".

Geoff's eyes widened, a small gasp escaped his lips as he pulled Bridgette closer, "Oh God…" that was the only thing he could say.

Bridgette didn't do or say much either, she just cried on his shoulder, "Geoff I'm scared".

"It's…it's all going to be ok Bridgette" Geoff said rubbing her back comfortingly, "Trust me, whatever you decide I will support you all the way".

Bridgette pulled away and bit her lip, "I did make a decision on what I should do".

"You can tell me Bridge, seriously whatever it is I will stand by you".

"I'm going to get together with Alejandro".

Geoff froze, he began to splutter nervously, "You…you're what?"

"I'm going to go with Alejandro" Bridgette said again, "He's the father so I want him to stand by me through this".

"But…you hate him, you said he was evil, why would you want to do that?" Geoff cried out.

"You said you'd support me whatever my decisions" Bridgette snapped angrily, "Well this is what I want to do".

Before another word was said Alejandro walked through the door and made his way towards Bridgette and wrapped his hands around Bridgette's stomach.

"Yeah Geoff, she's made up her mind, she doesn't want you, she never wanted you" Alejandro sneered.

"That's not true, shut up!" Snapped Geoff.

"Be quiet!" Alejandro said, "This is payback for not being with Bridgette when she needed you the most, she's mine now!"

The two both went to leave the room, leaving Geoff on his own, "no…" He whispered, "NO BRIDGE!"

Geoff's eyes snapped open; he was surprised to find himself still lying in Bridgette's bed and to hear the sound of a running shower in the background.

He scanned the room silently making sure that this time it was real before closing his eyes again and rubbing his head, normally he wouldn't let dreams affect him, but then again he had never had one like that before.

He placed his other hand on his bare chest and tried to relax, but he just couldn't, that dream had really riled him and he just couldn't ignore it.

The door opened and Bridgette walked out of the bathroom with just a towel wrapped around her body.

"Oh you're up" Bridgette said softly, "I was just about to wake you".

"Right" Geoff said quietly, he looked over at Bridgette and saw her in her current state, "How come you're up so early?"

"Oh…well you see I got a hold of the local doctors around here, I gave them a ring and managed to get an urgent appointment this morning, It's in an hour so…" She nervously trailed off.

"I get it" Geoff said, he immediately jumped out of bed, "I'll go with you".

"Thanks" Bridgette said smiling at him.

"You done in there?" Geoff asked gesturing towards the bathroom.

"Yeah, I'm done" Bridgette mumbled, as Geoff passed her she reached out a hand for him to hold, but he ignored it, he didn't mean to he was so wrapped up in thoughts he didn't notice it.

Bridgette quickly withdrew her hand once Geoff was in the bathroom and sighed to herself, he was terrified about this, she sat herself down at the vanity desk in the room and begun drying her hair.

Bridgette was very lucky, her hair was naturally straight and thick, a perfect combination, she found it very easy to manage even though she often tied it up in a ponytail and left it, but on the rare occasions when she wore it down she found it all too easy.

After realizing this she vowed that she would wear it down more often, but her trade mark ponytail was just a habit.

As she carried on drying her hair, Bridgette's thoughts were turned to what might happen today, she had been incredibly strong about this and there was bound to be a point where she cracked and let this get to her.

Maybe that moment was right now?

Bridgette begun thinking abou this, a life changing thing had happened to her, and she could leave from this appointment today having another life changing thing with her.

She hadn't thought that this could be the day that determined what would happen for the rest of her life, she hadn't realized that this was a very important day.

'Ignore it' Bridgette told herself, 'You have to ignore it, it won't be bad'.

Once Geoff was out of the bathroom and dressed and ready the two were lying on Bridgette's bed, in silence, Bridgette knew that Geoff didn't want to talk, she could tell, it was just like the day when they broke up and for the journey back to the hotel he said nothing to her. Bridgette just hoped that if something did happen between them it wouldn't be this awkward again.

Bridgette shuffled uncomfortably in her seat; she had a horrible knot in her stomach that made her feel very sick.

Geoff just had a replay going through his mind of last night, that dream had really messed him up, now he was having thoughts of Bridgette running off with Alejandro with a Mexican looking child following them into the sunset.

Geoff shook his head, trying to shake this thought out, why did he have to fall asleep last night? He had the chance to stay awake and watch over Bridgette, why didn't he do that?

Suddenly the room phone started to ring, Geoff went straight to it and answered it, the knot in Bridgette's stomach grew bigger.

"Hello? Yeah? Ok, we'll be done in a second" Geoff said through the phone before hanging up.

"The car's outside Bridgette" Geoff said to her, Bridgette gulped nervously and climbed off the bed, only to be met with a horrible dizzy feeling, her head was spinning and she felt a rush inside her.

"Oh God!" She cried out before running towards the bathroom, Geoff froze, he knew what she was doing, the sound of her retching in the bathroom gave him conformation that she was being sick.

Geoff wasn't sure what to do, he wanted to go in and make sure she was ok, but the fear of what was happening rooted him to the spot, finally his foot moved and he found himself dragging his feet towards the bathroom, he slowly pushed the door open and saw Bridgette leaning over the bowl breathing heavily.

"Bridge…are you…ok?" Geoff slowly asked.

Bridgette didn't answer, another retch was the only noise that he could hear from her, it made him want to be sick, it pretty much had made that dream he had last night come true.

Finally Bridgette picked herself up from the floor, she turned around to see Geoff's concerned face and Bridgette knew she had to be brave for the two of them.

"It's fine" She said quickly, "I'm just nervous that's all".

Geoff didn't believe her, but to save the sake of having an argument, he nodded and opened the door, "Come one the car's waiting" He said to her.

Bridgette turned around and gave her teeth a quick brush and she left too, Geoff reached out and placed a hand on her back as reassurance for her, he knew that how nervous he must be feeling right now, she must be feeling it a lot more.

Geoff was seated in the waiting room, just like in his dream Bridgette had been on there for a good twenty minutes, he was on his own in the waiting room, he started to nervously pace the room.

He just wanted this to be over, if everything that had happened this morning was a sign then he just wanted this waiting to be over with, more importantly he wanted Bridgette to be safe.

Suddenly the door opened, Geoff spun round and his heart started to race, Bridgette slowly walked out and looked at Geoff and to his surprise, a huge smile spread across her face.

"I'm in the clear!" She whispered.

Geoff felt his legs buckle slightly, and to stop him from falling over he ran towards Bridgette and picked her up, he swung her around kissing her neck several times before putting her down on the floor, Bridgette who was all choked up started to talk again.

"They said…they found nothing wrong, and I definitely wasn't pregnant, they didn't find any problems or infections or anything, I'm ok Geoff" She smiled.

Geoff planted a big kiss on her cheek, "I'm so happy Bridge I really am".

"Me too" Bridgette said flustered.

Realizing there was now no need for them both to be at this place, they both made their exits, Geoff looked down at the young blonde girl next to him and smiled, things really were getting better for them both.

Highway run into the midnight sun
Wheels go round and round
You're on my mind…

The two made their way back to the hotel and into the room that had been especially set up for them to watch the show from the comfort of the hotel.

As Geoff and Bridgette walked into the room all they could hear was cackling laughter, curious the two walked in to see Beth, Justin, Trent and the new arrival to the hotel Leshawna, they were gathered round the TV in hysterics.

"What's so funny?" Asked Bridgette.

"Ooh girl you got to check this out!" Leshawna cried out beckoning her over Bridgette and Geoff both joined them as Leshawna pressed the play button on the TV remote.

It showed the teams on the plane going to their next destination, they watched as Owen started having a nightmare and unfortunately for Alejandro next to him, Owen punched him straight into the eye.

This made the group laugh even more, Bridgette and Geoff were now included in the laughter, but what made it more funny was that Leshawna kept replaying it over and over.

"Oh man that is rich!" Geoff cried out holding his sides.

"Gotta respect Owen for this!" Trent agreed.

After getting their fill of watching Owen repeatedly punch Alejandro, Leshawna stood up and walked over to Bridgette, "Hey girl can I have a word?"

Bridgette nodded and the two left the room, "Listen I'm sorry I didn't listen to you about Alejandro" Leshawna started.

"Hey don't apologize, I didn't exactly make sense when I was telling you, unless you speak pole?" Bridgette giggled.

Leshawna laughed too, "Yeah, true, wow I didn't realize that he'd screw me over so badly, guess you felt the same huh?"

"Yeah" Bridgette said rubbing her arm, "It was rough" She said.

"But on the bright side it looks like you and Geoff didn't have any problems about it right?" Leshawna asked.

"Well…" Bridgette mumbled rolling her eyes, "You weren't here when I got booted off, we went through a really bad time, we actually broke up for a few days".

"Oh God, sorry" Leshawna quickly apologized but Bridgette shook her head.

"No its fine! It's all ok now, we talked, I did nothing but apologize and everything's good" Bridgette said happily.

"Well that's good, you know after hearing that its true, nothing can come between you two, the worst thing in the world could happen and you two could still be going strong" Leshawna explained happily.

Bridgette frowned, "It already has" she mumbled under her breath, but Leshawna heard, "What?"

"Nothing" Bridgette quickly replied, Leshawna raised her eyebrow.

"Now, you can't hide anything from me!" She said looking into Bridgette's eyes.

Bridgette sighed and bit her lip, Leshawna was one of her closest friends on the show, she had to be told, as well as being a good friend she was incredibly trust worthy, so Bridgette had nothing to lose.

She got closer and whispered in her ear what happened, after hearing those three words, Leshawna's mouth fell open.


Leshawna screeched out loudly, she spun round and grabbed hold of Bridgette, "Oh my God, did he hurt you? Any wounds or anything? Ooh Bridgette, next time I see him he's dead!"

"No, no Leshawna please" Bridgette cried out, "No one can know about this, only you, I and Geoff know about this and somehow Noah I think" Bridgette trailed off.

"When did he do this?" Leshawna asked.

"On the flight to Egypt, I don't really want to go into too much detail".

"No you don't have to" She cut Bridgette off, "Listen I'm glad you told me hun".

Bridgette smiled, "It's cool, just don't let on to anyone".

Leshawna mimed zipping her lips, "I got you covered" She said hugging Bridgette, she turned to leave angrily mumbling some curse words as she left, Geoff was just about to enter just as Leshawna was leaving, she reached over and patted him on the shoulder and winked at him.

Geoff watched Leshawna leave and looked back at Bridgette with a confused look on his face, "What was that about?"

"No idea" Bridgette said.

Geoff rubbed the back of his head, "Weird" He mumbled before leaving.

Bridgette giggled, sometimes she loved how slightly dim witted her boyfriend was.

It was one of the things that made him absolutely perfect.

Restless hearts

Sleep alone tonight
Sending all my love along the wire…

Bridgette walked up to her room, after all the excitement today she thought that a lie down would be in order, she unlocked the door and walked in, only to tread on a piece of paper right in front of her.

She bent down and lifted it up, it was an envelope, she tore it open and begun to read the note inside.


This is just a little gift from me for you and Geoff, I thought that you two might want to bond some more after the whole…well you know.

So, I decided to book you two in at one of the best restaurants in the area, enjoy yourselves.


PS If you ever want to repay me, look in the envelope for ideas.

Bridgette looked back in the envelope and pulled out a folded over clipping that looked like it had come from a magazine, she unfolded it and saw a picture of a shining guitar on the front.

"In your dreams Trent" She laughed softly, she turned her attention back to the note, a fancy restaurant? Maybe it was for the best after everything that had happened, and it would be the first time they've been out since Bridgette was voted off the show.

She turned on her heel and ran straight back out the door to find Geoff.

She found him down in the TV room talking with Trent and Harold, "Hey Geoff, come here" She called, Geoff obediently got up and walked over to her.

"What's up?"

Bridgette smiled, "Well, what do you say to going out to dinner tonight, at one of the best restaurants around?"

Geoff looked around awkwardly, "What's wrong?" Bridgette asked.

"Uh…nothing it just feels a little weird, like I thought the guys were supposed to ask girls out" Geoff mumbled curiously.

Bridgette shook her head, "This time it's my turn" She said, "Come on, suit up, the reservations at 8".

Geoff nodded, "Sure" He said, he gave Bridgette a hug and over his shoulder she could see Trent smiling at her.

'Thank you' Bridgette mouthed at him, Trent replied by giving her a thumbs up and then proceeding to mime playing a guitar at her.

Bridgette promptly gave him the finger, as a joke of course.

Soon the two had gotten dressed up and had made their way to the restaurant, Bridgette had put on a short elegant green dress and let her flow naturally down for the evening, while Geoff had put on a smart shirt and had a dinner jacket too with him, he had also removed his cowboy hat. They had gotten on of the hotel's chauffeurs to drive them down to the restaurant and they slowly walked up to the doors of the large elegant place.

"Bridge you look hot tonight" Geoff said as Bridgette placed her hand in his.

"Thanks Geoff, you look pretty handsome yourself" She said happily, they walked into the restaurant and just as good as Trent's word; they were on the reservation list and were seated immediately in a fairly private part of the restaurant. Bridgette was very glad that the two of them decided to dress up for the occasion, looking around the rest of the people being served here were all dressed in elegant formal wear.

"Wow Bridge, how did you get this?" Geoff asked looking around.

"I have connections" Bridgette said slyly.

"So why did you want to go out tonight?" Geoff asked, "I thought after today you just wanted to sleep?"

Bridgette shook her head, "Well it's nice to go out isn't it?"

Geoff nodded, "I wasn't complaining I was just-."

"No I knew what you meant" Bridgette cut him off, "I just thought this would be good for the both of us".

Geoff smiled, "Yeah, it is nice" he replied.

The two started on their meal, Bridgette had to admit this was the best idea Trent had come up with, things were just like they were a few weeks ago, before Bridgette went on World Tour, she loved it, she loved him and she hoped he felt the same.

"Oh yeah, I've been meaning to ask you" Geoff said after swallowing a mouthful of his main course, "Did you talk to the doctor about…you know".

"Yeah" Bridgette said, "I was told that this was normal after what happened, you know thinking you're falling for someone, it's happened to people before, she just said to keep working at what I had with you and it should go away".

Geoff smiled, "Good, you know I was worried about that".

"Yeah I know you were" Bridgette said softly, "I could see it in your eyes".

"It doesn't help that I kind of had a dream about it last night" Geoff mumbled.

"Really?" Bridgette asked putting her fork down, "What about?"

"Well…" Geoff mumbled thinking back to this morning where he had woken up from hell, "It was kind of like what happened this morning, you were getting your results back and…well you were pregnant, and you wanted to start a family with Alejandro".

They say that the road
Ain't no place to start a family
Right down the line it's been you and me
And loving a music man
Ain't always what it's supposed to be…

Bridgette leant back in her seat slightly, she could see from Geoff's eyes that just talking about it made him feel sick; she reached out and placed her hand on top of his.

"You know that would never happen right?"

Geoff looked up at her, "Yeah, yeah I do".

"It's always been you" Bridgette carried on, "And hypothetically if I was pregnant then I would have turned to you, I'm not saying that you should have stood by me if it did happen but it would have been you".

Geoff smiled back at her, "And you know if it did…you know…happen, I wouldn't have left your side for a second".

Bridgette smiled back at him, "I love you Geoff".

"I love you too Bridge".

The two slowly leant in towards each other and begun to kiss, it was only a short one because of the people around it wouldn't have looked very good, but still it was equally amazing, just like every other kiss they had shared together.

You stand by me
I'm forever yours

The two left the restaurant hand in hand, it had actually been very cheap since the staff recognized them from the show and as a stroke of luck the owner of the restaurant was a big fan of it, so he pretty much knocked off most of the cheque for them.

"Thanks for tonight Geoff" Bridgette said snuggling up to him, they were walking back since it was a nice night and it wasn't too far from the hotel.

"Why are you saying thanks?" Geoff asked looking down at her, "You're the one that said to go out".

"I'm just saying thanks for being with me" Bridgette said, leaning up and kissing him on the cheek.

Geoff smiled and leant down to her level and kissed her back on the lips, long and hard this time, Bridgette wrapped her arms around his neck and the kiss was deepened.

It wasn't until they both realized that they were both in the middle of the street that thy stopped kissing.

"Maybe we'll continue at the hotel?" Geoff suggested.

Bridgette smirked, "Maybe" She said gently.

"Hey, you know that I didn't mean to do that" Geoff quickly said.

"I know Geoff" Bridgette said.

"I didn't offend you did I?"

"Of course not".

Circus life under the big top world
We all need the clowns to make us smile…

They both reached the hotel and Geoff walked Bridgette to her room, since he had spent last night with her he had decided to sleep in his own room for the night, once outside her room Geoff leant in and the two started to kiss again, harder and longer than before.

Geoff's tongue snuck into Bridgette's mouth and she let him in, it was so passionate, everything inside Bridgette seemed to come alive when she kissed him, every hair on her arm stood up on end and shivered with delight.

Once the kiss was finished Geoff pecked her softly on her cheek and smiled at her, "I'll see you in the morning" He said.

He tried to walk off but couldn't, Bridgette's hand was still tightly gripped on his, he turned back around and saw Bridgette biting her lip.

"Bridge come on, I need to go".


Geoff raised an eyebrow, "No? What's going on?"

Bridgette didn't want to see him go, and tonight she just wanted him, this was something she had never felt before, it was like an urge, a rush inside of her just wanted Geoff.

She knew she might regret this, but after everything she had been through these past few weeks, nothing would compare.

She pulled Geoff closer and leant up until she was in line with his ear, she took a deep breath and whispered two words into his ear that made him shudder in delight.

"I'm ready".

Geoff gulped slightly, he begun breathing heavily and then he let go of Bridgette's hand.

"Give…give me a second ok?" He said quickly, his voice had gone incredibly high and squeaky as he raced towards his room.

He opened the door poked his head around the door, "Hi guys! Bye guys!" He said as he closed the door.

Justin and Trent who were both shocked by this sudden appearance of Geoff both looked at each other, surprised.

"He's going to get some tonight" Justin said leaning down on his bed.

Trent blinked, "You think?"

"I know".

Through space and time
Always another show
Wondering where I am lost without you…

Geoff walked back down the corridor towards Bridgette's room, she was still waiting outside for him, and before she could say anything or do anything, Geoff had his lips firmly secured on hers.

Bridgette was surprised but still she kissed him back, she carefully wrapped her legs around his and he lifted her up, still locked in their kiss Geoff managed to open the door and once inside he threw Bridgette down on the bed.

Geoff moved his hands around to her back and started to unzip her dress, this was a lot like her time with Alejandro, but it was Geoff, she trusted him and she didn't feel at all worried, if anything she was excited and thrilled to finally be doing this with the man she loved.

Once Geoff had unzipped it, he slowly peeled it off her body and left him in her underwear, Bridgette looked up and Geoff and smirked, she leant up and started unbuttoning his shirt.

"What are you doing?" Geoff asked playfully.

"Well it's my turn isn't it?" Bridgette said seductively as she pulled his shirt off, letting her see his strong abs.

Next came Geoff's trousers, they were off in a flash and the two were both in their underwear together.

"You sure you want to do this?" Geoff asked.

Bridgette nodded, "Positive".

And being a part ain't easy on this love affair
Two strangers learn to fall in love again
I get the joy of rediscovering you…

Geoff leant forward and unclipped Bridgette's bra and slowly took off her pants, she was now naked in front of him, Geoff could feel passion bubbling inside of him insanely.

Seeing his girl in front of him in this situation was such a thrill for him, he begun to breath heavily, and realizing that he couldn't take it anymore he slowly took off his boxers.

Bridgette's eyes widened, Alejandro certainly did not compare to the sight in front of her, Geoff was perfect, every inch of his body was like it had been sculptured to perfection, it reminded her of a Greek god.

"Oh God…Geoff you never cease to amaze me do you?"

"I try!"

Geoff slowly took his place on top of Bridgette and started to kiss her again, Bridgette ran her fingers through Geoff's hair while he kissed every part of her body that he could find, her lips, her cheeks, her neck and her breasts.

Next was the biggest part of all, Geoff knew he was ready for it, he could feel it pulsing through his body, he looked down at Bridgette and took a deep breath.

"Bridge one last time, are you sure?" He asked.

Bridgette nodded, "I just want you Geoff".

Geoff smirked, "Get ready for the ride of your life Babe".

Oh girl
You stand by me!
I'm forever yours

Bridgette opened her mouth and gasped in pleasure as she felt Geoff enter her, everything about this whole experience seemed like it was new for her, it was new because this was the first time that she actually wanted to do this, Geoff just made it all amazingly better, God she loved this boy.

Geoff was feeling the same, this was like rediscovering everything about their relationship, it was new turn for them and God how he loved it!

The two carried on their game until early morning, trying everything they could find or wanted to do, until they both tired out, Geoff eventually pulled out of Bridgette and collapsed next to her on the bed, the two were both breathing heavily.

"How…was that?"

"Oh God…Amazing".

I'm still yours
I'm forever yours
Ever yours

The two were both now curled up in the sheets of Bridgette's double bed, they were both facing each other smiling, Geoff reached out and softly caressed her check, he reached over and kissed her nose and she giggled.

"I love you Bridgette".

"I love you too Geoff".

The two then slowly started to drift off, Bridgette snuggled up into Geoff's arms and he pulled her in close, as they both drifted off into sleep they both knew one thing from this whole experience, that now they could both trust each other no matter what happened, and what will happen next, they knew Alejandro would eventually leave that plane and when he did…well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it shall we?


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