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Please enjoy - Drabble 3 – Big Brother

"Man, I really hadn't pegged you as that kind of pervert."

I felt my back go rigid but didn't turn, instead made sure I had wired the camera the right way. A flick on the portable monitor and the gray and white image of my own face right in front of the lens came into view, followed by the crackle of static over my com.

"Cam 2 is sending fine. Can you move aside so I can check the angles? Much obliged."

Stepping down from the ladder I let One do just that, satisfied when he gave me the all-okay for the main cell.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Nine still hover by the door, clearly waiting for a reaction from me, so I gave him one, if probably not the kind he was looking for.

"Ever read Orwell's 1984?"

"Uh, not sure," he conceded. I could have answered that for him, a clear no. Idiots like him never read books of any value. And trust him to make it all worse, of course.

"Eh, I heard of it at least. Didn't think I could be that much of a witty guy, too! It's that book that reality TV show is based on! I love that show!"

The only reason why I didn't shoot him right between the eyes was that I didn't have a gun with me right then, and that sentence didn't deserve to be retaliated with my knife. I left it uncommented instead, in so doing hurting him the worst – lack of attention can be a wonderful thing.

The old shower room was next, then the corridor outside of the cell, and just when I was done Five radioed that he just plugged in the last of the outdoor cameras. As far as the surveillance went, we were all settled in.

Nine trailed me on my way back to the main com room where One was still manning the terminal, bringing up the full array of camera feeds at my nod.

"As long as the relays hold there should be no problem. They'd need an EMP to destroy all of them in one go."

"EMP?" Nine quipped, still not getting that when the grown-ups turned their backs on him it was in his best interest to just shut up.

"Electromagnetic pulse," One and I answered unisono, his wink the only reaction to my baleful stare back over my shoulder.

"Ah. Isn't that the same thing they used in -"

"Yes, it is. Now we just need to burrow our way straight to Zion and you can screw round with Trinity until your balls rot off."

"Cool," he grinned, and following a particularly bold stroke of luck left the room, a second before I was about to reach into One's shoulder holster and off him with the Glock after all.

"Fucking parasite," I grumbled, then turned back to the slightly green tinted monitor again.

"Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You are a plague. And we are... the cure," One recited dramatically, then hunched over laughing when I glared at him in turn.

"Oh, come on, The Matrix is a cool movie! At least the first part. And the whole mindfuckery should be right down your alley, too. Admit it, for once in your life you can like a block buster, too!"

I kept staring at the screen for another moment, half expecting it to turn black with green, blinking script, but then huffed a quick, "The first movie was kind of great when it came out. But see what it did to idiots like him?"

"More what they do to a pleasantly good film," One shot back before he switched the monitor to view the cycle of camera feeds in zoom. "And the lovely lady dearest to me would have such an easier time to get ahold of all the weapons and ammo we need if it took just a loading program and a few lines of code. Which reminds me, she asked me to tell you we're fresh out of Semtex and have to use C4 for the next objective."

I accepted the news with a curt nod – there was no sense to raging about the setback. C4 would do. Then something else occurred to me, and I felt a smile come onto my face.

"Say, do we still have those old climbing harnesses and the shot-up kevlar vests?"

"I think I saw them in the trunk of the van. Why?"

"Nothing, just doing some brainstorming."