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Fury's own Rifles

Chapter 4

Lyn paced the interior of the barn growling at her predicament. She could hear the sounds of far off gun fire and the smell of smoke wafting on the wind. This only lent its self to her becoming even more riled. She listened intently trying to pin point Andrews exact position. The rifleman and Sargent Dredger that Andrew had left behind had taken positions in and around the barn, their eyes trained on the landscape searching for any sign of other patrols.

Andrew and his men had led the French patrol a good mile in land into a forested area. They kept on the defensive keeping the French believing that they were winning, but also they moved around a lot shouting regimental orders to confuse the French into believing that they were up against a much larger force. Once they felt they had gained enough distance away from the barn they lay low letting the French infantry pass by shooting at invisible enemies. Once they had passed Walker and his men started to retrace their steps.

Lyn listened to the exchange of fire, with a new found fear in her heart. He growled in worry for her officer, for Andrew. She paced back and forth while tried to calm her down. Her worry peaked when the sound of shots faded and then disappeared completely. She had started to pine and dig her claws into the ground. This had continued until Dredger had spotted the returning S.O.D members from his vantage in the hay loft. The men filled in filthy, sweaty and with powder burns on the side of their faces. They all gave Lyn a pat and a smile, because of their affection for her or because they believed in her as a symbol of their good fortune. Finally Andrew entered the barn, upon seeing him Lyn tackled him into a pile of hay, much to the amusement of the riflemen. She curled around him cooing like a dove and asking him if he was ok. After what felt like hours to walker he finally convinced her that he was fine, to which she loosed her grip a bit but still held him close.

After another short stretch of time she loosed enough for Andrew to get up. Once free of his new companion he addressed his platoon. "The ship should be here any moment. Once we've sighted it we shall head down to the beach where we should be met by boats." He then turned to Lyn while I and my men shall be traveling by the boats to the ship you must fly to it." He went onto describe ships to the dragon much to her pleasure.

Soon after the rifleman that he had stationed on the beach ran in. He informed the lieutenant that a Royal Navy ship was just off shore and that boats were coming ashore. Andrew turned to his men "Right, we shall move down to the beach and take up defensive positions. Once the boats arrive we will gradually extract onto the boats and get to the ship. Everyone understand?" his question was quickly followed by a 'Yes, sir' from his men. The men grabbed their equipment and got ready to move. Andrew watch, his pack over one shoulder and his rifle slung on his back. He then felt his free arm being lifted from the elbow. He turned his head to find Lyn had placed his hand on her head and was almost hugging him with her body.

"What's the matter Lyn?" He asked.

Her head gazed up at him, there eye's locking before she spoke. "Don't ever fight without me again, sir." The forcefulness of her words sent a shiver down Andrews spine, as he dared not think what she'd do if he ever went against her order. He smiled none the less and gave her a hug.

"Why is that Lyn? Are you angry that you were unable to fight as well?" He chuckled.

However she shook her head, still gazing at her companion. "It's because I don't think I could live with myself if you got hurt while I was not there to protect you."

Andrew smiled "Then I'll make sure you'll always be by my side."

The platoon marched down to the beach, with all three of their charges. Lyn walked directly Andrew her eyes fixed on the ship that was just outside the bay. Once they reached the beach they spread out covering all approaches. They watched as the boats gradually came nearer and finally beached themselves. A naval lieutenant jumped out and waded ashore and was met by Andrew and Lyn. Though the naval officer couldn't take his eyes off the dragon he was able to say the challenge of 'Would you like some tea?' Andrew smiled, who ever came up with these back in London must really be bored. In replied with the answer, though a snigger did escape his lips 'Puss in boots does not drink tea.' Both officers looked at each other before both laughed and shook hands.

"Great to see you again Walker. What has it been, six months?" Said the Naval lieutenant.

"Indeed Piper. But this is no time to chat there areā€¦" This was when there conversation was halted as a shot rang out and one of Pipers sailors dropped into the surf his skull broken like an egg. A shout went up as the British soldiers searched for the shooter.

Piper laughed again saying "Why do we always meet when someone's trying to shoot at us. Quickly get your men into the boats." He then looked at the dragon and turned back to Andrew saying "It'll have to fly and land on the stern."

Andrew nodded and relayed the order to Lyn. "She understands." He then turned shouting orders to his men. They gradually got into the boats still covering the beach with their rifles. Once they were all in the boats Andrew gave Lyn the signal to take off, which she did all too happily. Andrew watched in awe of her power, she took off in a hail of sand and powered into the sky. Andrew had never seen such power and speed; he had seen many dragons over his carrier but never one like this.

Lyn powered into the sky her eyes searching the horizon. She spotted something in the distance, without question they were dragons. Lyn drew upon the knowledge that Andrew and the other riflemen had taught her. From this she realised it was an aerial dog fight between British and French Dragons. She felt a shiver of excitement down her as she thought of joining in. But she looked down and saw something that made her turn white under her scales. On a hill overlooking the bay a French artillery piece was manoeuvring into position just out of sight of the boats down in the bay. She altered her course and sped down at the cannon. As the distance closed and she got more and angrier at the Frenchmen below her she felt something building inside her.

Andrew and the rest of the men watched Lyn as he circled in the sky in awe of her speed and fluidity of her manoeuvring. But they were taken aback when she suddenly made a dive towards the earth. Andrew tried to find what she was aiming at and he found it. He watched as a cannon appeared over the crest of the hill and took aim at the boats. The blood drain from his face as a feeling of powerlessness came over him. His eye's shot back to Lyn just in time to see his salvation.

Lyn felt like she was trying to dislodge something from her throat. Her face screwed into a look of dis please before she opened her mouth. Instantly she felt something alike a hiccup and a ball of blue flame shot out of her mouth towards the French artillery. She pulled up just as the ball struck the cannon.

An explosion rocked the bay as the cannon and what was left of its crew sent spiralling in multiple directions. A cheer rose up from the boats as relief washed over them. Andrew, though relieved, searched the sky franticly looking for Lyn. He didn't have long to wait as Lyn glided through the smoke of her first taste of being in a fight, a draconic grin plastering her face. He heaved a sigh of relief which was a followed by a chuckle.

Back on the beach the French infantry that had lost their trail in the woods emerged over the sand dunes taking shots at the retreating boats. However the boats were well out of the effective range of their Charleville musket. A couple of riflemen steadied themselves and took a couple of pot shots back at the French, their Baker Rifle easily reaching the French forming up on the beach. This continued until a fire ball exploded in the formed up ranks of the French infantry. Lyn quickly followed her fireball down; her sharp claws ripping throw the remaining ranks of French soldiers. The rest of the French fled the beached falling over one another in the haste.

The Boats had kept rowing out of the protection of the bay and into the open water of the English Channel. Lyn, now content that she had both been able to fly and see combat in one day, glided silently above them as they made the final stretch to the ship.

The Man-of-War waited silently in its darkening surroundings, while the sun caught its sails. Andrew and Piper brought their boat alongside the warship, the others falling in behind. A rope and board ladder was lowered down and the officers and men began to climb. Andrew took in the might that the ship held, its guns stood ready and its painted gun port catching the setting sun. Andrew then hauled himself onto the deck and into the company of the ship's captain.

The captain was a dwarf of a man standing only 5 foot. However his many scars showed him to be a veteran of many years of service. He stood smiling at the young officer; well Andrew thought it was a smile. The captains most striking feature was that the majority of his lips and cheek were missing. Andrew would lean later that the Captain had lost them in the last moments of capturing a French ship, 'Loire'. This ship was in fact, was the same one they were currently standing on. Once both Andrew and his men where abroad with their cargo, the captain chose to address them.

"I am Captain Frederick Maitland," he paused briefly as Andrew saluted, before continuing "I was informed that there was a dragonet with you." Captain Maitland however did not receive his reply from the lieutenant but from a voice that came from above the group.

"I am here as well, sir."

The assembled group looked up into the rigging to see Lyn hanging upside down by her tail from one of the spars in the rigging. Maitland gazed curiously upon the creature now staring down on him, before turning his attention back to Andrew.

"lieutenant, tell your dragon to get out of the rigging."

"Right away sir." Andrew said and then turned his attention to Lyn. "My dear, please may you join us on the deck." In answer to which lyn unravelled her tail and spread her wings. She landed next to Andrew.

"Nice of you to join us, please restrain yourself from climbing the rigging in the future." The captain asked Lyn in a light chuckle.

"Yes Sir."

"Now," The captain turned back to Andrew "You and your men are to remain on deck along with the dragon. We should be able to make Dover in a couple of hours, as long as there aren't any complications." He grinned and turned to return to his cabin.

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