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Locker Love

It was the first day back at school of Ookami High. Ryou was so happy about it too. 'Yes! I'm finally a junior. Only two more years and then I can go to collage, I won't have to worry about staying at home and I can live in a dorm because my father doesn't come home anymore anyways. Nevermind the fact that there are too many memories. I still deeply miss my mother and sister

Ryou was on his way to school when he heard, "HEY, RYOU! WAIT UP!" Ryou turned around and saw his best friend, Malik, running up to him. Ryou looked at his watch. 'Yup, 8:20 same as always. School starts at 8:30 so he was usually around here at this time' but by this time he was already at the school gate.

"Hey Malik, How was your trip down to Egypt to see Isis?" questioned Ryou. "It was okay but I wasn't expecting to stay there the whole summer. Isis gave me a job and a bunch of chores to do so I would be kept busy, but oh my RA! I was so bored without you there to annoy. Hahaha!"

Malik always talked this much but Ryou was okay with it because he doesn't talk very much himself. 'The only time Malik would be speechless is if he was scared or if Marik was nearby. He had the biggest crush on him. Well I guess I'm no better because I have the biggest crush on Bakura.'

"Ha, Ha, Ha! Very funny Malik! At least you got to go somewhere this summer. I had to stay home the whole time." Stated Ryou. "HEY! I offered to take you with me but noooooo of course you wouldn't come, so you have the gull to complain." Malik said while feigning hurt.

"Okay, yes Malik you did offer, but did Isis say I could come with you because if not then that would have been very rude of me." retorted Ryou. "Well it's not like she would have kicked you out when we got there, because that would have be even more rude and besides my sister would never leave you out on the streets of Egypt." Replied Malik.

"I know Malik, but that's not the point." Ryou sighed in defeat. While they were talking they had made there way up to the second floor of the school. Luckily both of their lockers and first classes were on the second floor as well. "Whatever Ryou, I just don't think you have the right to complain." Malik said jokingly.

"Well I'll see you at break okay?" Malik quickly questioned. "Yeah, okay I'll see you later." Replied Ryou as he smiled brightly. Ryou looked at his watch again. 'OH CRAP! 8:28 I have to hurry and put my books in my locker. I can't believe I talked that long with Malik.' As Ryou made his way over to his locker he noticed there were only a few people left in the halls. He assumed it was because there were only 2 minutes left till class.

Ryou stopped at his locker. 'Number 257 same as last year. That means that right across from me should be…' As Ryou turned around he saw the object of his affection trying to get his locker open. Ryou sighed dreamily. Bakura was sort of like his idol. The only part of Bakura he didn't want to be like was his temper.

Ryou has had a crush on him since grade 7 when he had to transfer to a different school, Amaterasu Middle school, because of bullies, and there he had met Malik, Malik had been his friend ever since they had met at lunch.


Ryou was sitting at a table eating lunch by himself because he didn't have any new friends yet. He normally didn't eat with others anyways because he was very introverted. He just preferred to sit alone to eat while he quietly read a book. But today he was forced to sit out in the open because all the tables were full.

Ryou was sitting at one of the tables in the middle of the cafeteria. The end of the table he was sitting at was empty but the other half was really crowded. Ryou looked up from his book to see someone talking to some blonde girl. The male didn't look very happy to be talking to her.

'I think the blonde girls name was Mai, and the sandy blonde males name was Malik.' Ryou couldn't help but stare because the male, Malik, was really beautiful. Ryou then did something he didn't normally do, he got up and walked over to Malik. When Ryou started to walk closer he noticed that Malik was holding on to something that looked to be made of gold.

Malik looked up from talking to Mai, he was glad for any excuse to stop talking to her. When he looked up the first thing he noticed was the males long snow white hair. He tried to remember the males name after all he was coming to talk to him and he remembered that he was also in his class.

Malik then remembered that his name was Ryou and he saw something glitter in the corner of his eye. He looked down and noticed that Ryou was wearing something gold around his neck. As Ryou got closer they both realized that they both had a millennium item. Ryou had the millennium ring around his neck and Malik had the millennium rod in his hand.

Then Malik said one of the dumbest things. "Do you like millennium artifacts?" Ryou almost burst out laughing. That was one of the most obvious things anyone has ever said to him. Ryou couldn't find the right words to reply so he just said something as equally obvious. "Yeah! Do you?" then Ryou and Malik burst out laughing. After they both stopped laughing they started to talk about there favourite subject, millennium artifacts.

When they started to get deep into conversation they had totally forgotten about Mai until she cleared her throat and said, "Um… yeah…. You guys are like speaking a totally different language now so… I'm going to leave now…" she stated with disgust. "Okay! Bye!" both Malik and Ryou stated with mirth. When Mai left they went back to talking as if she had never been there. After that minute they knew they would great friends for a long time.

*end flashback*

As Ryou was daydreaming about Bakura coming up to him and actually talking with, because sadly he had never noticed him before, the bell rang for first class. The first class was always homeroom. When Ryou had finally snapped out of la, la land he noticed Bakura was now beyond pissed.

Bakura was technically beating up his locker. He was punching, kicking and swearing at his locker. Bakura had been trying to open his locker for the last 5 minutes which meant he had been trying to open his locker before Ryou had even got to his locker. He had left his lock on his locker over summer break so naturally he had forgotten the combination.

Normally the caretakers would use lock cutters on any locks left on the lockers, but the caretakers know Bakura and his antics very well. When ever he would pull a prank that involved a mess most of the time they were stuck cleaning it up, so they decided that they would leave his lock on over the summer since he was careless enough to leave it there in the first place and because they knew he would forget the lock combination.

Bakura would then have to go to the main office which would lead him to the caretakers office and there he would have to apologize for the stuff he did as ask them to cut off his lock. Unfortunately for them they hadn't counted on Ryou or his weird way of opening lockers.

After Ryou finished putting his books away and keeping the ones he needed Ryou worked up the courage to go over and help Bakura much to the caretakers dismay. Bakura was still swearing and beating up his locker as he tried almost every combination known to man. "Um… excuse me? Bakura?" Ryou asked timidly. "WHAT!" snarled Bakura. Ryou flinched at the harshness in his voice.

"I-I know how to get your locker open…." Ryou said timidly. "tch… What could you possibly know about opening lockers?" snorted Bakura. Ryou was actually proud of his way of opening lockers so when Bakura badmouthed his technique it gave him a boost of courage to stand up to him. "I'm sorry but I really think you should try it, you've tried everything else so what else do you have to lose?" Ryou stated proudly to Bakura before he realized what he said and who he was talking to.

Ryou was about to apologize but Bakura interrupted his thoughts before he could. "Fine! Tell me your way before I change my mind." Bakura stated quickly. All of a sudden Ryou was self-conscious that Bakura would think him weird for saying this idea. "W-well you have to compliment your locker a-and call it sexy…" Ryou stated unsurely.

Bakura stood there frozen to the ground, mouth agape, eyes falling out his head. He looked as if he had seen a wolf walk up to him on two legs and tell him it was a vegetarian.

"WHAT! THE! FUDGE! ARE YOU SERIOUS!" yelled Bakura, he couldn't believe what he was hearing. Ryou just nodded his head in embarrassment. "You must think I'm crazy to do such a thing!" Bakura hollered quietly as possible after he realized how loud he was.

"I know how weird it sounds. But it's the only thing you haven't tried and besides there's almost no one around to see you. So yeah I don't really see the problem here." Ryou quickly stated. Bakura looked as if you was going to burst either from laughter or anger Ryou wasn't sure which. "Fine, I'll try your way." Bakura said through gritted teeth.

"Okay, good luck then. Bye." Ryou said quickly while walking away, but he didn't get very far. "And where do you think you're going?" Bakura said with a smirk as he held the back of Ryou's shirt collar. Ryou had turned around to see why he couldn't move but blushed and looked away when he saw how close Bakura's face was to his. "I-I was going t-to class." Ryou stuttered. "I don't think so. If I have to use you technique, then you have to be here with me when I use it.

"B-but, w-why do I have to be here? C-Couldn't you just tell me how it went later?" questioned Ryou. " No, because if this doesn't work I'm going to hurt you." Bakura stated truthfully. Ryou gulped and prayed it would work because he had only ever actually tried it once before. Bakura looked down at Ryou and then back at his locker. Bakura apologized for what he did earlier and then called his locker sexy. He then had a set of numbers pop-up in his head.

Bakura turned the combination dial to the numbers in his head while Ryou continued praying for dear life. Then they heard a click. They looked down at the lock and the lock was unlocked. They both sighed a sigh of relief. Ryou was glad Bakura wouldn't hurt him now and Bakura was glad he didn't have to hurt Ryou as well.

After Bakura had put his books away and kept the ones he needed they started to walk down the hall. "You defiantly are a strange one. So how did you know that was actually going to work?" Bakura questioned with curiosity. "Do you really want to know?" asked Ryou. "Yes." said Bakura. "Well the truth is I wasn't sure if it was really going to work or not because I've only ever used it once before." Ryou said quickly

Bakura stopped walking and stared at Ryou disbelievingly. "So you mean to tell me that if someone had seen me do that I would have been embarrassed and my reputation would have been ruined because you weren't sure?" Bakura yelled. Bakura started stalking over to Ryou who was backing away slowly. Ryou gulped and turned around and ran for his life towards the main office and Bakura ran after him. Well after all they were going to need a late slip. On the school clock it read 9:02. They were defiantly going to be late.



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