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Percy, the Forbidden Child

Ch.2—The monster go BOOM! But about my identity? Shhhhhhhhhhh!

Percy's POV

Great, now listen. Until a few months ago, I had completely no idea how dangerous being a GOD will be. I mean, come on, monsters hunting young gods like me is just not right. I knew I was a god since I was seven—I mean mom, uh, nope, not any more, Sally told me about it when I "accidentally" vaporized and zapped a bunch of things in our apartment after a bad day with people teasing me(Luckily Sally wasn't any where beside me). She told me the truth, all about how my dad got me here and why. See, here's the thing, siring immortal child is much, much rarer than just a regular half blood so my case is just rare. Don't tell me I didn't warn you, being a god can be really dangerous, if you recognized yourselves in my story as one of the half blood, well, you probably ARE NOT a god, then read no longer because monsters will come after your trail.

Yep, in my short and tragic life so far(My life will go on eternity, right now, only twelve years, okay?), I experienced a handful of situations that any half bloods haven't been in yet. Well, what should I say? I got no choice but just to fight. My fighting skills? Better than any half blood. Not bragging, buy it IS good, and, uh, above average. But those mighty godly tricks? Not so much, like zapping stuff, nope, or teleporting, na-uh, because gods are like eons of years old, and I'm just twelve, which makes my like toddlers next to them. So, sometimes when I get mad, never, under any circumstances, get near to me. Sally learnt it the hard way.

Well, being extra dyslexic and ADHD, I was kept kicking out of the school, yeah right, like the sixth school in the sixth year. Honestly, do you know anyone with my situation? Yeah, the answer is no. I always manage to vaporize something when I get mad. Luckily, I haven't, umm, murder any one or vaporize anyone in that case , yet. But with Nancy Bobofit, I'm not sure. Urgh, specking of that evil girl, she's getting on my nerves, just wait until she cross my line! She'll be the first one to be vaporized by me, sooner or later, I don't know, I can't control my powers yet.

So now, I'm going on a field trip with Mr. Brunner, my Latin teacher, he was the only one's class who wouldn't put me into sleep mode, as he always has those cool swords and shields that he brings, especially that cool celestial bronze sword. You may ask, how the heck did I know what the sword was made of? I don't know. I just know those random facts. I. Just. Know. Like Grover, my best friend, because he's the only one that talked to me, is a satyr. He didn't tell me anything about it, but judging from his limp, I can guessed it. And those Greek facts and myths I learnt in class, I just knew them.

And now, on the bus, I was watching outside of it while those kids in the bus was playing pranks on others and chatting super loudly that made me want to drown myself. One problem, I can't die nor drown, for that matter. Did I mention my dad was Poseidon? Yep, he is, the mighty Sea God, that's why I was pretty much water proof. I didn't really know my mom all that well, sure, I knew she was Athena, but dad always mentally 'speak and talk' to me from time to time. Mom? Not so much, nope, it's never. Sure mom never talks to me, she ignores me, I think. Does she even know I exists? She should.

As I was thinking, Nancy Bobofit dumped her ketchup sandwich to my best friend, Grover, I know, that's gross, and she dumped it on his head! I can't stand it! I was about to stand up and fight her, but Grover pressed me down.

"Perce, it's okay. Do you want to be kicked out of Yancy Academy or not?" He said.

Nancy shot me a crooked smile and dumped another on Grover's lap. Urgh! How can I stand it? Can't the satyr defend himself or something?

Suddenly, Grover let go of my arm, scared, and he went to a corner of the row on the bus we were sitting. Nancy and a bunch of kids just gasped at me, gawking.

"What!" I demanded, "What's wrong with you people?"

Grover just pointed at me, and said "Uhh, Perce, your eyes… Umm, glows." He said as he shifted uncomfortably, and whimpered. I just glanced at myself from one of the mirrors the girls on the row in front of ours and saw my eyes glow, in that eerie greenish-blue color. Wow! So cool, guess that's another power, huh? Instead of calming down right away, I stared at Nancy and that did it. She sat back down and didn't bother us at all for the rest of the trip. So awesome. The glow died down after a few deep breaths, and Grover didn't make even one comment to me. He just sat quietly fidgeting with his fingers.

As we arrived the museum, kids filed out and we all went in the enormous Greek and Roman building. We were all crowding beside Mr. Brunner for his introductions to all those statues. Sure enough, I knew all the words that wrote on it, of course, I didn't dare to make a comment about that. As he continue, he stared at a statue of a ancient Greek girl with his eyes, the eyes that seemed to have seen everything in the world, so intently, that I thought maybe he did meet her and even went to her funeral. Only that that's no so possible. But, then, if he had, maybe he's—? Maybe he did, that's not my place to judge.

So the day went like that, with Mrs. Dodds glancing evilly at me every few seconds. You know, I think she's a monster, but I can't always be sure, right? Maybe she just hate me, for some reasons, I don't know. Anyhow, lunch was here and I can't wait to eat. Hey, gods eat too! I was starving for the tour in the morning. I ate as with Grover beside a fountain near to the front door, as we watched how those nasty kids picking pockets of those other innocent visitors. How I wish to get my powers! Snap my fingers and the kids are gone!

As I was thinking, the red headed night mare—Nancy came with her nasty companions, fidgeting the purse she just stole from a nice old lady, and came towards us. Oh, she's not scared of my glowing eyes? Just great. Grover gulped, poor satyr. No worries, I'll handle this.

Nancy walked close, and started teasing us. "Now, Jackson, what are you doing here with that cripple? Don't you want to scare me with you nasty little glowing eyes thing again? Oh, come on, like if you can do anything to me with Mrs. Dodds watching!"

Oh, she gets on nerve again, this time, I was so furious that I didn't even really knew what I did. She just screamed and the next thing I knew, she was on the floor, and also in a puddle of water. Oh, I see now, no wonder, see, I was a god, but I still get normal demigod powers such as controlling the water. I must somehow direct the water from the fountain to hit her. As I was going to celebrate my victory and tell Grover to close his mouth to not to attract any flies, Mrs. Dodds came and said, "Now, honey, how could you do that? That's not right. Come with me." Well, what choice did I have? I'm not escaping this, okay? No god is a coward. So I followed her of course, with one thing that I was positive.

She, Mrs. Dodds, is a monster and I have to destroy it with my bare hands.

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