Chapter 1

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Reunions and Confessions

Bella's Point of View

Three months ago everything changed and he chooses to leave me. Edward was my vampire boyfriend and than two weeks ago, Jake who was my best friend who is now a wolf; basically his tribe is descended from wolves and when vampires are around they change to protect people, left me too. They both said it was too dangerous for me in their world….. Well you know screw both of them. I didn't deserve what they did to me and now it's time to make some changes. "Bella!" my dad called me and I ran downstairs. "Yea Dad what's up?" he looks exhausted. "Bella you remember your great aunt who lives in Mystic Falls?" he asked me. Why would he be asking about Aunt Lizzie we haven't seen her in thirteen years? Actually he hasn't seen her in thirteen years; it's been two for me, but they don't know that I lied about going out of town with a friend when really I went to see her. "Yea what about Aunt Lizzie?" "Well Bella she's dead; heart attack and your mom already made the funeral plans. We got her will yesterday she doesn't want any of us there except you and she decided to leave you everything. The house the money all of it." Wow this was a lot to take in. Aunt Lizzie and my parents had a falling out thirteen years ago. It was my grandpa's sister; I always loved going to her house. She had beautiful big old colonial styled house that was built in the early 1800's. It had a huge garden with roses, lilies, irises, sunflowers, orchids, and so many others I can't remember. There was a huge maze in the back yard and in the middle of the maze was a beautiful gazebo. She always used to tell me stories in the gazebo about one of my ancestors. She said that I had her spirit and I looked exactly like her; of course that was when my hair was its natural hair color blonde. I loved her, but after my dad, mom and her fought I was never allowed to go back. I called her when I could but it had been six months since I had last talk to her. "Dad can I go to the funeral?" he looked uncomfortable, "Dad please the last time I talked to her was six months ago. It wasn't right for you and mom to keep me away from her. I loved her and I want to go. I'm eighteen dad whether you agree or not I will go, but I would rather you give your consent." He looked at me and sighed, "Alright Bells you can go." "Thank you dad." I ran upstairs to pack.

Elena's Point of View

Bonnie, Harper, Annabelle, Jeremy, Lexi, Lee, Stefan, Damon and I were sitting in a booth at the Grill when Caroline came running up, "OMG guess what I just heard." I groaned, "Caroline this had better not be some crappy gossip I am so done with that stuff." She stuck out her tongue at me, "No Elena it's not crappy gossip. Elizabeth Swan died two day ago and guess who she left everything to?" We all shrugged and Caroline rolled her eyes, "BELLA, she left everything to Bella." Bonnie and I sat up; Bella was what we called our fourth. It was me, Bonnie, Caroline and Bella; she would come down with her parents every summer to visit Ms. Swan and a couple times we went and visited her in Forks. We would play in the maze; Ms. Swan was the only one who had a maze and her garden was beautiful. It was two years ago that Bella came down to visit. According to my parents Ms. Swan and Bella's parents had a huge fight. Than two summers ago she lied to her parents to come visit down here, "Caroline are you sure it's Bella?" she rolled her eyes again, "Yes I am and get this she will be here in two days for the funeral." The three of us started getting excited we hadn't seen her in two years and yea it was under crappy circumstances, but finally we could catch up. Damon spoke up, "Caroline what's Bella's full name?" I looked at him weird and than at Stefan who looked worried. Caroline spoke, "Isabella Marie Swan." and she left. Damon immediately got up and left the grill followed by Stefan while the rest of us just sat there perplexed.

Bella's Point of View

I had finished packing and called Angela to ask if she would get my assignments while I was gone. She agreed and told me to call when I got to Mystic Falls. I looked in the mirror and for the first time I saw myself. I looked horrible and since I decided it was time for a changed I might as well start now. "Hey dad I'm going to Port Angeles for some shopping and I'm going to get my hair done." He waved to me but didn't take his eyes off the Mariners game. I got to Port Angeles and went to the salon, "What do you want to do honey?" the beautician asked me. I sat there for a minute, "I want to dye it back to it's natural color blonde with some darker blonde highlights and just cut off the dead." She nodded and got to work; after two hours I was done and I looked in the mirror. It was like a weight was lifted off my shoulder. I paid her and than went to the mall. I picked up new jeans, camisoles and got a leather jacket. By the time I got home dad was asleep on the couch and the TV was on. I turned it off and went up stairs. Tomorrow I was leaving for Mystic Falls.

I woke up at 7 and got dressed. My plane left and 9 from Port Angeles. Dad was going to drive me and a rental car would be waiting for me when I landed. We loaded up my bags and headed for the airport; the car ride was quiet and dad was nervous. I laughed, "Dad will you chill out? I mean it's not like we haven't been away from each other before." He finally smiled, "I know Bells. I just I don't like you going there by yourself." I laughed, "Dad honestly this is what I need right now Jake ditched me two weeks ago and I need to get the hell out of here." He just nodded. We got to the airport and said our goodbyes and before I boarded the plane I texted someone I hadn't talked to in forever.

Elena's Point of View

My phone vibrated during history class and I took it out; Hey Elena it's Bella look I know we haven't really talked much in the last two years and I'm sure by now you have heard I'm coming there to bury Aunt Lizzie. If you would come by her house after you get out of school I'll be there and bring Bonnie. I really want to see ya'll. Not Caroline yet she called and left a message and she is way too hyper for me right now. I'm boarding the plane now so I won't get your reply for a while. Just come by if you decide to. Later B. I gasped and than remember Caroline telling me she had given Bella all of our numbers. The bell rang and I grabbed Bonnie, "You are never going to believe who just texted me." I pulled out my phone and showed her; she gasped too. "What do you want to do Elena?" she asked me. I thought for a minute and than answered, "I think we should go. I mean there is so much I wanted to talk to her about and catch up on." she nodded in agreement and we decided after school we would take my car to the Swan mansion. I went to catch up with Stefan, "Hey, Bonnie and I are going to head over to the Swan mansion after school to see Bella. I will meet you at the Grill later ok." He smiled, "Yea that's fine and give her my condolences." I laughed and than had a thought, "Did you know the Swans way back when." He laughed, "Yes I did; in fact Damon was engaged to one of the Swan girls. Isabella was her name. I believe your Bella is named after her." I tried to fight back a laugh. "Elena, Damon was different before Katherine. He truly loved Isabella and she loved him, but there was an accident." I became quiet, "What kind of accident Stefan?" He looked solemn, "Isabella was killed in a riding accident. She and Damon were riding like they did every Sunday since they were ten and a snake appeared out of no where. It spooked her horse and the horse reared back throwing Isabella off. She broke her neck and died. Damon wasn't the same after that. He became a womanizer and than after Katherine he became who he is today. Before all that he was amazingly sweet and caring especially towards Isabella." Wow Damon had cared about someone besides himself. Than I remembered last night when they left, "Stefan when he heard Bella's full name is that why he left?" he nodded. "Yea Elena it just hurt him to hear that name." I couldn't say anything. Stefan spoke up, "Elena if your worried about brining your friend around don't be Damon has already agreed to behave. In fact he is curious to see what she is like." I groaned, "Stefan I don't want him to try anything with her…" but he interrupted me, "No Elena it's not like that. Not many Swans are left and we have only met Elizabeth. He is curious to see if they are stuck up." I laughed, "Ms. Swan wasn't stuck up and besides only Bella is coming. When we were five Ms. Swan and Bella's parents had a falling out and we didn't see Bella until two years ago. I can tell you this much Bella isn't stuck up; she does speak her mind though." He laughed, "Well I can't wait to meet her; will you bring her to the Grill tonight?" I shrugged, "It depends on how she is doing. She and Ms. Swan were pretty tight; I think she might bring her boyfriend. Last time I spoke to Ms. Swan Bella was in a relationship with some guy named Edward." I kissed him goodbye and went to meet Bonnie.

Bella's Point of View

I arrived at Mystic Falls about two and went to get my car. I had decided to rent the brand new convertible mustang; it was black with leather interior. As I was driving through town I saw everyone staring and I ignored them. Amazingly I remember my way to Aunt Lizzie's and when I got there nothing had changed. The trees that lined the driveway were in full bloom. Aunt Lizzie said that this is what it looked like when the town was founded; our family was one of the founders. The house came into the view and also a cop car; I stopped my car and got out. "Hello Isabella I don't know if you remember me…" but I interrupted her, "Ms. Forbes how could I forget you." She laughed, "Bella how many times do I have to tell you call me Liz; Bella I'm so sorry about your aunt." I smiled, "Thank you Liz, but why are you here?" she walked over to me, "I came to bring you the keys and to tell you if you need anything to call me." She hugged me and handed me the keys. I waved goodbye to her and went to open the door.

It was like stepping back in time; nothing had changed in two years. I wasn't ready to go through the house yet so I put my bags in the entryway and decided to walk to the gazebo. The gazebo held so many memories for me; Aunt Lizzie had told me so many stories about our ancestors, but one stuck out in my mind,

(Flashback) "Aunt Lizzie tell me a true love story." I asked her and she nodded her head "Did you know Bella that this gazebo holds a very special story" Aunt Lizzie asked and I shook my head no. "Well back in 1864 a girl by the name of Isabella was sitting right where we are." I looked at her, "She had my name." I said and grinned. Aunt Lizzie grinned right back at me, "Yes she did and you know what you look exactly like her." I giggled and Aunt Lizzie continued, "She was sitting here and a very handsome young man by the name of Damon Salvatore; Salvatore means Savior; came and sat by her. They had known each other since they were ten and had been in love for quite sometime. Damon took her hand and looked into her eyes 'Isabella Swan I love you with every part of my being and I never want to spend another moment without knowing you are mine. Will you marry me?' Isabella smiled, 'Yes Damon Salvatore I will.' They kissed and ran to tell their parents. The End." I shook my head, "No Aunt Lizzie that can't be the end you didn't say they lived happily ever after." I told her and she smiled, "Well they didn't exactly live happily ever after. You see before they could be married Isabella was in a horse riding accident and died." I cut her off, "Than how is this a true love story?" she laughed, "Well you see after she died every week their were fresh flowers put on her grave with a note that said 'Forever yours Damon.' and to this day there are always fresh flowers and a note. You see even though it has been over a hundred years, Damon has found a way to remember her and show that he loves her even in death." I thought for a minute, "I want someone to love me forever too." She smiled at me, "You will darling I promise you that."

I wish that was going to be true. The only man I had ever loved left me in the middle woods like I was trash. I was pulled out of my thoughts by someone calling my name and I ran to the front of the house. When I got there I saw Elena and Bonnie looking for me, "I'm right here guys." I yelled at them and they ran over to me. "Oh my god Bella I can't believe you're here. I am so sorry about you're aunt. How long are you going to be here? Oh we've missed you so much." Elena spoke in a rush and I laughed, "Hi Elena; I've missed you too. Thanks about my aunt; I don't know how long I will be here and please one thing at a time." I pulled her in for a hug and she squeezed me tight. "Hey Bells; it's good to see you." Bonnie said to me and grabbed me for a hug. I pulled back and they each took one of my hands and we stood there until Bonnie screamed, "OH MY GOD BELLA! WHEN WERE YOU BITTEN BY A VAMPIRE1" and all I did was look at her.

Elena's Point of View

I looked over at Bonnie and followed where she was gazing and I saw a silver mark that was clearly a bite from what Damon called a sparkly vampire. Stefan told me there were two types of vampires, but he didn't know why or how. Stefan, Damon, Annabelle, Annabelle's mom Pearl, Harper, Lexi, and Lee were traditional vamps; burn in the sun, couldn't come in without being invited in, stake through the heart, etc. The others were different; they were pretty much indestructible, only ripping them apart and burning the pieces could kill them and the sparkled like diamonds in the sun. I looked at Bella, "Bells how did that happen?" she sighed, "Come on in and I will tell you everything." After thirty minutes of listening to her story we found out that she had dated a sparkly vamp, than been attacked by one and that's how she got the mark. Her boyfriend saved her, than on her 18th bday her boyfriend's brother attacked her and than Edward told her he didn't want her anymore. She told us about her zombie state and Jake (who we had met once when we went to visit her.) and that the legends were true and now he was a wolf and he told her he didn't want anything to do with her. Bonnie spoke up first, "Bells why didn't you call us?" she laughed, "Bonnie I don't know why I didn't. Now it's your turn; how do you know about vampires?" We told her everything; Stefan, demon and the others, Bonnie being a witch, me looking like Katherine; all of it. She started to laugh, "Well I guess I should have called you guys. You two and Jeremy are dating vampires; maybe you could of given me some tips on how to keep them happy." We both cringed at her remark and I said, "Bells he didn't deserve you." She looked at us, "I guess all those stories Aunt Lizzie told me were true." We all laughed and Bonnie said, "Ok the time for sharing is over. Bella go get dressed you are coming with us to The Grill. Elena call Caroline and tell her we will pick her up on the way." Bella groaned, "Guys I'm not much in the mood for partying." I laughed, "Bella your aunt loved a good party. Do you think she would want you sulking here or would she want you out with us?" She smiled because she knew I was right, "Plus you can meet the traditional vampires." I added and she laughed, "Ok give me 15 minutes and I will be ready." and she ran up stairs.

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