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Chapter 1: Two Messages

Kankuro walked into a book shop named Explosion of Books. "Hello? Anybody in here? I'm looking for the Devil's Arms?" He looked around the room, a little intimidated by all the books in it. "I have a message from Gaara?" he said again.


"Uh…you know…for the Arms Dealer?"

More silence.

"Maybe I'm in the wrong place?" he turned back to the door, when he heard children laughing. "Hello?" he said, more than freaked out. He turned to the door again, to see a pair of identical twins. "You really don't know anything do you?" they asked simultaneously. "Uh…excuse me?" asked the guy in a black cat outfit. (Yes. That's what it looks like to me. XD) "You shouldn't just walk into any place so unsure." The twins stated.

"That's enough you two." The three turned to see a blonde teen walk in. "All right Deidara-nii-san." Stated the twins as they skipped over to him. "D-Deidara? As in the Arms Dealer?" "I would've thought that Gaara would deliver the message himself un. Oh well, to each his own." Replied the Azure Warlock as he snapped his fingers. Blue flames surrounded the small group and they appeared in a very crowded arms shop. "Now, give me the message un. I don't have all day." He said as he grabbed a roll of bills from a man with talons. "Light, get me weapon #367 un." The female twin smiled and ran off up the stairs. "I hope that it's what's expected." Said the man with the talons. "Don't underestimate my craftsmanship un." Replied Deidara.

Kankuro pulled out a small scroll. "Uh…here's the message…" he said. Deidara snatched it and turned to a woman with a ferret around her neck, "I'm here for the sniper Deidara." She said. "Shadow, go get it for me. It's the one with the floral design." "Yes nii-san." Said the male twin, running off. Light came back with a small box. "Thank you Light." Said Deidara as he handed the box to the talon man.

"It's so small." He growled. "Yet extremely deadly. Be careful of where you open it Cole." Cole smirked, "I guess I'll just have to take your word for it, Arms Dealer." He said as he headed for a pair of electric double doors.

Deidara turned to Kankuro, "You're still here un? Unless you're planning to buy a weapon I suggest you leave un." Deidara stated as he walked to the register. Kankuro looked around wearily and left the shop.

Deidara placed the scroll in the register and looked around the Devil's Arms. He loved the fact that people loved his art, he really did. He hated the holiday rush. Even with Light, Shadow, and Sasori helping, it was still complete chaos. It was only eleven am and Deidara was exuasted. "Yo Dei!" Deidara looked up at the third floor to where Hidan was, "Heads up! Order #787 coming down!" he yelled as he tossed a couple of swords down. He did this every year. The customers all panicked as Deidara's eyes dilated, making the swords levitate and go over to the man who had ordered them. Deidara scowled at the Reaper.

"I THOUGHT YOU HAD WORK 2 DO TODAY!" exclaimed the blonde as Hidan was thrown over the railing by Sasori, "Leave him alone Hidan, he has enough to stress about without you causing mayhem." He said. Hidan grunted in pain as his face met the floor. "Thank you Sasori-no-danna!" stated Deidara as he grabbed a bow and satchel of arrows and went over to a human girl, "thank you. Here's the payment." She said as she handed Deidara a check and walked off.

Sasori saw the doors to the Devil's Arms open and Gaara walk in. He raised a brow in question as he walked over to the redheaded Lycan. "What are you doing here Gaara?" he asked. Gaara looked at Sasori, "I'm here to give Deidara the message. Wasn't I expected?" he replied. Sasori looked at Gaara in confusion, "But...Kankuro just delivered the message." He told Gaara. "Why would I send Kankuro over here? He'd end up buying the whole store. I always come personally." Sasori looked up at the second floor where Deidara was looking for another order. The Arms Dealer turned to where the two were talking before snapping his fingers.

There was a loud screeching sound, bringing the whole room's attention to the blonde warlock. "Lunch break. Anyone that doesn't work here, kindly exit un."

After the shop was empty, Deidara went up to Gaara. "You didn't send Kankuro?" he asked. "No, I came personally to give you-" he pulled out a scroll. Deidara grabbed it, "I'll call you when it's ready un. Leave." Gaara hesitated, but left.

"If that wasn't Kankuro…" muttered Sasori. Hidan, sensing the tension in the room, said, "Well, look at the time. I gotta go kill somebody!" and vanished. Deidara went to the register and pulled out the other scroll. "Whatever this is…It needs to be opened with extreme caution." He said. Sasori could see how stressed his blonde was and went behind him, massaging his upper back, "How bout we look at it after a break Dei? You've had a long day." Deidara sighed, "Very long un. I hate the holiday rush un." Sasori chuckled at that. "I know Dei. Let's go have some lunch." Deidara nodded in agreement as he put the scroll from "Kankuro" in his pocket…


"Irosas!" A man with pure white hair ran into the room, "Y-yes Aradied?" he stuttered. A man with long raven colored hair turned to him. "Did Oruknak return yet?" he asked the white haired man. "Y-yes. It seems that the Arms Dealer is under a lot of stress." Aradied laughed, "Good. Then we can commence the operation tomorrow." He said…

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