Percy, the Forbidden Child

Chapter 16—Empousa sucks—pun unintended

Ahh, New Year treats, the favorite kind. Yeah, I'm kinda disappointed, because apparently not a lot of people decided to review the last chapter (chapter 15). Oh yeah, did I mention this story's half-year anniversary was Boxing Day? Yeah…

The door was torn down, and yes, anyone could guess that—monsters.

The thing is, I sensed monsters, duh. Though, they don't look like one. Two perfect California girls—perfect tan, perfect blue eyes and green eyes, and perfect blond hair. Great.

Normally, I would not fall for any girls… Geez, they're mortal, what do you expect? Plus, after the 'Nancy Incident', I would not be welcoming any non-demigod/god girls very soon.

Hey! You there, the kid in front of your computer/cellphone, yeah, I'm talking to you! What do you mean by escaping using my awesome powers? Well, FYI, I was in a trance. It must have been affecting me really severely, and thinking back, I'm so ashamed of myself. I might get us killed.

So here's the deal. I'm not one of you mortal boy, playing around and flirting with girls. In fact, I never did. Never really paid that much attention to them, never that attracted to them. (Hi mother.) I'm gonna screwed up, big time.

Anyways, these monst—girls smell so good. Like roses, and clean fresh animals? Maybe they ride a horse or something… Hey, don't judge me, if you're in my situation, I bet on my drachmas that I have (which by the way, is infinite) that you would have been no better.

In my blurry vision, I saw Annabeth drew her dagger while nudging Grover, who was mumbling "Foooooooood!" again, for the millionth time. I looked at the girls, who was smiling and nodding along, encouraging me to join too.

I learned in, closer and closer… Why did they open their mouth…? Is that… Fangs?

"PERSEUS!" Annabeth yelled, slightly pulling me out of my trance, still, I was mildly dazed.

"Don't interrupt, girl. Can't you see we are in a middle of conversation… Um, meeting here?" The first girl said.

"Meeting?" Annabeth said, "As in I vant to suck thee blood, because I lov blood?" Annabeth said in a mock-accent.

"Do you have a death wish?" The second girl interrupted, "Stay back, you don't want to get your pretty face ruined, we only want this boy here, he smells so~ Good!"

Annabeth fumed instantly, and for a second, I think I saw who those girls truly are…

"You empousas! Didn't your master taught you better? He's a god! Don't you dare! And never, I mean NEVER call me pretty face, unless you have a death wish."

With that, the two 'girls' changed into something that I definitely WON'T want to go out with, with their mismatched legs, red eyes, ugly yellow fangs, they looked nothing like a normal girl.

"Empousa sucks!" Grover said, now fully awake, holding his reed pipes and a taco, ready for attack.

We snickered, and I took out my trusty weapon—a 30cents ballpoint pen—uncapped it, and voila! You have it, a three-foot celestial bronze sword, which I assume would become my symbol of power sooner or later, give or take a couple decades or centuries.

"That wasn't so nice, making me to fall for your spell, I'll send you to Tartarus!"

I might have mentioned it earlier, but the fact not revealing my true form did exhaust me tenfold, and weakened my powers, and have unexpected turns of events. But I managed to keep it in place, which did not allowed them to escape by turning into two columns of flame, which Annabeth stabbed one and I did the other with Grover's help.

Double o seven, mission accomplished. Just kidding, our mission is far from even seeing the edge. ADHD acting up of course.

Now I know what everyone says Empousas sucks, they do, both literally and practically.

After I thickened the Mist around us, with the mortal still sleeping, we warned ourselves to be more alert, and of course, the little trip to the Arch was canceled, as it would just cause more unneeded problems than I don't want to deal with at all.

I took out the two little veils from Medusa, the two veils contained two important potions, one for poisoning, the other for healing, practically anything. I knew I would need it, big time. The potion came from, in case you don't know, her blood from her left and right side. One side that could kill basically anything that's mortal, the other cures most wounds and diseases. Let's just say I have a hunch…