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Chapter 14: Back to Normal

Deidara yawned as he walked up to the Devil's Arms. The holiday rush was finally over, thank kami, and now he knew things would settle down. He heard a crash and sighed. "Hidan, what did you knock over now?" he asked as he stepped into his shop. The albino groaned in pain from under a pile of weapons. Deidara chuckled, "I've told you time and time again, don't touch the shelves un."

Hidan groaned again as the blonde warlock waved his hand. The weapons replaced themselves on the shelves and wall. "That's the reward for ignorance." Said Deidara. With a growl, Hidan got to his feet, "I didn't touch nothing." He told the warlock. Deidara smirked, "Ah, I see." He turned to the door to see Light and Shadow giggling as they watched. He chuckled at his younger siblings as he walked calmly to the register. His eyes dilated, making the electronic doors unlock and the blood Hidan had spilt on the floor vanish.

It always felt good to be at his register.

Hidan sat on the floor by the counter, "You know…our lives have gone through quite a lot these past few months…" Deidara nodded, "Yup. But life is better thanks to those changes." The albino chuckled…and then a water balloon hit the back of his head. He turned and growled, "YOU DAMN BRATS!" he exclaimed as he ran after the giggling twins.

With a chuckle, Deidara sat down. An unfinished sword appeared before him on the counter as he waited for the early risers to make it to his shop.

After a few moments of silence, Deidara heard footsteps. He smiled as he felt a pair of arms wrap themselves around his waist and leaned back into the embrace. "Morning Deidei." Whispered Sasori as he kissed the blonde's cheek. "Morning Danna." Replied the warlock with a smile. How he loved being held by his danna, it made him feel so safe, so loved. "I heard Hidan yelling. The twins having some fun?" asked the red headed vampire. Deidara nodded, "You know it's their favorite pass time. Torture Hidan, I can see it becoming a popular sport."

Sasori chuckled at the statement as the front doors opened to let in the first customer of the day…

~In an alternate reality~

A smile graced the lips of a certain silver haired man as he watched his lover. So much had changed in the past few days, yet Irosas still didn't understand it. It was so strange; Aradied was trying to win over the affections of the people. The day after the Hikari no Ko had left the raven had gone to the square and apologized to everyone, begging for forgiveness. It shocked almost everyone that heard. Aradied never asked for forgiveness, for he was never wrong in his eyes.

Yet there he was, trying to win them over. Looking to the side, Irosas saw Reficul, eyes narrowed in suspicion. Knowing the man, he was most likely thinking that Aradied was trying some new way of tricking everyone. Irosas sighed. It was amazing how much changed in the past few days. He chuckled as he watched some kids jump on Aradied. The raven fell to the ground with a grunt but ended up laughing himself. He had promised to bring the children of the village some toys, which he had. And now the children had forgotten about anything they had heard about the prince.

"Ouji-sama! Play with us!" said a small girl. Aradied sat up, "All right. What should I play then?" It was like looking at an entirely different person. Aradied usually stayed away from children. The surrounding adults laughed along with the children, seeing the prince in a new light. Nadih walked up to Irosas. "I've never seen Ouji-sama so generous…seems like he's finally matured a bit." Irosas smiled, "Yeah. I guess he has. It's really nice actually. He made up with his father as well." Nadih's eyes widened in shock, "He spoke to Otiar?" he asked. Who was this person and what had they done with Aradied? But then again…

It was best not to question it.

Nadih smiled. If the prince had made a turn for the better, then that meant that that there was hope for life in this town. He laughed as the children grabbed Aradied by the hand, leading him to the toys he had gotten for them.

A chill went through the air, and Nadih and Irosas looked up. "Oh no…what's she doing here?" asked Irosas. He looked back at his lover to see that Aradied had also felt the presence. The prince had a frown on his face as he muttered to the children, "Forgive me, but I'll have to postpone our games." The children all groaned in disappointment until their mothers went and ushered them to the toys.

"What is going on here?" came a voice. Aradied sighed and turned to his mother, "Hello mother." He said calmly. Xela walked over to Aradied, her long red locks pull up into a high ponytail. "What us all this Aradied?" she said in a sickeningly sweet voice as she extended her arm to Aradied. The raven pulled out of the way though, and he went to stand by Irosas. Xela blinked and turned to her son in confusion. "Aradied, what's the matter?" she asked in that voice that was starting to irritate Aradied.

"I'm sick of your ways mother." Replied the raven. Xela looked at him in shock, "And what do you mean by that?" she asked, the sweet voice she was using before suddenly turning cold. Aradied rolled his eyes, "Let's see…to put it simply, I want no part of your plans. In fact, I'd appreciate it if you would stay out of my life permanently." He turned away in the direction of the castle, "Come Irosas. I think we should head home now."

With a grin, Irosas followed. He chanced a glance back at Xela to see a look of pure hate in her eyes. His grin fell and he got a nervous feeling. "Ara…" he whispered. Aradied took the arch angel's hand in his own, "I know. I can sense it myself." He muttered back. Irosas saw Xela pull a dagger from inside of the expensive cloak she was wearing and glared.

Before he could do anything, a pair of roots rose from the ground. They wrapped around Xela tightly, keeping her in place as Aradied turned to her once more. "Now mother, I don't see why you should be so angry. You still have everything you wanted: money. But that is all you're getting out of me. I no longer want, or even need, your assistance in ruling over my kingdom. Irosas is enough, as well as father. And I'm sure that Dusk and Dawn are more than willing to help me." As he finished that statement, the raven haired twins dropped down on either side of him from one of the rooftops, identical smirks spread across their faces.

Xela glared at her children, especially Aradied. When had her favorite son turned on her? What could have made him break away from his song? Dawn and Dusk made faces at her causing her anger to rise. When did those little brats get the courage to disrespect her? "What made you change Aradied?" she demanded. She wanted to know the reason.

After a moment of thought, Aradied looked up at the sky. "The pain of loss can change many things." He said. Confusion crossed both Xela and Irosas. The silver hair still didn't know what his lover meant when he said that. On the contrary, Xela's eyes widened. "The Hikari no Ko…" she muttered, "He got to you, didn't he?"

Aradied shrugged, "He taught me a lesson if that's what you mean. Either way…" the grip of the roots on Xela tightened and she paled. She actually feared for her life at that moment. "If you continue this behavior in my town, I will personally dispose of you." He muttered so that only some could hear. He didn't want to frighten the children after all. Xela felt the roots fall away and fell to her knees shaking. Aradied had never threatened her before, and being on the other side of his anger was terrifying…

Dawn and Dusk laughed as they followed their older brother, "Nice one nii-sama!" they said. Aradied chuckled as he walked, hand in hand, with Irosas. The arch angel, smile on his face, leaned his head on the raven's shoulder. "I like this new Aradied." He said softly. Aradied smiled down at his love. "I think everyone does." He said, "Myself included." …

~Later on~

Aradied sat in bed, Irosas fast asleep in his lap as he ran his fingers through the short, messy silver locks. His mind had wandered to the beach that day, when he had thought he had lost everything. Deidara had given him a second chance; the thought still shocked him. A flash of blue flames appeared in the corner of his eyes and he turned to see the blonde warlock.

A smile was spread across Deidara's face as he looked at Aradied and Irosas. "I see things are quite peaceful here un." he said softly so not to wake the arch angel from his slumber. Aradied nodded as he ran his fingers through the silver hair again. "And I assume that everything worked out on your end as well?" he whispered. Deidara chuckled softly, "I took your advice. I don't think the councilmen will go against Lucifer again anytime soon." He said. Aradied smirked. "Good…I took your advice as well Arms Dealer…"

Deidara raised a brow, "And?" Aradied looked out the window at the crescent moon. "I couldn't be happier." Deidara chuckled again. "Life after the song…always better." He said. Aradied nodded, "So, you're here to check up on me." Deidara leaned on the wall, "Yup. I wanted to make sure you didn't do anything stupid. But I'm glad that you learned your lesson Aradied. I can see it in your eyes; they're brighter, more open to the world. In other words, your heart has changed for the better." Aradied hummed in thought. Deidara really was something else. Checking up on his enemy…

"Well, I'll be on my way then un. Have a nice life Aradied. And watch yourself." Deidara's voice turned dark and smooth, "I'll be back to check on you every once and a while." Aradied raised a brow, "You still haven't told me how you get your voice like that." Deidara chuckled, "It comes with being raised by Lucifer himself. You learn how to from him. See ya." He waved and blue flames surrounded him once more, vanishing with him.

Aradied smiled and lay back, pulling Irosas to lie next to him. The silver hair snuggled into the raven making said raven's gaze soften. He watched his love a bit more until he drifted off to sleep. His last thoughts were, I can't believe I'm actually thankful to you, Hikari no Ko…

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