Dear Diary...

This is Aang's diary. It holds all his secrets and stuff. Read and find out all of his secrets and possessions and what happened in the day. R&R please.

Disclaimer: I'm Aang and Avatar:T.L.A is owned by the creators of Avatar which names are not Tiana. :)

Name: Aang Nevermore Mom'Appa Nomadian Gyatsi

Age: 113 (13)

D.O.B: 17.06.94

Fave Colour: Blue (Reminds me of Katara's eyes)

Nation: Air

Bending Abilities: Water,Air,Earth,Fire

Job: Avatar

Crush: Katara

Best Friends: Sokka, Zuko, Suki, Toph ,(Very long list!) (best for last) Katara

Most afraid of: Hurting my friends and Katara

Fave Song: (Avatar world) Praying Mantis by TiGar (Real World) No Air or One More Chance

Hobby: Working with Animals, swimming

Appearance: Short Black/Brown hair, Grey Eyes (Stormy-Grey, my sister and Katara say), Air nomad clothes

Relationship: NEARLY with Katara

Most Favourite thing: Katara and/or my glider and/or Appa and Momo

Least Favourite thing: Sokka's boomerang

Favourite Singer: Katara and/or Michael Jackson (R.I.P) and/or Jordin Sparks

Favourite past time: Morning. I always see Katara getting up and having a swim. Shh... Don't tell!

1 thing you would like to change about yourself: My height (How am i supposed to kiss Katara if I am shorter than her?)

1 thing you would like to change about the world: The War and to bring back the Air Nomads (That's two!)

Favourite Food: i am a vegetarian so it would probably be... Koi Fish!

Least Favourite Food: All kinds of Meat, especially porkai

Any Pets: Two- Appa my sky Bison and Momo my lemur monkey

Thats all for Now!

Aangy :)

So that was Aang's Diary Entry No. 1

Stay tuned for more Diary Entries!

Purple lil Chik xxx