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Perchance to Dream

"Derek, please?" Casey begged, her voice cracking in just that way that Derek knew would make him do whatever she wished. Not that he'd ever admit that out loud. "Please help me."

Derek sighed wearily, looking up from his computer to see her staring at him imploringly from the doorway. And she was using that innocent and defenseless look that he couldn't resist anymore than the pleading hitch.

"What is it now, Space Case?" Derek asked, forcing both boredom and impatience into his tone. "I'm gonna have to start charging you an up-front, fixed rate with all the services I've been providing you lately." Derek finished nonchalantly, pushing his chair back to stand up and fixing her with a patronizing stare.

Casey looked over her shoulder nervously before stepping inside his room and shutting the door behind her. Derek raised an eyebrow in surprise. This couldn't mean anything good if she didn't want the rest of the fam overhearing. Casey took a fortifying breath and brought her gaze back up to his resolutely.

"I'm frustrated Derek." Casey stated firmly, crossing her arms over her chest as if preparing for his snarky rebuttal.

He wasn't about to disappoint.

Derek snorted derisively. "What else is new? Tell me something I don't know."

"I'm sexually frustrated, Derek." Casey snapped irritably, holding her hands out at her sides.

"O-oh." Derek squeaked. Yeah, he squeaked. He'd deny it later. He wouldn't have ever guessed she'd utter something like that in his presence. "W-what do you want me to do about it?" What did she want him to do about it, buy her one of those impossibly unproportioned girly contraptions?

That's when a very unexpected guy thought popped into his head, and he wasn't sure what he should think about the thought of Casey laying back on her bed with a vibrator between her legs. Especially in his mind.

"You see...I'd just take care of it myself," Casey began in an unsure tone, "But I can't seem to figure it out on my own. I can't find the right combination of places to touch to, well...pleasure myself and get the release I need." Casey finished quietly, looking down at her feet with a blush prominent on her whole face.

"Don't they have books or...instructional guides or...or something?" Derek argued, the flush spreading down his face and his neck as he shifted from one foot to the other nervously. This was perhaps one of the most uncomfortable conversations he'd ever had with anyone in his entire life. That included the sex talk he'd received from his dad when he was thirteen.

"Don't you think I tried every other possible avenue before coming to you?" Casey retorted defensively. "Besides, I've always been a combination learner. I need a practical demonstration."

Oh God. More thoughts he didn't need.

"Shouldn't you ask another girl about this kind of thing?" Derek asked desperately, backing away from the intent look she was now directing his way. "Like maybe Nora...or Emily? What makes you think I know anything about this sort of thing?" Derek finished anxiously, waving his hand around in emphasis. "I don't exactly have the appropriate parts."

Casey said nothing, but rather raised an incredulous eyebrow that asked, You're kidding, right?

"Okay, so maybe I have some experience in that area." Derek relented, pinching one thumb and forefinger together a couple centimeters apart. But honestly? What did she really think he did? He'd barely skirted second base with Sally before she left for college and that was the furthest he'd ever been. With any girl. Sure, he liked making out and messing around a little, but it was an entirely other thing to sleep around. That's what university was going to be good for. "But, really Case. What are you expecting from me?"

"I want..." Casey began haltingly, the words seeming to lodge in her throat. "I want you to show me how to masturbate."

"I-" Derek began, choking on his own saliva. Clearing his throat, he continued. "Really?" This had to be some sort of trick. There was no way this conversation was really happening.

"Yeah, really." Casey replied shyly, looking up at him through her lashes.

"But...but you hate me." Derek said, disbelief tinging his words as he physically backed away from her towards his bed as she approached him.

"Derek." Casey said in a soothing tone, reaching out to him. He looked at her hand with wide eyes. "Would you stop questioning my motives and just help me?"

"But, I-" Derek tried to argue.

"Derek." Casey interrupted in a chiding tone, coming to a stop inches away from him. She smelled like the white tea body wash that sat in the top cubby above the bathtub.

"I-alright. Come here and turn around." Derek said, succumbing and holding his arms open.

Casey clapped her hands together happily and skipped around before she turned her back to him and eased into his open arms.

"Alright, I'm gonna have to ask you to be serious about this and not be too defensive if I try to touch you, agreed?" Derek asked, looking at her as he molded his arms and hands around hers. The look she directed back at him was depreciative.

"Of course, Derek. You're the one that can't keep a straight face around here. Remember?" Casey replied, settling into him slightly.

"So...I'm assuming, in theory, that you know where everything is supposed to be." Derek said, tightening his grip around her in preparation. He felt her nod against his neck. He drew in a deep breath before asking the next question.

"Which...hand would you rather use?" Derek forced out, frowning slightly in preparation of her reply.

She lifted up her left hand slightly before dropping it back down.

"Well," Derek began fitfully, unsure of what to say and fishing for words. "Looks like we have something in common."

Casey looked over her shoulder at him with a strange, unreadable expression in her eyes that Derek refused to meet.

"So, I'm just going to guide you along and instruct you what to do." Derek said into Casey's ear. She nodded in understanding.

"Alright. First off, you've got to tease yourself a little. You know, to heat yourself up." Derek began, pulling her linked hand up with his to the waistband of her sweatpants. "Just rub yourself with moderate pressure on the outside of" Derek trailed off, unable to say the word panties in Casey's presence. The situation was already too far out there. Moving her hand underneath the waistband, he guided her hand to the desired location. "Here. Remember, not too rough. Just enough to give you a little rush."

He paused at this point and looked down at her. Her eyes were closed and her bottom lip was caught between her teeth in concentration as she tilted her head back to rest on his chest. He could feel her fingers rubbing back and forth underneath his, her index and middle finger bent further forward than the rest. He drew in another sharp breath.

"Are you aroused, Casey?" Derek breathed quietly against the shell of her ear. A breathy sigh escaped her as she nodded.

"G-good. Now I suppose you could with this method, but, if you want the more direct approach we need to go inside." Derek said gently and informatively, guiding her hand up. Pressing his index finger into hers, he traced the waistband of her underwear with her finger before guiding it inside. The cotton material felt warm and stretched around the back of his hand as their joined hands sunk lower into uncharted territory.

"Now feel around a little." Derek continued when he stopped her hand in the general required vicinity. "Try and find something round-ish. You might have to search around some." He paused for a few moments to let her search.

"Any luck?" Derek asked curiously after about twenty seconds.

"I...I think so." Casey said hesitantly.

"Don't sound too confident." Derek teased lightly. Casey glared up at him. Derek schooled his face back into neutral before continuing. "Right, so try pinching it." Derek said in a sober tone.

He could feel her first two fingers moving in the instructed fashion, but the results weren't being conductive to the action.

"Are you sure you're pinching it right?" Derek asked, looking down around her head to where their hands disappeared into her pants. "Pinch, Casey, pinch."

"I'm pinching!" Casey all but growled at him fiercely. Derek almost released her and backed away.


Instead, he took another course of action. He swatted her hand away.

"You're definitely not doing something right. Let me see." Derek said authoritatively. Her hand pulled away and grasped his forearm.

He obviously hadn't thought this new direction all the way through as his fingers encountered moist...Casey flesh. He suppressed a shudder as his thumb and forefinger closed around the little gem she obviously hadn't and closed his fingers around it, rubbing them together as well.

Multiple things happened at once. A surprised gasp escaped Casey's lips as her hand clenched around his forearm, her nails digging into his skin. At the same time, her knees buckled and her other hand escaped his to latch onto his neck as she started to fall.

Derek smiled victoriously.

"Now that's the response I was looking for." Derek said, his lips brushing against her neck.

"Mmm..." Casey moaned, her hand tightening on his neck. "Der-ek." Casey breathed out wonderfully, her tone a mixture of pleasure and questioning disbelief.

It was like music to Derek's ears. He wasn't quite sure what to make of the situation when he felt her pressing into his hand, a slow rocking motion he was sure she didn't even realize she was doing.

Of course, little else would shock him at this point.

"Alright, but just this once." Derek said in response to her unvoiced question. "But then you're on your own, got it?"

"Mmmhmm." Casey breathed in agreement, her head nodding along enthusiastically.

Pulling his hands away, he backed away from her and sat on the bed. Pulling himself back to the headboard, he patted the space between his bent legs for her to sit. She climbed into his lap willingly, snuggling into his chest and resting her hands on his bent knees. Her legs opened and pressed against his. She then looked up at him searchingly.

Derek didn't move. This had to be some sort of dream.

"This is so unreal. I feel like we should draw up another one of those contracts so you can't sue me for sexual harassment." Derek joked to ease some of his nervousness.

Casey rolled her eyes.

"Derek Venturi, I, Casey McDonald of sound body and mind, give you permission to touch any part of my body that is within the context of getting me off." Casey stated seriously, her eyes alight with mirth.

Derek snorted derisively and moved his hands to her hips, still otherwise hesitant.

"What is it now?" Casey asked impatiently when he still didn't continue.

"It's just this position. It's more awkward than I thought it'd be." Derek said in reply. He'd done this before with Sally. So why didn't it feel right with Casey?

"Here. Would it help if I did this?" Casey asked, pulling each of her legs up and placing them outside of his thighs. She then looked up at him curiously.

Her flexibility and never-ending need to one-up him were going to be the death of him. He just hoped that heaven involved legs like Casey's, open and underneath him. Yeah, he was drowning fast.

"I swear you're going to be the death of me." Derek voiced out loud, leaning down to place light kisses along her neck and shoulder, dragging his hands unconsciously up and around her inner thighs.

Her legs tightened around his, forcing him to push back resistance to keep them open. As much as he liked the way she looked with her legs spread, inviting him inside to play, they couldn't stay like this. Besides, he didn't have the willpower to stay pinned behind her like this. That's part of the reason why the position didn't feel right. There was no standing, sitting, or hiding behind Casey. And if this was his one chance to touch any and every Casey part he desired, he wanted to surround her. His need to dominate Casey in this particular arena was only now slowly making its way to the surface.

"We're moving again." Derek announced, grabbing one of her ankles and holding it up so he could slide out from behind her. She frowned impatiently as she followed his shooing motion. He then laid back down beside her on his side.

"You said I can do whatever I want." Derek stated matter of factly, staring down at her intently, questioningly.

"Within context." Casey replied warily, folding her hands underneath left cheek as she faced Derek.

One of Derek's knees nudged its way between hers, bringing him partially on top of her.

"And you know I can't really help the reaction certain parts of my anatomy may have to yours, right?" Derek continued quietly, hooking his leg around Casey's left leg to pull it open further, avoiding her probing gaze as she relaxed onto her back with her arms pyramided over her head.

She hesitated before nodding affirmatively.

"And I'm going to kiss you." Derek said, his hushed tone taking on a husky timbre, bringing one hand up to cup her cheek. "A lot. It'll help me concentrate."

"How can doing two things at once help you concentrate?" Casey asked, slightly entranced and teasing.

"Oh, I'm going to be doing more than two things..." Derek trailed off confidently, shifting his whole body onto hers as his lips settled into a gentle onslaught on hers.

"Mmm..." Casey moaned when Derek released her lips and moved his mouth down along her jawline and into the hair that had fanned out around his pillow. "I really liked that." Casey said distractedly, combing one hand through his hair as the other pushed its way underneath his shirt and clawed at the bare skin of his back. Derek's back arched in response, in turn, thrusting his hips to hers.

Her legs immediately shot up and wound around his thighs, affixing him to the spot. Derek froze, hovering above her on his elbows. He was glad he'd never known Casey like this before, because his mind never would have left the gutter. Not even for hockey.

"Oh my God." Casey uttered in a strangled tone, her eyes wide and sparkling like they had when she got her fairytale prom junior year. "Do that. Do it again."

"Just remember what I said." Derek whispered, leaning back down. And then he rocked back up into her again.

He quickly slanted his lips over hers to muffle to the loud, throaty moans that he'd never even thought Casey was capable of making. He continued to grind up into her in a slow rhythm, hoping to all hell that Casey didn't realize that she was turning him on almost as much as he was pleasuring her. He didn't realize he was progressively thrusting deeper until he could have sworn after one of them he penetrated her, despite all the layers between them.

It was then that he realized a couple things. One, when he angled himself so that he could look down at the spot where his boy parts were trying to enter her girl parts, a small damp spot had formed on Casey's sweatpants. This led to his first revelation-that she was wet for him, so much so that she'd probably be ready for him if they took the next step, taking him in inch by inch until he was fully seated inside of her. That led to his next realization.

He wanted to be physically inside of Casey more than he'd wanted to be with any other girl in his entire life.

His hand was already moving towards the clasp of his jeans before he'd even been conscious of shifting his weight to one arm. But there was already a pair of warm, feminine hands between them, unbuttoning and unzipping the fly of his jeans.

He realized at that point he'd never been harder in his entire life.

His erection stood to full attention once Casey eased the zipper down all the way, making a tent in his boxers.

"What are you doing, Casey?" Derek croaked out, speech a secondary action to the lack of blood and oxygen in his brain.

"I...wanted to feel you." Casey said in a jilted tone, her cheeks reddening and her gaze ducking away from his shyly.

His cock twitched in anticipation to her declaration.

"Just squeeze the base first as hard as you can until I tell you to let go." Derek managed to force out, his voice gravelly.

"Why?" Casey asked curiously, meeting his gaze again. "I've read that that restricts blood flow to the..." Casey trailed off on her prim explanation as her eyes widened in realization.

"Yeah, Case." Derek agreed to the silent realization. "I'll probably come the moment I feel your fingers on me. So do it fast. I'm ready." Derek finished, sucking in a deep breath.

A strange gurgle escaped his lips and he unconsciously thrust into the cool fist that closed around him. The familiar rush traveled up his spine until it was cut off by the painful stranglehold Casey put on him. A hiss of air escaped his lips and his head dropped into the cradle formed by the curve of her neck as he tried to look past the fact that Casey's hand was down his pants, gripping his cock so hard she threatened to make him a eunuch.

And he didn't mind one bit.

"Damn, Case. That's some grip you've got on me." Derek joked against her ear, pinching the lobe between his teeth playfully afterwards.

"Sorry." Casey murmured apologetically. Her grip slackened minutely. "Should I let go now?"

"Hell no. Not yet." Derek replied quickly. He then swatted her hand that wasn't on him back above her head.

"Derek..." Casey began uneasily. "What are you going to do?"

"It's still my job to get you off, Case. And I intend to keep that particular promise." Derek reassured her resolutely against her ear, the husky timbre sending a shiver down her spine.

Nothing could have prepared her for the hand that made its way back inside her pants, shoving almost ruthlessly past her panties to touch her in a place that hadn't stopped weeping for his touch. Instinctively, her body arched into the touch, the fist unconsciously relaxing around him at the same time.

"Derek!" Casey exclaimed pleasurably, her free hand winding around his neck as she felt one of his fingers plunge into her. Pulling it back out, she whimpered at the loss until it surged back into her with the addition of a second. Welcoming the intrusion, Casey began to rock erratically against his hand, seeking the release she'd never been so close to having.

"That's it, Case." Derek whispered coaxingly, nuzzling his nose against the erratic thrumming of her pulse. "Ride me."

Casey was peripherally aware of the friction Derek was causing by thrusting into the fist she had closed around him, and adjusting the thrust of her core against his fingers to his pace in her hand. That led to thoughts of her and Derek naked, the rhythm he set thrusting into her without their hands translating.

"Derek...I...I think..." Casey bit out in a gasping tone, her voice pitched higher with every word. Derek understood her plea and slanted his lips over hers as the pleasure-induced scream escaped her, sparks emitting from her core like she'd been zapped by an electrical outlet. Her body spasmed around him, unable to contain the blast.

The strange sensation of her soft, butterfly wing-like inner walls fluttering uncontrollably around his fingers was his undoing.

For the first time since he was about twelve, Derek Venturi came in his pants.

Not entirely sure what to do with his hand, his withdrew his fingers from inside her. Instead of pulling away completely, he rubbed the well saturated digits around her swollen nub in small, gentle circles.

"Mmm...Der-ek." Casey whimpered, fully sated and relaxed. She trailed her free hand absentmindedly along the arm that was still touching her intimately.

"Better now?" Derek mumbled into her neck, the sleepy sated feeling coursing through his limbs as well. He definitely hadn't intended for everything to pan out like this, but he wasn't about to complain.

Nodding, she turned her head and looked at him with hooded eyes.

"A little." Casey admitted, a hint of mischief in her eyes.

Pressing a lazy kiss to her lips, he eased away from her slightly and increased the pressure of his fingers against her, teasing one around her entrance.

"Only a little?" Derek asked smugly, challenging her in return.

Her breath hitched, but she held her ground. A corner of her mouth twitched upward as she trailed her hand in a feather-like caress up to the head of his penis. She then let her finger dip into the ejaculate seeping down the front of his boxers.

He drew in a sharp breath and looked at he questioningly.

The innocent expression didn't quite line up with the next words out of her mouth.

"I want to know what it tastes like." Casey said matter of factly as she brought her wet fingers up to her mouth.

The painful zing of pleasure caught him by surprise as her mouth closed around her two fingers and sucked, causing him to jerk upward into a sitting position.

Looking back down at where Casey had been, he found his bed empty. His head twisted around in both directions frantically in search of her. But she wasn't there.

She never had been.

Dropping his head into his hands with his elbows propped up on his knees, he exhaled deeply.

"Oh my God." Derek moaned pitifully, disbelievingly.

He'd just dreamed about Casey. And from the hot, sticky residue coating the inside of his boxers, he really had come in his pants. He'd just dreamt a very wet, very sexually oriented dream about Casey McDonald.

The world as he knew it had just ended in a fiery explosion. A very tiny niggling at the back of his brain said that it was about damned time.

It was at this life-changing moment that the real Casey stuck her head through the crack in his door.

"Hey, are you okay? You kind of look like you're about to be sick." Casey asked snarkily, the one crafted to sound like concern.

"What do you want?" Derek croaked out impatiently, lifting his head enough to glare at her menacingly.

The snark left her to be replaced with genuine concern. Pushing the door open far enough for her to step through, she took a few steps towards him.

"Derek, is something really wrong? Is there anything you need me to do?" Casey asked, her tone gentle and probing.

"What? No. I don't need anything." Derek replied, angling his knees away from her and dropping one arm in his lap hastily. She'd already done more than enough.

She could have sworn he almost squeaked out the first word.

Confused by his attitude and body language, Casey shrugged and let the subject drop.

"Dinner'll be ready in about ten minutes and you're supposed to help me set the table." Casey stated primly, placing her hand on her hips in preparation for an argument.

His response was the last one anyone would expect.

"Sure, whatever. I'll be down in a minute." Derek muttered, shooing her away with his other hand.

Frowning, she stood there motionless for a few moments, unsure how she'd so easily won the battle.

"Are you saying that just to get rid of me? Because if you are, I'll just come for you again. You know I will." Casey finally retorted, finding her footing.

"Oh God." Derek mumbled quietly to himself in a strangled tone, the reminder like ice picks stabbing at his brain. It was too soon, the details of his dream still fresh. Running a hand fitfully through his hair, he looked up at her intently, hoping the intensity of his gaze would send her running in the other direction.

"Just. Go. Away." Derek bit out, enunciating each word.

"O-okay." Casey consented, confusion lacing the single worded reply as the dark glint in his eyes pierced through her, making her insides clench and turn in an unfamiliar way. Ducking her head, she then pivoted on one foot and took off towards the stairs.

Releasing the breath he'd been holding, Derek stretched out and stood from his bed. Pushing the door shut with his foot, he then turned and started pulling off his sweatpants. The ones Casey had been wearing in his dream, he realized with a burst of clarity.

He had quite a mess on his hands, and not just the one in his shorts. Derek Venturi just realized he had the hots for his stepsister.

And there wasn't a damned thing he could do about it.


Well...was it a surprise, finding out that Derek was just dreaming? I was hoping the title would be a hint when you came to a point as you were reading and you were like "that is so totally out of character". I'm fairly certain it's my most detailed M-rated story. Even if I didn't go all the way. I was reading the "Psy/Changelling" series by Nalini Singh around the time I wrote this, so that's part of my inspiration for the more detailed parts. Also, did you see the Sky High reference? It was the "Pinch, Casey, pinch." phrase. It was one of those lines that I knew I just had to use at some point.